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Priory Historian Elisa

Priory Historian Elisa, the traveling historian, is a vendor in the Crystal Desert. She changes her location each week. She is accompanied by her pet springer, Two-Step.

Historian Elisa is on the move every week, changing location each Friday. The player can double-click Ley-Infused Sand to check whether they are on the same map.  You can also check where she is currently here. Her location cycles in the following order. There are 2 possible locations in the first 4 maps.


Week 1 - Crystal Oasis

Elona Reach

Maculate Fringe

Week 2 - Elon Riverlands

Ustulate Barrens

Vulture Drifts

Week 3 - The Desolation

Palawa Cut

The Scourgeway



Week 4 - Desert Highlands

Fortune’s Vale

Enchanted Bluffs

Week 5 - Domain of Vabbi

Forum Highlands

Ledge east of main entrance of Temple of Kormir.

Ledge northeast of The Teratohedron.

Ledge east of Scattered Remnants and north of Threefold Waylay. East from the gate to Crystal Oasis.

Ledge west of Garden of the Chosen.

Ledge north of Scourge’s Threshold, overlooking road fork between The Darklands (south) and The Scourgeway (east).

Southwest of the The Scourgeway Waypoint — [&BHMKAAA=], on a rock right next to road leading to the Ruination.

Ledge south of the Derelict Delve Waypoint — [&BKQKAAA=] among rocks, near torches and griffon droppings.

Port to Derelict Delve waypoint & head south to Overreach Chasm. Glide down the chasm, facing south. There is a cave halfway down. There is a cave that leads all the way to Transcendent Falls, where Elisa is.

Rooftop southwest of Tihark Orchard.

This is the achievement for finding Priory Historian Elisa in Crystal Desert.


Roads Less Traveled
Find Priory Historian Elisa located somewhere in the Crystal Desert region.
Sometimes it’s good to stop and take a break.

Reward: 5 AP

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