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Funerary Armor

Funerary armor refers to a group of armor sets that can be acquired in the Path of Fire expansion.


Individual parts can be acquired from various boxes.


Armor Piece

Royal Funerary Headgear Box

Royal Funerary Shoulder Box

Royal Funerary Coat Box

Royal Funerary Glove Box

Royal Funerary Legging Box

Royal Funerary Boot Box

This achievement will only give you 6 free armor pieces out of 18 pieces. Additional boxes can be purchased from the Primeval Steward at the Tomb of Primeval Kings in Desert Highlands in exchange for Elegy Mosaics once the corresponding collection is completed. Buying a full set of six boxes costs 72 Elegy Mosaic and 12 Gold.

Completing the Funerary Armor achievements give you an ascended armor box.


The Sun Is Silent for This One
Unlock 18 Funerary Armor Skins by purchasing them from the Primeval Steward in the Tomb of Primeval Kings after completing the appropriate collections.
Reward: 10  + Battle Regalia of the Twin Dynasts

Elegy Mosaics

Elegy Mosaics are a currency acquired in the Crystal Desert.

  • Defeating legendary bounty targets. Defeating a legendary bounty target the first time awards a target-specific trophy that is also called an “elegy mosaic”, but instead belongs to the achievement Triumph of Conquests.

  • Legendary bounty targets award: 2-3 commonly, 5-7 uncommonly, 20-25 rarely.

  • Defeating the final legendaries from the Crystal Desert meta events.

  • Rarely from Superior Buried Treasure


Skin Links

Copy & paste the links in game to preview the skins.

Armor Piece




























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