I hold monthly giveaways on YouTube Twitch for subscribers patrons, as well as followers.
Sometimes, I hold special giveaways or get random codes and/or keys for different games.
I will give them away on social media, use the gleam giveaway app or hold live giveaways on my Twitch stream.
Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates on my twitter feed & community channel on YouTube. I will always post an announcement whenever I get new codes for giveaways!
Good luck everyone! 
For followers & stream viewers
I stream on Twitch 3 times a week. I hold random giveaways during streams!
I am holding a daily raffle for my viewers who donate to World Child Cancer during Heroes for Kids 2020 - Discord Nitro subs/Steam Cards!
For Twitch subscribers & Patreon T2 patrons

At the end of each month, all Twitch subscribers & Patreon T2 patrons can enter a raffle for a Guild Wars 2 gem code sponsored by ArenaNet below. Plus GW2 items, if any.

How to redeem Guild Wars 2 gem codes
  1. Log into the game.
  2. Press 'O' to open the Black Lion Trading Company window.
  3. Click on Redeem Code (top left of the window, under the amount of gems that you have).
  4. Paste the code in the blank & click Redeem.
Open to all!
Sometimes I have GW2 code giveaways or Steam card giveaways!
Just have to follow and/or retweet the post.
This happens randomly or usually after an event eg. new GW2 story.
Remember to follow to see updates!
Open to all!
Join my discord by clicking on the Discord logo on the left.
Check the #announcements channel to see what's up!
Feel free to check out the other channels as well :)
Hi guys!
I am going to start Discord giveaways with various prizes.
This month I'm giving away one month sub of Discord Nitro!
All you have to do is::
  • Join my Discord server
  • Go to #announcements
  • React to the post about this giveaway.
  • Go to #giveaway-entries
  • Post your answer to the question in #announcements



Aug - LoeLoe

Sep - KDZLokester

Oct - Westcat

Giveaway Winners!


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GW2 400 Gems
GW2 400 Gems
Benny A.
Discord Nitro

Sponsored by ArenaNet

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