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All or Nothing

All or Nothing is the fifth episode of Living World Season 4 that was released on 8 January 2019. It came out with the zone, Thunderhead Peaks in the Crystal Desert (south of Domain of Vabbi). Non-story achievements are found here

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The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode.

Click on the name to see achievements & the play button to see story video.

Story Video

Scion & Champion

Chapter 1: Scion & Champion

Achievement: Lord of the Ley Dance

Description:   Avoid all ley-hazard damage during the first trial.

Rewards:       1 AP

During the first trial, avoid both the orange circles and telegraph around Aurene while standing in Aurene’s circle until she completes absorbing the magic. If you go in a party, sometimes they don't spawn where you are at.

Achievement: Branded-on-a-Stick

Description:   Pierce four or more Branded with a single use of the Dragonsblood spear.

Rewards:       1 AP

During the second trial, use the Dragonsblood spear to pierce four or more Branded mobs. After grabbing the Dragonsblood Spear, Branded mobs will spawn. Line them up and use the special ability!

Achievement: Power Player

Description:   Charge three crystals with the magic of veteran Branded foes.

Rewards:       1 AP

During the second trial, everytime you charge a crystal to half bar, one veteran mob will spawn. Make sure you kill that one veteran mob inside the circle. There is only ONE veteran mob for each crystal.
Try to kill the regular Branded foes outside the circle so that you won't accidentally fully charge it with just the regular mobs. 

When I was doing this, for some reason I thought that it would disqualify the achievement if any regular mob was killed inside the circle (which was why I tried to pull them ALL out of the circle lol). Fortunately this is not the case! You just have to make sure that the veteran mob charges the crystal.

Achievement: Trial By Fire

Description:   Avoid getting hit by Branded Aurene's breath attacks.

Rewards:       1 AP

Avoid getting hit by the big rectangular attacks from Branded Aurene, as well as the tornadoes.

Achievement: Conquer Your Fears

Description:   Execute a powerful and cooperative strike on Branded Aurene with Aurene.

Rewards:       1 AP

During the final trial, stand close to Aurene when Branded Aurene is grounded. Break the bar and a special ability key will appear. Spam it!


Chapter 2: Dragonsblood

Explore Thunderhead Peaks and get to know the dredge! Learn about the Dragonblood Forge & how to make Dragonsblood weapons!

The Crystal Blooms

Chapter 3: The Crystal Blooms

Achievement: Bunker Buster

Description:   Destroy 10 Branded creatures by using the Resonating Blast skill inside the auditorium.

Rewards:       3 AP

During the part where you have to channel Aurene’s magic through the overcharged resonance crystal, use the special action key on the crystal and it will kill all the branded in the room. You may need to repeat the instance.


Chapter 4: Resonance

Obtain dredge technology to boost the resonance crystals & help Sayida retrieve Canach's detonators, before returning to the forge.

The Crystal Dragon

Chapter 5: The Crystal Dragon

Achievement: Stubborn

Description:   Complete the Crystal Dragon without accepting aid from the weaponsmith, armorsmith, or chef.

Rewards:       10 AP

Do not accept the optional objectives to eat nourishing food or buff your weapon or armor.

Achievement: Electrophobia

Description:   Complete the Crystal Dragon without taking damage from environmental hazards.

Rewards:       10 AP

Watch out for the branded lines on the ground as well as orange telegraphs.

Achievement: Crystal Circuit Racer

Description:   Finish the attack on Kralkatorrik in under 15 minutes.

Rewards:       10 AP + Crystal Circuit Racer title

Recommended to do in a group so that you can charge the crystals faster. Remember to use the Dragonsblood Spear to break bars. Only the instance owner will get the achievement.

Achievement: Appropriately Hyped (hidden)

Description:   Hype up a Pact soldier, but don't push it too far.

Rewards:       1 AP

Talk to Pact Soldier Varren & hype him up! He is right by the optional food supply buff table.

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