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Prologue: Bound By Blood

Bound By Blood is the prologue to Icebrood Saga that was released on 17 September 2019. It came out with the zone, Grothmar Valley in the Blood Legion Homelands. Non-story achievements are found here

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The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode.

Click on the name to see achievements & the play button to see story video.


1. Coming Home

2. Revels & Rivals

3. Bad Blood

4. Deeper and Deeper

​5. A Race to Arms

Story Video

Coming Home

Chapter 1: Coming Home

Achievement: Talk of the Town

Description:   Hear the initial aftermath of the opening ceremony.

Rewards:       1 AP

Achievement: Hasty Harpooning

Description:   Get the Branded devourer tied down within 2:00.

Rewards:       3 AP

Achievement: Model Diplomat

Description:   Give Bangar what he wants during his speech.

Rewards:       1 AP

At the beginning of Bangar's speech, after he says "Let Tyria hear you", type /cheer in chat.

If you are a charr, cheer when Bangar mentions your legion!

Revels & Rivals

Chapter 2: Revels & Rivals

Achievement: Chaperone

Description:   There's always time to swing by and check on Braham.

Rewards:       1 AP

During this chapter, Braham via comms at certain times and tells you where he is. Check on him 4 times.
1. After the first event, find him at Rank 'n' File Pub, south of Blood Keep wp.
2. After talking to the 1st imperator, find him in the corn field at Rusty Meadows.
3. After talking to the 2nd imperator, find him in The Ooze Pit.
4. After talking to the 3rd imperator, find him at Blood Stand Stage in The Crag.

Achievement: Cub Consoler

Description:   Make sure all the Flame Legion cubs feel okay.

Rewards:       1 AP

Prisca - I'm sorry. But sometimes, with a little patience, things get better.
Middle Flame Cub - Peace's a tough mission. Flame Legion elders need your help to complete it.
Last Flame Cub - You'll always be Flame Legion, but the legions need each other.

Bad Blood

Chapter 3: Bad Blood

Achievement: Swift Justice

Description:   Defeat the charr thugs in under thirty seconds.

Rewards:       3 AP

Deeper and Deeper

Chapter 4: Deeper and Deeper

Achievement: Staying in Character

Description:   Maintain your cover while on your clandestine mission in the chapter Deeper and Deeper.

Rewards:       3 AP

Achievement: Straight-Up Fight

Description:   Blow your cover during your clandestine mission in Chapter 4 and rescue the old fashioned way - with your fists!

Rewards:       3 AP

A Race to Arms

Chapter 5: A Race to Arms

Achievement: Too Slippery

Description:   Defeat the icebrood construct within the time limit.

Rewards:       3 AP

Achievement: Flash Freeze

Description:   Escape Bitter Horn within the time limit.

Rewards:       3 AP

Achievement: Untouchable

Description:   Defeat the icebrood construct without being struck by any spiral ice bombs.

Rewards:       3 AP

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