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Berries are the loyalty points for my Twitch channel. I stream on Twitch 4 times a week (sometimes more!). Every time you join me, you get berries. The longer you stay, the more berries you get.
How do I get berries?
  • You gain 1 berry every 10 mins when I am livestreaming.

  • You gain 1 berry every 60 mins when I am offline.

  • If you are active in chat while I’m streaming, you will gain 20 bonus berries.

  • Hosting or auto-hosting my channel gives 10 berries.

  • Follow my channel for 10 berries.

  • Subscribe to my channel for 200 berries.

  • Resubscribers gain 200 berries for every month resubbed.

  • Donators gain 100 berries per dollar tip.

  • I give away 250 berries at random times during livestream.

  • Type !heist [amount] to get more berries.

Other berry commands

!berries – Display your berries
!top – Display the top people with the most berries

What can I do with berries?

You can redeem intangible items or requests on my stream!

At the end of the year, you can redeem your berries at my Berries Shop, currently under construction! You will be able to redeem items like the mugs, & keychain below!


Gift for this month's top follower

Berries Shop is OPEN!​

Welcome everyone!
This is the first time the Berries Shop is open! Please know that I appreciate all your support and this is my way of saying THANK YOU! ❤️
  • Only 1 unique item per person. 
  • All items are limited quantity.
  • All berries will be reset at the end of the year.
  • The shop closes on December 31st, 2019.
What can I redeem?
  • 5000

    • Random Steam Game codes! Limited: 6 only (First come, first serve!)

  • 7500

    • Custom bttv/FF emoji - Add a custom BTTV/FrankerFacez emote to the channel. Subject to approval!

  • 10000

    • AyinMaiden Keychain - Shown above!

    • Personal Card - Handwritten card from me!

  • 15000

    • VIP badge - Become a VIP & get the purple VIP badge beside your name in Twitch chat!

    • Sub Gift - One month sub gift!

How to redeem?
  • Check how much berries you have by going to my Twitch page and typing !berries.

  • Check which item you can redeem.

  • DM me on Discord - Your Twitch name, address, item that you pick.

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