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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe.

The playlist contains videos of the following items, including links and details of the following:

SWTOR, Star Wars: The Old Republic
SWTOR - Character Creation Male Zabrak - Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR - Character Creation Male Zabrak - Sith Inquisitor

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SWTOR - Character Creation Female Cyborg - Imperial Agent

SWTOR - Character Creation Female Cyborg - Imperial Agent

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SWTOR - Imperial Agent Hutta Storyline part 1

SWTOR - Imperial Agent Hutta Storyline part 1

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SWTOR - Imperial Agent Hutta Storyline part 2

SWTOR - Imperial Agent Hutta Storyline part 2

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Datacrons are powerful artifacts scattered around the game world that permanently increase your stats or give you special Matrix Shards used for building Relics. Datacrons emit a colorful glow that identify the type of bonus they give.

Datacron Types

  • Blue: Willpower

  • Green: Endurance

  • Light Green: Aim

  • Red: Strength

  • Yellow: Presence

  • White: Matrix Shard

  • Orange: Cunning

  • Purple: Willpower

Datacron Location

Matrix Shards

Matrix Shards are obtained from Datacrons that are found on all planets. A single matrix shard serves no purpose, but in sets of three they can prove extremely valuable to the player in the form of a Matrix Cube via an Assembler.

They are used to make Relics that enhance your Character Attributes by equipping them in the Relic Slot of your Character.

Matrix Shards:
R = Red - Republic / Empire
Y = Yellow - Republic / Empire
B = Blue - Republic / Empire
G = Green - Republic / Empire

Matrix Cubes

Matrix Cubes (also known as Relics) are equippable items that you can assemble from different combinations of Matrix Shards. Each faction has a dedicated place in which to build these Matrix Cubes. On Republic side, one can create a Cube in Coruscant's Lost Assembly Vault in the Jedi Temple. Empire players can head to the Ancient Assembly Chamber on Dromund Kaas.

Each character can equip or have in inventory only one Matrix Cube at a time. By equipping a Matrix Cube, the character gets blessed with various stat boosts similar to how uniquely colored Datacrons also permanently bestow certain stat boosts. However, the player can choose to mix together a certain color combinations of Matrix Shards to yield a specific stat increase. There are 12 Matrix Shards in all: three shards for each of the four colors.

Each color combination is already set, but note that you can place the shards in the Assembler in any order.

Matrix Cube Formulas

Matrix Cubes (Relics) can be assembled on your faction’s capital planet. On Coruscant they are assembled in the Lost Assembly Vault which is directly to the West (right) when you enter the Jedi Temple. On Dromund Kaas they’re assembled in the Ancient assembly chamber (-1785,555 zone barrier) that is on the way to the Dark Temple. Each character has 2 relic slots, however if you have a matrix cube on you, you cannot make another. But if you put your Matrix cube in your cargo hold and return to the assembly room you can make another matrix cube. If you keep repeating the process you can make up to 4 and then equip 2 of them.

Different Matrix Cubes (Relics) can be made depending on which color shards you put in the assembler and if you’re a force user or tech user. It doesn’t matter which order you put the shards in. The order the colors are listed in below is the way the game currently names the matrix cubes. 

Level 15 (T2):

RBY: 11 Str, 15 End

BYG: 8 Str, 18 End

RBG: 15 Aim , 11 End

RYG: 18 Will, 8 End (Matrix Cube M2-W1)

RGY: 11 Will, 15 End

Level 24 (T3):

RYY: 19 Str, 24 End (Matrix Cube M3-01) - 1/13/12   

YBB: 19 Str, 24 End (Matrix Cube M3-J2) - 1/13/12

GBB: 28 Aim,14 End

BYY: 19 Aim, 24 End

GYY: 28 Cun,14 End

RBB: 24 End, 19 Will (Matrix Cube M3-V2) - 1/13/12

Level 32 (T4):

YRR: 29 Str, 33 End (Matrix Cube M4-02)

GRR: 23 Aim, 26 End, 16 Pow

BGG: 14 Aim, 33 End, 8 Shield, 10 Def

RGG: 23 Cun , 26 End, 16 Crit

BRR: 29 Will, 33 End (Matrix Cube M4-V1)

YGG: Bugged, gives YRR

Level 50 (T7)  FORCE Users:

YYY: 24 Str , 62 End, 26 Def, 24 Surge

GGG: 50 Str , 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge

RRR: 50 Will, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge

BBB: 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit (Possible Bug, because Force Users do not use Aim)

Level 50 (T7)  TECH Users:

YYY: 52 Aim, 60 End, 18 Def

BBB: 58 Aim, 50 End, 24 Crit

RRR: 72 Cun, 48 End, 7 Crit

GGG: 58 Str, 50 End, 28 Crit​

Disassembling Matrix Cubes

After creation, Matrix Cubes can be broken back down into their respective Matrix Shards in the disassembler which is in the same area as the assembler. In order to power it you have to buy a Reconstructed Disassembler Core from a vendor on Tattooine in

  • Mos Ila (Sith Empire) at the location [X,631. Y,2782], or

  • Anchorhead (Republic)

The Reconstructed Disassembler Core currently costs 8,000 credits.


Warzones are The Old Republics version of PVP (Player Vs. Player). Participating in warzones gives valor points. Valor points up your valor rank and allow the player to equip special PVP gear.

These are the Warzones currently available. Click on the name for details and the play button to watch matches.

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