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Roller Beetle

The Roller Beetle is a mount that was released with Living World Season 4, Episode 3: Long Live the Lich and the new map, Domain of Kourna on 26 June 2018.

  • Required Content: GW2: Path of Fire (required for Living World Season 4) and “Long Live the Lich” (unlock and Mastery track)

  • Unlock: “Long Live the Lich” story

  • Path of Fire Mastery Points to Fully Unlock: 12

How to start

Complete the first 2 chapters of Episode 3: Long Live the Lich. The 3rd chapter, Tactical Triage, leads you to Gorrik in Domain of Kourna. A small green circle will appear in the middle of the map where Allied Encampment is, just north of Allied Encampment waypoint. Go there & talk to Gorrik to begin your journey to obtaining a Roller Beetle Mount!

After talking to Gorrik, you will complete the High Roller achievement and unlock the following achievements. They will unlock in this order, so you need to do Beetle Juice first before Beetle Saddle is unlocked. Complete Beetle Saddle to unlock Beetle Feed.


  • Show All Usable Object Names in Options.

  • Keybind your mounts. Go to Options/Control Options & scroll down to Mounts.

Beetle Juice

Collect 10 "medicines" for Petey.

Acquire the enhancements necessary to pump your roller beetle to the max!

Beetle Juice
Kodonur Crossing

Obtain a Bottle of Bubbling Liquid from a secret cache around Kodonur's Crossing.

This secret cache is in a broken structure just south of Barbellate Crater PoI (under the "c" in Kodonur Crossing on the map).

Obtain "Dragon" Protein from a secret cache around Kodonur's Crossing.

This secret cache is in another broken structure near #1.

Obtain Completely Legal Performance-Enhancing Serum from a secret cache around Kodonur's Crossing.

This secret cache is south of Idol of the Choya PoI, near the water, in the bushes.

1. Unlabeled Bottle of Bubbling


2. "Dragon" Protein

3. Completely Legal Performance-

    Enhancing Serum

Palawa's Benevolence

4. Flask of Churning Liquid

5. 210 Proof Rotgut

6. Calcified Megalodon Fin

Obtain the Flask of Churning Liquid from a secret cache somewhere near Palawa's Benevolence.

Just south of Arkjok Farmlands vista, near some big rocks.

Obtain 210 Proof Rotgut from a secret cache somewhere near Palawa's Benevolence.

Head north from #6, in a small stable by some roosters.

Obtain a sample of Calcified Megalodon Fin from a secret cache somewhere near Palawa's Benevolence.

East of the vista at Arkjok Farmlands, at the foot of a Joko statue, where 3 villagers stand.

Bitterfly Bayou

7. Bottle of Dark Smoke

8. Lightning in a Bottle

9. Untested Speed Serum

10. Full Recovery

Obtain a bottle of dark smoke from a secret cache around Bitterfly Bayou.

This secret cache is just east of Apizmic Grounds waypoint.

Obtain lightning in a bottle from a secret cache around Bitterfly Bayou.

This secret cache is southeast of Apizmic Grounds waypoint (under the "u" in Bitterfly Bayou on the map).

Obtain an untested speed serum from a secret cache around Bitterfly Bayou.

This secret cache is right by Dejarin Ruins PoI, north of Apizmic Grounds waypoint.

Return to Gorrik with all of the beetle medicine.

Beetle Saddle

Collect 9 saddle parts and bring them to Blish for assembly.

Acquire the enhancements necessary to maximize your roller beetle's speed.

Beetle Saddle

1. Inquest Beetle Notes

2. Inquest Power Schematics

3. Shadow Creator's Seal

4. Steam Power Coupling

5. Plagued Struts

6. Anomaly Spark

7. Mk II Power Inverter

8. Completed Saddle

9. Saddle Up

Dropped by Awakened Inquest

Lots of Awakened Inquest along the coastline or around the Inquest Lab in Dabiji Hollows.

Search the Inquest lab equipment near Dabiji Hollows in the Domain of Kourna.

Go to the top floor and interact with the Lab Terminal.

Collect a bounty in the Domain of Kourna.

Pick up a bounty from the bounty board at Allied Encampment & head out!

Harvested from steam creatures.

Steam creatures are mostly mechanical beings which emerge from Steam Portals. They have appeared in Lornar's Pass and Brisban Wildlands. Click here for a list of steam creatures.

Dropped by golems in the Domain of Kourna.

Inquest golems can be found along the coast near Gandara.

Collected from a Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly in its final moments.

Defeat the Mark II golem in Mount Maelstrom.

Return saddle parts to Blish in the Domain of Kourna.

Place the completed saddle on Petey.

Beetle Feed

Beetle Feed

Collect 8 roller beetle foods and feed Petey the perfect meal.

The fastest way to a roller beetle's heart is through its proventriculus. - Gorrik

1. Live Plague Scarab

1. Live Plague Scarab

Contain scarab outbreaks in the Domain of Kourna.

There is a mini event on the east side of Front Line, near the waters that requires you to squish the scarabs with your mount.

2. Plague Scarab Egg

2. Plague Scarab Egg

Smash plague experiments in the Moon Fortress.

This META event happens on the east side of Gandara, on the bridge by Bokoss Prison Ruins PoI. You have to kill the champions first before the Plague Experiments become attackable. Also, make sure to loot the chests around the area to get Inscribed Shards for Desert Luciferin, which is another item needed in this collection achievement.

3. Junundu Ichor

3. Junundu Ichor

Drops from junundu wurms in the Crystal Desert.

From The Scourgeway waypoint in The Desolation, head north. Junundu wurms will spawn on the ground and you will have to range them down & hopefully get the item to drop.

4. Hearty Beetle Slime

Harvested from the Alpha Beetle in the Far Silverwastes.

The beetle spawns in the northwest corner of the map. The skritt tunnels need to be open for you to get there.

Purchased from the heket in the Domain of Kourna.

Get 50 Inscribed Shards from doing map events & hearts. Then port to Apizmic Ground waypoints and complete the heart there. Purchase this item from Milin, the heart vendor.

Harvested from cave wurms in the Domain of Kourna.

There wurms are underwater in Ntouka Pond.

4. Hearty Beetle Slime

5. Desert Luciferin

6. Frigid Wurm Goo

7. Toxic Spider Yolk

8. Dinner's Ready

Harvested from the toxic spider queen in Kessex Hills.

Port to Viathan waypoint. The spider queen event spawns nearby every 15 mins.

Give Petey the perfect meal.

Return to Petey in Domain of Kourna.

Roller Beetle Mastery

Mastery Skills

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