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Daybreak is the first episode of Living World Season 4 that was released on 28 November 2017. It came out with the zone, Domain of Istan in the Crystal Desert. Non-story achievements are found here

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The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode.

Click on the name to see achievements & the play button to see story video.

Part 2 

Story Video

Part 1 

Eye of the Brandstorm

Chapter 1: Eye of the Brandstorm

Achievement: Amnoon Evacuation

Description:   Save 40 civilians. Count represents number remaining.

Rewards:       2 AP

This is somewhat a timed achievement. You can complete this achievement by doing the following:

  • As you approach Amnoon, you will see 3 civilians trapped in branded crystals. Destroy the branded crystals asap to free the civilians, or they will turned into branded mobs. There are 2 other branded crystals that you will need to destroy quickly. Later on, there will be 5 more branded crystals with 3 civilians in each of them.

  • Rez dead civilians. There is 1 in the tent nearby and 5 inside the big pyramid.

  • Interact with live civilians to direct them to safety. There are more inside Amnoon City.

If you defeat the Branded Wyvern, all the civilians will despawn.

Achievement: Electric City

Description:   Repel the Branded from the Free City of Amnoon in under 12 minutes.

Rewards:       2 AP

The timer starts when you enter the city. It stops when you defeat the Branded Wyvern.

Easy to do with a group.

Achievement: Not So Shocking

Description:   Repel the Branded from the Free City of Amnoon without being struck by lightning.

Rewards:       3 AP

The lightning areas are shown as red circles on the ground. Dodge out of them.

There are 2 parts to this achievement.

  • Avoid the lightning outside of Amnoon City. This ends at the city gates.

  • Avoid the lightning inside Amnoon City. This ends after defeating the Branded Wyvern.

Achievement: Qais Closed (hidden)

Description:   Learn all the details of Deputy Qais's destiny, and relay that information to

                    Captain Rahim.

Rewards:       1 AP

At the end of the instance, after talking to Canach and Rytlock, talk to Captain Rahim and ask him questions about Deputy Qais.

Chapter 2: Under the Stars

Under the Stars

Achievement: Ally Assessment

Description:   Check in with allies in the Sunspear base.

Rewards:       2 AP

This can be done while not on the story quest. When you enter the library, simply speak to the 10 NPCs listed below:

  • Agent Rhodena

  • First Spear Hakima

  • Priest Idrissa

  • Quartermaster Zineb

  • Recruit Arif

  • Recruit Asim

  • Recruit Chaima

  • Ouissal

  • Guard Idam

  • Trainer Atika

Champion's Dawn

Chapter 3: Champion's Dawn

Achievement: Family Ties (hidden)

Description:   Inform the Awakened Sunspear Champion that his family survived.

Rewards:       1 AP

Pre-requisite:   A Family's Sacrifice

After defeating Awakened Koss Dejarin, talk to him about his descendents and tell him that they survived.

Achievement: Who's Laughing Now?

Description:   Defeat the Awakened Sunspear Champion without allowing him to heal.

Rewards:       1 AP

Whenever Koss's breakbar under his name appears, break it quick with CC. If you don't have a CC available, pick up a Slimy Rock to throw at him.

Convincing the Corsair

Chapter 4: Convincing the Corsair

Achievement: Mehdi's Grog

Description:   Gather grog ingredients for Mehdi.

Rewards:       2 AP

This achievement is a part of the story quest. You have to obtain the following items to make Mehdi's Grog.

  • 4:48 Knuckle Salve

  • 5:52 Powderkeg Shrapnel

  • 6:48 Fine Aged Liquor

  • 8:25 Astral Water

  • 9:06 Dried Wheat

  • 10:14 Skyclad Mushroom

  • 13:00 Acquire Grog from Mehdi

Chapter 5: The Hero of Istan

The Hero of Istan

Achievement: Stop Right There

Description:   Defeat the Awakened guard who goes to check on the riot before he can reach the top

                    of the stairwell.

Rewards:       1 AP

After escaping from your cell and releasing Zaeim, run after the Awakened guard who is slowly going up the steps and kill him. He is the one who said he was going to check on the riot. Timer 4:59 in the video above.

Achievement: Thereby Hangs a Tale (hidden)

Description:   Relive the tales of the imprisoned storyteller.

Rewards:       1 AP

After getting the keys from the jailor, go down the steps beside the bridge.
Open the cell door & interact with the skull.

Achievement: Tipple Toes (hidden)

Description:   Escape the dungeons without being spotted by the drunken Awakened.

Rewards:       1 AP

After releasing Zaeim, go up the steps and avoid the telegraphs in front of the Awakened guards.

Chapter 6: The First City

The First City

Achievement: The First City

Description:   Travel to the First City in pursuit of your friend.

Rewards:       1 CDMP + 100 Volatile Magic

Complete The First City story instance.

Achievement: Timing is Everything

Description:   Make it to the other side of the Vestibule of Faith and pull the levers unscathed

Rewards:       1 AP

This is at the entrance of Fahranur, where huge bells drop on front of you. Just make it to the other side without getting damaged. There are 3 levers altogether.

Achievement: From Downtown! (hidden)

Description:   Throw a static conduit and destroy a static storm orbiting Scruffy from very far away.

Rewards:       1 AP

Throw the static conduit from the platform where you got it from. Make sure to aim in front of the static storm path.

Achievement: Stand Your Ground

Description:   Survive the rapid ammunition discharge protocol without being downed or leaving the


Rewards:       3 AP

During the last 5% of Scruffy's HP, he will start spamming attacks everywhere. Avoid the AOEs and static storm orbs. Do not die or get downed during this phase.

Achievement: This Belongs in a Museum (hidden)

Description:    Find all the hidden relics around Fahranur, the First City.

Rewards:       6 AP + Kralkatite Ore

There are 7 items that you have to find in this instance.

  1. Ancient Istani Coin

  2. Damaged Jokanur Digging Shovel

  3. Cracked Fang Necklace

  4. Folden Silk Tapestry

  5. Primeval Tome

  6. Ancient Sunspear Regalia

  7. Chunk of Apocryha

- Northwest side of the Eternal Reservoir. In a small cove at water level.

- On a ledge, by the hills near the first gate.

- Northwest corner of the map. Behind a tree.

- Northwest of #5. Behind a fallen pillar, in Nadijeh's Assembly.

- On a balcony, west of the map. In Elswyth's Gallery.

- On a ledge Flame Wall area where the branded mobs are. (SW of map).

- In the Royal Chamber, drop down to a pillar, east of the platform.

Achievement: Gone Swimming (hidden)

Description:   Find the diving goggles in Fahranur, and dive into the Eternal Reservoir.

Rewards:       1 AP

The diving goggles is in the northeast area of the map, past the gates, before the bells; near the Eternal Reservoir. You will need to fall through the cracks to the water below.

Achievement: You Left This (hidden)

Description:   Find Taimi's hair bow and return it to her.

Rewards:       1 AP + Sip of Liquid Karma

Pick up Taimi's hair bow, after Vestibule of Faith, where the dropping bells are. Then return it to her at the end of the instance.

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