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Episode 3: Clockwork Chaos

Clockwork Chaos is a release launched on July 19, 2022 as the third episode of relaunched Living World Season 1.



My Playlist
This is a playlist of the episodes in Season 1 that includes map achievements, story achievements, playthroughs & more! Both 2013 & 2021 versions. Click on the top right corner of the player below to see the whole list or 
click here to see the playlist on YouTube.

2022 Story

Flame & Frost Chapter/Name    

1. The Opening Ceremony

    - Investigative Study 3

    - Kryta's Finest

2. The Queen's Address

    - Deft Defusing

    - Closing Ceremony Attendee

3. Clockwork Invasion

    - Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant

    - First Portal Invasion Responder

    - Invasion Witness Interviewer

    - Portal Component Procurer

    - Portal Invasion Closer

    - Teleportation Facilitator

4. Scarlet's Playhouse

    - Investigative Record 1

    - Soft Lander

    - Spoils of Chaos

    - Defender of the Crown

    - The Higher Road

    - Playhouse Perfectionist

    - Raced to the Rescue

5. Picking Up the Pieces

2013 Story

Story Achmts



Bane of Invading Captains (5AP)

Defeat a Champion Aetherblade Captain during a portal invasion.

Friend of Fire and Frost (10AP)

Completely stop one of Scarlet's portal attacks in Gendarran Fields.

Guarding the Fields (3AP)

Complete events in Gendarran Fields to safeguard settlements in the area.

Indiscriminate Adversary (10AP)

Defeat a boss from each of Scarlet's armies during her portal invasions.

Invasion Canceler (25AP)

SLoot the Aetherblade Cache in Sector Zuhl in Timberline Falls.

Molten Invader Menace (5AP)

Defeat a Molten Alliance champion during a portal invasion.

Portal Closer (10AP)

Complete portal invasion events in Gendarran Fields.

Scarlet Scrambler (5AP)

Open a Gift from Scarlet.

Swift Closer (10AP)

Help to end one of Scarlet's invasions of Gendarran Fields in under 10 minutes total.

Was a Watchknight (5AP)

Complete portal events while disguised as a watchknight during Scarlet's portal invasions in Gendarran Fields.

Watchwork Nightmare Wrecker (5AP)

Defeat a Champion Twisted Nightmare during one of Scarlet's portal invasions in Gendarran Fields.

Worldwide Invasion Responder (15AP)

Completely stop one of Scarlet's portal attacks in Gendarran Fields.

Important Note

You have a 2 week window to log in from the time of release of each episode, for that particular episode to be free. If you miss this window, you will have to pay 200 gems to unlock it.

Here are the Return to Living World episodes that came out in 2022. Click on the links below for details!

Investigative Study 3

Investigative Study 3 (1AP)

During the "Clockwork Chaos" storyline, find and read sources of information on the watchknights.

8. Records from the Arcane Council (Picking Up the Pieces)
6. Detective's Scribbled Notes (Picking Up the Pieces)
7. Mysterious Letter Addressed to Anise (Picking Up the Pieces)
1. Letter to the Queen (Opening Ceremony)
2. Scarlet's Book of Poetry: Volume 1 (Scarlet's Playhouse)
3. Scarlet's Book of Poetry: Volume 2 (Scarlet's Playhouse)
4. Scarlet's Book of Poetry: Volume 3 (Scarlet's Playhouse)
5. Woes of an Aetherblade (Scarlet's Playhouse)

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