Whisper in the Dark

Whisper in the Dark is the first episode to Icebrood Saga that was released on 19 November 2019. It came out with the zone, Bjora Marches in Far Shiverpeaks. Non-story achievements are found here

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The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode.

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1. Silence

2. What's Left Behind

3. The Wind and Nothing More

4. The Invitation

Story Video


Chapter 1: Silence

Achievement: Ravens Lens Scholar

Description:   Find all of Jhavi's Raven lens research notes.

Rewards:       3 AP

Jhavi's First Research Note
Jhavi's Second Research Note
Jhavi's Third Research Note
Jhavi's Fourth Research Note
Jhavi's Fifth Research Note


Chapter 2: What's Left Behind


Chapter 3: The Wind and Nothing More


Chapter 4: The Invitation

Achievement: Ice Try

Description:   Find the fraenir within 5 seconds after he obscures himself.Find the fraenir within 5 seconds after he obscures himself.

Rewards:       3 AP

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