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Queen's Gauntlet

Queen's Jubilee is a special event that was initially released on August 6, 2013. The release deals with the events surrounding the tenth anniversary of Queen Jennah's coronation and features The Crown Pavilion, a new zone where players can embrace the human spirit and participate in the Queen's Gauntlet.

Details of Queen Jennah's coronation and initial release achievements are found here.

The following are contenders in the Queen's Gauntlet.

Click on their respective names to find out details of the fight mechanics.

Halmi Hammerfell

Tier 1.1: Halmi Hammerfell

Combat Abilities


  • Lethal Frontal Smash


  • Banish - Short leap attack that hits for around 1,000 damage.

  • Stab - Hits for about 900 damage.

  • Mighty Smash - Cone AoE, hits for around 30,000 damage. Has a cast time of around 3 seconds and is heavily telegraphed.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft


Halmi Hammerfell is a norn from the Archen Foreland. He is deliberate, slow, and powerful, and his fighting style is swinging his hammer left and right!

Hits for very little damage but has a huge windup frontal attack. Dodge it or CC him when he is charging up this attack to interrupt!

Tier 1.2: Doobroosh

Combat Abilities


  • Grows When Struck

  • Shrinks While Left Alone


  • Hormonal Imbalance - Increases damage per stack.

  • Hormonal Imbalance - Bulk Stacking

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

Doobroosh is a quaggan from Falooaloo. He is aggressive until provoked. Then he is just plain aggressive. His fighting style is getting big and dealing heavy damage!

  • Grows when struck & shrinks when left alone...

  • Gains a stacking buff called Hormonal Imbalance that increases his size and deals more damage, the more you hit him. Try to keep him at maximum Hormonal Imbalance.

  • Kill him at his max stacks to earn the Doobroosh Tranquilizer achievement.

Windcaller Kieldia

Tier 1.3: Windcaller Kieldia

Combat Abilities


  • Knocks back


  • Wind Blast - Knocks back, hits for around 2,500 damage.

  • Stab - Melee range attack that hits for around 1,000 damage.

  • Summons Veteran Tornadoes that are immune to damage and cast Gust, which knocks back and hits for around 2,000 damage.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

  • Bone Crack

Suriel the Blazing Light

Windcaller Kieldia is a sylvari participant. She is as changeable as the wind, and her fighting style is letting her tornadoes do the work.

Summons tornadoes that causes knockdowns & the number increases as fight continues. Remember to get the "On Fire" gambit here, to get the Candle in the Wind achievement.

Suriel the Blazing Light is a human from Winterknell Shore. She is fanatical and worships light, and her fighting style is harnessing the Tome of Wrath's blazing energy.

  • Lethal Solar Flare attack.

  • Invulnerable while Blazing Light is active.

  • Pull her into a shadow well. Soon as she gets in, the bubble is removed.

  • Move to another shadow well as you DPS her.

  • Rinse & repeat.

  • Standing in the shadow well will cause a constant damage tick on you BUT will protect you from Suriel's Solar Flare (insta-down).

Tier 1.4: Suriel the Blazing Light

Combat Abilities


  • Lethal Solar Flare Attack

  • Invulnerable While Blazing Light Active


  • Tome of Wrath - No description available.

  • Endure Pain.png Blazing Light - Immunity to damage from incoming attacks. Stripped by Grasping Dark.


  • Sanctify - Spread AoE, hits for around 150 damage with each bolt.

  • Radiant Bolt - Projectile that hits for around 1,000 damage and inflicts weakness and cripple.

  • Solar Flare - PBAoE that hits for around 30,000 damage and knocks you down. Can be negated if the player has the Shrouded by Darkness effect, gained by standing in the grasping darkness on the floor.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

  • Bone Crack

Tyre Ragemaw

Tier 2.1: Tyre Ragemaw

Tyre Ragemaw is a charr from the Black Citadel. He is fascinated by axes and has mastered their use, and his fighting style is to build powerful attacks one blow after the other.

Deals more damage with less health. Try to range as his HP decreases.

Combat Abilities


  • Lethal Deals Damage Inverse to Remaining Health


  • Throw Axe - Hits for around 600 damage and inflicts cripple.

  • Double Chop - Hits for around 1,500 damage with each hit.

  • Triple Chop - Hits for around 1,500 damage with each hit.

  • Savage Leap - Short leap that hits for around 1,100 damage.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft


Masticus is a warg from Broken Arrow River. It has lived long enough to know how to use the environment to its advantage. Its fighting style consists of slowing his enemy and letting them bleed to death.

  • Very high health!

  • Orbs grant players blood rage. More stacks = more dmg

  • Grab 25 orbs to gain 25 stacks of Bloodlust for Savage Brute achievement.

Tier 2.2: Masticus

Combat Abilities


  • Extremely High Health

  • Orbs Grant Players Blood Rage


  • Slash - Hits for around 1,300 damage.

  • Lunge - Short leap that hits for around 1,500 damage.

  • Rending Bite - Hits for around 1,300 damage and inflicts Rend.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft


Tier 2.3: Salazan

Salazan is an asura from Rata Sum. He is overly confident and his fighting style is to barely move, throwing tons of fire at his foes.

  • Deadly Flame Circle.

  • Flame conal attacks. Flame Trail behind players.

  • First attack is always Flame Circle. Stay inside it & keep moving clockwise (or anti-clockwise). Trying to cross over the Flame Circle = insta-death!

  • You will also get a Flame Trail behind you so KEEP MOVING!

Combat Abilities


  • Summons Lethal Fire Ring


  • Flame Cage - Summons a ring that deals extremely high damage to anyone who crosses it.

  • Flame Wave - Deals roughly 8,000 damage per second.

  • Inflicts Enflame on his foes, causing them to release tracks of fire behind them.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

Crew of the Ravenous

The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous is a pirate crew of four members. Their fighting style consist of teamwork in combination of slashing and using bombs. They fight together and once each of their comrades die, the others inherit its power.

Tier 2.4: Crew of the Ravenous

Kill them in order.

1. Captain Barricus

Inspires Crew Members (give them swiftness, might, and fury),

Grants Swashbuck's Daring (dodge attack periodically) to Allies upon defeat.


2. Master Gunner Adil

Calls Cannon Strikes Grants Ace in the Hole (Equip them with pistols) to Allies upon defeat. 


3. First Mate Gaets

High damage, grants Envenomed Blades to Allies upon defeat.


4. Stitches

Heals Allies, grants Good Nutrition (regeneration every second) to allies upon defeat.

Subject 7

Subject 7 is an ooze from the Thaumanova Reactor. It has multiple bodies, all of them slimy and fluid, and it is smarter than it looks, using attrition attacks.

  • Splits off smaller oozes when damaged, that will heal him.

  • Try to distance the small oozes from Subject 7. Use single target ranged attacks to avoid killing the small oozes for the Blobs, Schmobs achievement.

Tier 3.1: Subject 7

Combat Abilities


  • Splits Into New Oozes When Damaged


  • Divide

Stolen skills

  • Throw Gunk

Deadeye Dunwell

Tier 3.2: Deadeye Dunwell

Combat Abilities


  • Deals Increased Damage with Killshot at Longer Range

  • Teleports


  • Deadeye Shot

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

Deadeye Dunwell is a bandit from Bridgewatch Camp. Deadeye Dunwell is a bandit from Bridgewatch Camp.

  • Damaged increased with Killshot at longer range. 

  • Teleports. Land mines in the arena.

  • He teleports behind player first, then the opposite end, then to the right and back to the middle. Try to CC him when he crouches & aims for Killshot. Red circle at your feet indicates that he is aiming. You can dodge his Killshot but beware of the mines! Mines = instadeath!

Strugar & Chomper

Tier 3.3: Strugar & Chomper

Strugar Combat Abilities


  • Throws Meat which grants the Delicious Meat effect

  • Wields Caladhog Upon Chomper's Death


  • Chop - Basic attack with an axe.
    Throw Axe - Throws an axe towards the player, dealing moderate damage. Savage Leap - Leaps at the player, causing cripple. Delicious Meat - Throws a Hunk of Meat in a given direction.
    (Only while wielding Caladhog)
    Fireball - Casts a fireball that explodes on impact. Whirlwind Attack - Whirls to the player's direction, dealing damage.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

Chomper Combat Abilities


  • Eats Delicious Meat

  • Gains Meaty Rage upon Strugar's Death


  • Double Slash - Slashes the player with its sharp claws.

Stolen skills

  • Blinding Tuft

Strugar is a norn from Snowlord's Gate. Chomper is a rock dog. Both are participants in the Queen's Gauntlet. Strugar has evolved an almost-symbiotic relationship with Chomper, and will try to lead you into its jaws.

Use as much CC as you can to prevent Chomper from getting to the meat. Grab the meat yourself after you CC him. Deny Chomper of all meat for the Meatless Murder achievement.

Liadri the Concealing Dark

Tier 3.4: Liadri the Concealing Dark

Combat Abilities


  • Vulnerable to Orb of Blazing Light


  • Shrouded by Darkness - Immunity to damage from incoming attacks


  • Necrotic Grasp — Basic ranged attack that can easily be avoided.

  • Shadowfall — A massive AoE dealing critical damage.

  • Entropic Lash — Basic whip attack.

  • Sunslayer Pattern — Liadri does a whirling attack in place, inflicting heavy conditions.Sunslayer Pattern — Liadri does a whirling attack in place, inflicting heavy conditions.

Stolen skills

  • Throw Gunk

Liadri the Concealing Dark is a human from the Mire Sea. She is fascinated by darkness and cosmic spells and her fighting style is to hide in the shadows, and then unleash its power.

Phase 1:

  • Liadri is invulnerable.

  • Kite the Visions of Mortality towards the white whirlpool.

  • They will spawn Orbs.

  • Throw the Orbs at Liadri to remove her shield.

  • Do this 3 times to remove the 3 shields on her.


  • Get in a party. Target her.

  • Use food: Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew (40% Endurance refill rate)

  • Make sure you have some condition removing skills on!

  • Watch out for the red circles on the floor. This covers 1/4 of the dome floor every 4 to 5 seconds & will insta-down you.

  • Cosmic Rifts will also appear randomly & pull you to them. Destroy these rifts!

  • The Visions will one shot you, so avoid/dodge them!

  • All this time, Liadri will stay in the centre & range attacks.

Phase 2:

  • The minute you remove her last shield, she will lunge at you & hits for 7k dmg.

  • The red circles will now cover the dome floor in figure 8s.


  • Run in a large circle around the room.

  • Liadri cripples you everytime she hits you. Use your cond removing skills.

  • Time your dodge! Moar DOTS!

Master of Lightning

Tier S.1: Master of Lightning

Her Abilities

  • She is immune to CC while she is charging

  • She has a whirlwind skill that pulls you towards her. This is an instakill if you get too close to her.


  • Stay ranged when she is charging. Break stun, then rush her immediately after the charge and unload DPS on her.

Master of Lightning is one of the 3 Zephyrite Aspect Masters. She uses the power of lightning to disable foes and create storms.

Pallia the Errant

Pallia the Errant is a human of the White Mantle disguised as a bandit executioner. She executes foes and reflects projectiles.

Her Abilities

  • Reflects projectiles

  • Summons big orbs that float around and damages you if they hit you.

  • Also stuns you if you let her get too close to you.


  • Avoid big blue orbs

  • Use CCs to keep her at a distance

  • When the special skill pops up, stand in the orange circle and use it

  • Then target Pallia and use skill 1 to return the damage to her.

Tier S.2: Pallia the Errant

Champion Gladiator Waine

Tier S.3: Champion Gladiator Waine

His Abilities

  • Does a frontal attack, in a line. Dodge or run around it.

  • Places down lines that cannot be crossed without stability.


  • He cannot be immobilized but he can be knocked down. CC him whenever you can.

  • Stay ranged and DPS him so you can react fast when he does his frontal attack.

Champion Gladiator Waine is a human who was once Riannoc's squire when young.

With the return of the Festival of the Four Winds, a copy of him was created via Watchknight technology to fight in the Queen's Gauntlet.

Suriel the Radiant Light

Suriel the Radiant Light is a human contender.

Her Abilities

  • Summons 3 Bows of Truth. As long as they are up she is immune to damage.

  • The 3 bows also tethers and immobilizes u until u kill 1 of them.


  • Defeat one of the bows. Suriel is vulnerable after one Bow is killed.

  • Deplete her breakbar quick so she takes more damage.

  • CC her and keep your distance.

  • Use skills that removes conditions.

Tier S.4: Suriel the Radiant Light

King Turai Ossa

King Turai Ossa is a human contender.



  • For the first 20s, kite him around the arena & avoid his attacks.

  • After that, when he teleports to the centre, break his bar ASAP!

  • He will chase you again. Keep kiting him around the arena & avoid his attacks.

  • This time, when he teleports back to the centre, dodge his shield throw. You will see an icon over your head indicating that he is about to throw it at you.

  • At this point, hsi shield is down, DPS him with all you got!

Tier S.5: King Turai Ossa

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