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Bitterfrost Frontier

Bitterfrost Frontier is a zone in the Far Shiverpeaks. It came out with A Crack in the Ice of Living World Season 3 on 21 November 2016.

Getting there

  • Complete the A Crack in the Ice story step Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier from Living World Season 3. After completing this step of the story once, you can use the portal from Drakkar Spurs (northwest area of Frostgorge Sound) with any character.

  • Using a Bitterfrost Frontier Portal Scroll; sold by Slooshoo in Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary, Bitterfrost Frontier for 1000 Unbound Magic + 50 silver.

  • Using a Bitterfrost Vantage Point gizmo; obtained from Black Lion Chest.

Cold Resistance Buff

To stay alive in The Bitter Cold (northeast area of the map), you will need the Cold Resistance buff. Cold Resistance is an effect applied to players after they prepare a Thaw Elixir. It lasts until the daily reset and prevents the application of Bitter Cold. The Thaw Elixir is brewed at Blister Cauldron using:

  • 12 Fresh Winterberries

  • 3 Cold Resistant Eggshells

  • 8 Clumps of Frostbitten Suet

  • 1 Grawl Firestone – Grawl Firestone can be purchased from the grawl heart vendor after completing the heart.

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Heart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters

Survive 20 stacks of Bitter Cold

Playing Chicken

Push a chicken to its limits.

Codex: Kodan

Acquire the Koda’s Flame skills and speak with a Flamebearer to learn their history.

Delicious Desserts

Give a little quaggan sweets to annoy its parents.

Dive Master: Cold Feet

Find and use a diving location in the Bitter Cold


Gift of Aurene

Collect the 8 parts to create an Aurene miniature.

Koda’s Blessing

Earn Koda’s Favor by giving burnt offerings.

Thorough Sampling

Find each of the special chests hidden around Bitterfrost Frontier.Jumping Puzzle

Cultural Attaché

Bring Aurene souvenirs from around Tyria to teach her about the cultures of the world.

Quirky Quaggan Quest

Find all seven stanzas of the quaggan epic poem.

Mastery Insights

Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Svanir Hive

Discover the Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bitterfrost Frontier.

Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: Griffin Old Growth

Discover the Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bitterfrost Frontier.

Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Bitter Cold

Discover the Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bitterfrost Frontier.

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5 AP

1 MP

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