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Episode 2: A Bug in the System

A Bug in the System is the second episode of Living World Season 4 that was released on 6 March 2018. It came out with the zone, Sandswept Isles in the Crystal Desert.

Important Note

You have a 2 week window to log in from the time of release of each episode, for that particular episode to be free. If you miss this window, you will have to pay 200 gems to unlock it.

GW2 Living World Season 4
Guild Wars 2 - Daybreak - 01 Eye of the Brandstorm

Guild Wars 2 - Daybreak - 01 Eye of the Brandstorm

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Guild Wars 2 - Amnoon Evacuation (Eye of the Brandstorm achievement)

Guild Wars 2 - Amnoon Evacuation (Eye of the Brandstorm achievement)

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Guild Wars 2 - Qais Closed (Eye of the Brandstorm hidden achievement)

Guild Wars 2 - Qais Closed (Eye of the Brandstorm hidden achievement)

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Guild Wars 2 - Daybreak - 02 Under the Stars

Guild Wars 2 - Daybreak - 02 Under the Stars

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A Bug in the System chapters

The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode:

  1. Tracking the Scientist (Story)
    - Talk to the Fist
    - Gate-Crasher
    - I Make This Golem Look Good

  2. The Test Subject (Story)
    - Drones Disabled
    - Inquest Redundancies
    - Inquest-Specimen Liberator

  3. A Kindness Repaid (Story)
    - Impressionable Youth
    - Cabbage Shredder
    - X-T3R-M1N-8

  4. The Road to Rata Primus (Story)
    - A Branded Blast

  5. ​The Charge (Story)
    - Awake End
    - Inquest.Info
    - Saving Skritt

Talk to the Fist (1AP)

Be combative during questioning by Inquest guards.


  • Get caught by the drones and select defiant responses. May have to do this more than once for the achievement.

  • Cannot be done with the other 2 achievements.

Gate-Crasher (1AP)

Reach the tracking network hub quickly, without provoking the Inquest.

  • After disguising yourself as a transport golem, use skill 1 that overloads the controls to go to the area marked with the green cog on the map. 

  • Skill 2 allows you to gain stealth when the drones get too close.

  • You have 5mins to get to the Network Access Hub.

  • You must not be detected by the drones' telegraphs at all.

  • This achievement can be done together with I Make This Golem Look Good

I Make This Golem Look Good (2AP)

Remain undetected while infiltrating the inquest facility inside a golem

  • You must not be detected by the drones' telegraphs at all.

  • You may need to solve the puzzle at the Network Access Hub in one try.

  • This achievement can be done together with Gate-Crasher.​

I Make This Golem Look Good.webp

Drones Disabled (2AP)

Disable the drones in lab Sigma-05.

Set the password in the beginning, then go through the gates without being detected by drones. Access the Inquest Controls by the green star.

Inquest Redundancies (1AP)

Defeat all of the Inquest in lan Sigma-05.

Simply defeat all Inquest mobs, including the yellow named ones.

Inquest-Specimen Liberator (1AP)

Release the healthy control specimens from lab Sigma-05.

These specimens are on the 2nd floor. Access Inquest Consoles and only release healthy specimens.

The unhealthy ones cannot be released.

Impressionable Youth (1AP)

Convince the cubs about the way they can best help their village.

During 'Help the Olmakhan', head to the ritual circle. Talk to the cubs & defeat the mobs summoned by the cubs.

Cabbage Shredder (1AP)

Arbitrarily ruin a perfectly good vegetable crop.

From the beach in the beginning, as you 'Follow the mysterious charr', you will see a patch of cabbages on the right side. Just walk all over it.


X-T3R-M1N-8 (1AP)

Defeat the Mark II Beta Exterminator Golem in under three minutes.

Kill the smaller mobs quickly to get Volatile Ley Energy. Pick it up and throw it at the big golem. After a few times, an Unstable Exterminator Core will pop out and cool down the big golem. Do as much DPS as you can to this mob before it pops back into the big golem. Repeat.


A Branded Blast (1AP)

Get hit by the captured Branded wyvern

Inside Eastern Complex Lab. Get on the platform on the conveyor belt. The captured branded wyvern will breathe purple fire on the dead devourers to turn them into branded mobs. Make sure the purple fire hits you.


Awake End (2AP)

Stop Commander Lonai from killing and awakening any of the citizens of Divinity's Reach.

Kill the Dying Stars ASAP as they can kill citizens.
Whenever Commander Lonai gains a breakbar, break it ASAP to prevent awakening.

Inquest.Info (1AP)

Found all the classified Inquest data in Rata Primus

There are 4 Confidential Document on the top floor and 2 on the bottom floor.

  • Jump off the airship and while still on the top floor, head to the 3 corners of Rata Primus. Look for objects named Confidential Document. There is 1 in the north corner, 1 in the southwest corner and 2 in the southeast corner.

  • Continue with the story till you're at the bottom floor, in the southern room (with the Golem Bomb Console). There is a pile in the north corner of this room.

  • After you've met up with Gorrik and Blish, you will need to go to the elevator in the south east corner of the bottom floor. The last Confidential Document is in there.


Saving Skritt (1AP)

Find Subject S in the poisonous corridor and evacuate him to the airship.


From the airship, head to the northwest corner and drop down to the bottom floor. You will find an "Escaped Test Subject" skritt near a console. Interact with it and choose the option that says, "I can carry you out on my mount. I've got an airship waiting."

This area is filled with poison gas. Use your springer to get up to the pipes, then quickly jump up 2 more levels. Head back south to the airship and jump onto the airship for your achievement.

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