Dry Top

Dry Top is an explorable zone in the Maguuma Wastes. This zone was opened with the introduction of Living World Season 2; Gates of Maguuma, Entanglement, The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 and The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2.

Getting there

Use the portal in the southwest corner of the map in Brisban Wildlands. The portal will be located southeast of the Tangle Root Outpost point of interest.

To get to the west side of the map, head to the Town of Prosperity and use the underground passage way in the house on the west side of town to Treadrock Uplands and head north, then west to reach the other half of the map.

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Chickenado Chaser

Catch a chicken out of the dust mite twister. Active during the sandstorm at tier 3 or greater.

Dive Master: Prospect Valley

Find and use a diving location in Prospect Valley.

Heist Hinderer
Prevented skritts from raiding supplies from Zephyrites in Challenger Cliffs.

Hit and Run

Use a rock to knock a crystal shard out of Inquest hands while racing them to collect crystal shards for the Zephyrites.

Quicksand Survivor

Survive for a minimum of 15 seconds while standing in the quicksand river around Prosperity.


Help Rustbucket reach the Challenger Cliffs repair station in under 5 minutes.

Ruler of Shinies

Defeat Queen Chrii’kkt IV. Active during the sandstorm at tier 4 or greater.

Sand Shield

Prevent Researcher Eway from falling below 25% health during a Challenger Cliffs sandstorm.

Sparring Rock Master

Defeat Nochtli without falling off or leaving the top of her sparring rock.

Llama Locator

Learned Legendary Llama Locator

Find the Legendary Llama hidden in the uplands of Dry Top.

Legendary Llama Locator

Find the Legendary Llama hidden at the Abandoned Mine in Prospect Valley.

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator

Find the Legendary Llama hidden in Challenger Cliffs.

Llama Drama

Get transformed into a llama by the Skritt Burglar in Dry Top.

Jumping Puzzle

Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber

Complete the jumping puzzle.


Buried Treasure: Challenger Cliffs

Find and open 1 buried locked chest in Challenger Cliffs.

Buried Treasure: Prospect Valley

Find and open 1 buried locked chest in Prospect Valley.

Buried Treasure: Uplands

Find and open 1 buried locked chest in Treadrock Uplands, Uplands Oasis, or Unswept Uplands.

Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs

Find all of the lost coins hidden around Challenger Cliffs. (12 coins)

Coin Collector: Prospect Valley

Find all of the lost coins hidden in Prospect Valley. (30 coins)

Coin Collector: Uplands

Find all of the lost coins hidden around Treadrock Uplands, Uplands Oasis, or Unswept Uplands. (30 coins)

2 AP

5 AP

5 AP

2 AP

5 AP

5 AP

5 AP

5 AP

5 AP

5 AP

5 AP

1 AP

10 AP


10 AP

3 AP

3 AP

3 AP

5 MP

15 AP

15 AP

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