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War Eternal

War Eternal is the last episode of Living World Season 4 that was released on 14 May 2019. It came out with the zone, Dragonfall in the Crystal Desert (south of Orr). Non-story achievements are found here

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The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode.

Click on the name to see achievements & the play button to see story video.


1. The End

2. Landfall

3. Glory of Dragons

4. Bleed

​5. Descent

Story Video

The End

Chapter 1: The End

Achievement: Salt on the Wound

Description:   Successfully inflict 10 wounds on Kralkatorrik during The End.

Rewards:       1 AP



Chapter 2: Landfall

Achievement: Celebrity Sighting

Description:   Be assisted by a familiar face in Dragonfall.

Should automatically finish as you complete Gorrik's tasks.

Glory of Dragons

Chapter 3: Glory of Dragons

In this chapter, you can start working on getting your Skyscale mount.


Chapter 4: Bleed

This area is under the ground. If you try to travel on the surface, you will lose health rapidly because of "Heart of the Brand" debuff.


Chapter 5: Descent

Achievement: Scissors of Fate

Description:   Help block the ley nodes that are healing Kralkatorrik in under 5 minutes.

Rewards:       1 AP

Kill the mobs asap and block the ley nodes in under 5 minutes.

Achievement: Dextrous Dodger

Description:   Defeat Kralkatorrik without triggering any Branded traps.

Rewards:       1 AP


Achievement: Heart to Heart

Description:   Confront Kralkatorrik once and for all.

Rewards:       1 MP

Automatic when you finish the story.

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