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Ember Bay

Ember Bay is a zone in the Ring of Fire Islands. It came out with Rising Flames of Living World Season 3 on 20 September 2016.

Getting there

Unlike most zones, Ember Bay is not directly connected to neighbouring areas. In order to reach it, players can use one of the two methods:

  • Use an Ember Bay Portal Scroll.

  • Complete the Rising Flames instance Taimi’s Game – the first story step of Episode 2 from Living World Season 3.

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Task Master

Finish all the tasks around Ember Bay.

Collecting Coalescence

Participate in each of the coalescence events around the island.

Hungry Hal

Find and feed this poor hungry soul on the island.

Metal Mountain

Find the tallest, hottest spot on Ember Bay.

Walking on Fire

Navigate the lava tunnel in Ember Bay.

Magic Dispersed

Defeat 5 coalescences to disperse their magic back to the ley-lines.


Token Collector

Collect all the mursaat tokens that were scattered around Ember Bay.

Cami’s Final Voyage

Collect Cami’s journal entries around Ember Bay.

Tablets of the Unseen

Read the mursaat tablets scattered around their old fortress.

Jumping Puzzle

Skip up the Volcano

Get to the top of the volcano.

Map Bosses

Broodmother Down by the Bay

Slay the drake broodmother southwest of Shipwreck Beach.

Dominating the Dominator

Slay the Molten Dominator near Burning Grotto.

Krackin’ Karka

Slay the the champion karka near Ashen Skerries.

Queen of the Fire Islands

Knock some sense into the circus sloth near Performance Field.

Return of the Jade Construct

Slay the pyroclastic jade construct near Caliph’s Steps.

Verm the Burnin’ Wurm

Slay the lava wurm Vermingus near Fractured Caldera.

Mastery Insight

Bloodstone Fen Insight: Fragmented Wastes

Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bloodstone Fen.

Bloodstone Fen Insight: Temple of Renewal

Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bloodstone Fen.

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10 AP

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