Drizzlewood Coast

Drizzlewood Coast was released together with Icebrood Saga, Episode 3: No Quarter on
26 May 2020. 

The following is a playlist of stories and achievement videos that came out with No Quarter. Click on the top left corner of the player below to see the whole list or click here to see the playlist on YouTube.

  AP/MP      Video


Stormcaller Armsmaster

Unlock all recipes to craft the Stormcaller Armaments.

Mysterious Journal

Collect 8 scraps of paper in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Tengu Weapon Etchings

Cache Hunter

Defeat all 10 cache keepers in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Morale Breaker

Defeat the Minister of Morale 50 times in the Cold War Strike Mission.

28 AP

3 AP

10 AP

10 AP

25 AP

1 MP



Glory to the Legion

Collect Charr Commendations for the legions by defeating Dominion forces and accomplishing objectives in the Drizzlewood Coast.
Speak with a quaestor in any allied base to change which legion your commendations go to.

Glory to the Flame Legion

Glory to the Ash Legion

Glory to the Blood Legion

Glory to the Iron Legion



25 AP

25 AP

25 AP

25 AP

1 AP

1 MP

1 AP

1 MP

1 AP

1 MP

1 AP

1 MP

Mastery Insight

Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Apex

Discover this Icebrood Saga Mastery Insight in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Meditative Falls

Discover this Icebrood Saga Mastery Insight in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Vulpine Road

Discover this Icebrood Saga Mastery Insight in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Waterfall's Nexus

Discover this Icebrood Saga Mastery Insight in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Special Forces

Unlock 40 special missions by using Special Mission Documents and Legion Special Mission Documents.

Special Mission: Clear the Mine
Special Mission: Clear the Fort
Special Mission: Clear the Village
Special Mission: Clear the Overlook
Special Mission: Clear the Fort
Special Mission: Clear the Lighthouse
Special Mission: Pillage the Mine
Special Mission: Pillage the Fort
Special Mission: Pillage the Village
Special Mission: Pillage the Overlook
Special Mission: Pillage the Port
Special Mission: Pillage the Lighthouse
Special Mission: Bolster the Mines
Special Mission: Bolster the Fort
Special Mission: Bolster the Village
Special Mission: Bolster the Overlook
Special Mission: Bolster the Port
Special Mission: Bolster the Lighthouse
Special Mission: Cull the Herd
Special Mission: Cache Collector
Ash Special Mission: Lies and Statistics
Ash Special Mission: Do Your Part
Ash Special Mission: This Forest Needs More Bugs
Ash Special Mission: Communication Breakdown
Ash Special Mission: Enjoy the Silence
Blood Special Mission: Disrupt Supply Lines
Blood Special Mission: Rearguard
Blood Special Mission: Take the Keeps
Blood Special Mission: Feed the Troops
Blood Special Mission: Thirsty Work
Flame Special Mission: Fired Up
Flame Special Mission: False Effigies
Flame Special Mission: Swatting Mosquitos
Flame Special Mission: Feel the Pulse
Flame Special Mission: Apothecary
Iron Special Mission: Iron Scavenger
Iron Special Mission: Percussive Maintenance
Iron Special Mission: Recovery Operations
Iron Special Mission: Minesweeper
Iron Special Mission: Iron Rain

10 AP






Mysterious Journal (3 AP)

Collect 8 scraps of paper in the Drizzlewood Coast.


  • Umbral Grotto
    - North of Base Camp Waypoint — [&BGQMAAA=]
    Under the "m" of Umbral Grotto when you view the map.

  • Vloxen Mine
    - A little southwest of Vloxen Shards PoI— [&BGIMAAA=]
    Located near the end of the word "Mine" and to the right of the gate at the entrance of the mine.

  • Petraj Overlook
    - Northwest of Petraj Commons PoI — [&BFcMAAA=]
    Under the letters "et" of Petraj Overlook when you view the map.

  • Port Cascadia
    - A little southwest of Port Cascadia (point of interest) (not recognised as a location)
    On the left of the tower, on the rocks below.

  • Wolf's Crossing
    - A little to the southwest of Wolf's Crossing Bridge PoI — [&BE0MAAA=]
    To the left of the bridge.

  • Leadfoot Village
    Southeast of Leadfoot Villiage PoI — [&BFIMAAA=]
    On a tall rock mound.- 

  • Leadfoot Village
    Far southwest of Leadfoot Village PoI — [&BFIMAAA=]
    Travel south on the road past the bridge, and to the left of the road when you are facing north on top of some mountain ridge/rock area.
    You'll have to fly up a bit on this mountain rock to see it on the ridge.- 

  • Fort Defiance
    West of Troop Quarters PoI — [&BE8MAAA=]
    A little south of the Fort Defiance map label. It's on top of some mountainous rock.

    CREDITS: GW2 Official Wiki 

Mysterious Journal map.jpg

Tengu Weapon Etchings (10 AP)

Pre-requisite: Mysterious Journal

  • 1. Bird Whisperer
    Meet the Tengu, Goro Cleverclaws at the camp on the ledges by the waterfall in Breakroot Basin.  

  • 9. Mysterious Pistol Etching
    Umbral Grotto. On a ridge by the road going East.

  • 4. Mysterious Focus Etching
    Umbral Grotto. Northern area. On top of a high rocky hill.

  • 10. Mysterious Rifle Etching
    On the border of Fort Defiance & Breakroot Basin, SE of the vista.

  • 8. Mysterious Mace Etching
    Vloxen Mine. Far west on a high horizontal rock.

  • 11. Mysterious Scepter Etching
    Fort Defiance. Behind the waterfall on the far west.

  • 13. Mysterious Shortbow Etching
    Deadfoot Village. NW area, high on the rocks.

  • 5. Mysterious Greatsword Etching
    Deadfoot Village. NE of the marker, on a rock, high above the snow & ice.

  • 2. Mysterious Axe Etching
    On the border of Leadfoot Village & Wolf's Crossing. SW of the bridge.

  • 3. Mysterious Dagger Etching
    Wolf's Crossing. SE of previous spot.

  • 14. Mysterious Staff Etching
    Wolf's Crossing. NE of previous spot, near the vista.

  • 15. Mysterious Sword Etching
    Lighthouse Point. On a cliff, NE corner of the map.

  • 7. Mysterious Longbow Etching
    Lighthouse Point. Southern area. High on top of a rocky hill. 

  • 17. Mysterious Warhorn Etching
    Port Cascadia. Western area, on rocky cliff above the water.

  • 12. Mysterious Shield Etching
    Petraj Overlook. On top of a hill, west of the marker.

  • 16. Mysterious Torch Etching
    Petraj Overlook. SE area. On the cliffs.

  • 6. Mysterious Hammer Etching
    Petraj Overlook. NE area. On top of Griffon's Pillar PoI.

Tengu Weapon Etchings map.jpg
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