Draconis Mons

Draconis Mons is a zone in the Ring of Fire, just north of Ember Bay. It was released with Flashpoint 

of Living World Season 3 on 2 May 2017.

Getting there

  • Complete the Flashpoint story step Taimi’s Pet Project from Living World Season 3. After completing this step of the story once, you can use the travel from Rata Sum Port Authority (south of Rata Sum) to Draconis Mons via submarine.

  • Use a Draconis Mons Portal Scroll.

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Part 2

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Burnin’ Down the House

Destroy a mercenary turret.

Crypt Keeper

Find the golemancer’s tomb.

Desecration Prevention

Slay a champion molten desecrator near Titan’s Throat.

Golemancer’s Treasure

Find the hidden chest in the golemancer’s tomb.

Hot Splashes

Acquire diving goggles near the gate of fire, and dive into the bucket floating in the boiling sea.

People Watching

Plant scanners for the Whispers agent.

White Hat

Hack Inquest terminals.

Map Bosses

Nature’s Wrath

Slay the champion greater wardbough near Savage Rise.


Slay the champion webby mother near Ancient Hollow.

Dinosaur King Ascension

Slay the champion stonehead king near Heathen’s Hold.

Expensive Taste

Slay champion Emperor Mattake near Ancient Hollow.

Powerless Suit

Destroy the champion Inquest agent in the power suit, near Rata Arcanum.

Terror of the Boiling Sea

Slay either the legendary Destroyer Aestus or the legendary Destroyer Ignis near the Boiling Sea.

Wurm Slurper

Slay the champion bloodstone-charged lava in Heathen’s Hold.

Exfoliating (hidden)

Spend too much time swimming in the boiling sea.


The Druid Stone

Awakening the Druid Stone

Sprouting the Druid Stone

A Henge Away from Home

Jumping Puzzle

Searing Ascent

Complete the Searing Ascent.


Lessons Learned

Find all 14 of the golemancer’s lost recordings in Draconis Mons.

Rock Collector

Collect all the stray forestone shards.

Jumping Puzzle

Draconis Mons Insight: Savage Rise

Discover Maguuma Mastery Insight in Draconis Mons.

Draconis Mons Insight: Scalding Gorge

Discover Maguuma Mastery Insight in Draconis Mons.

Draconis Mons Insight: Western Boiling Sea

Discover Maguuma Mastery Insight in Draconis Mons.

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

5 AP

3 AP

3 AP

1 MP

1 AP

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

5 AP

1 MP

3 AP

1 MP

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

10 AP

1 MP

1 AP

1 AP

1 AP

1 AP

1 AP

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