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To get a Skimmer mount, you need to unlock the third Raptor Mastery called Canyon jumping, so that you can get to the Skimmer mount area in Elon Riverlands.

You will also need 50 Trade Contracts + 4 gold to buy it from Skimmer Trainer Ardra at the Skimmer Ranch [&BGcKAAA=]. Complete the heart to get her to sell it to you.

Finding Sibaha is an achievement available to players that have completed the story of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Completing the collection unlocks the training of the Skimming the Depths mastery, where you can go underwater while mounted on your skimmer.

Skimming the Depths mastery
  1. Read Ardra's letter.
    Check your in-game inbox for mail named "Save our skimmers!"

  1. Get more info from Ardra at the skimmer camp in Elon Riverlands.
    Port to Skimmer Ranch wp [&BGcKAAA=] & talk to Ardra, the heart vendor.

  2. Check around Amnoon Harbor for leads on Sibaha's whereabouts.
    Port to Amnoon wp [&BLsKAAA=] in Crystal Oasis & head west. Talk to Dockmaster Jormick.

  3. Find the mysterious charr in Desert Highlands.
    Port to Brightwater wp [&BJEKAAA=] & head SW. Talk to Kall.

  4. Find the "famous water djinn" or speak to someone who knows him.
    Talk to Miyani by the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch, near Trader's Forum wp [&BBAEAAA=].

  5. Ask Moshpoipoi quaggan about Sibaha.
    Port to Watchful wp [&BH0CAAA=] in Frostgorge Sound & head west, underwater.
    Talk to Caretaker Laamaa in the quaggan house.

  6. Help defend Moshpoipoi from the icebrood.
    Complete the event, "Help Moshpoipoi village guards defend against icebrood".

  7. Check back with Caretaker Laamaa.
    Go back to the quaggan in the house.

  8. Find the "helpful largos" in Whisper Bay.
    Port to Murmur wp [&BK8CAAA=] in Malchor's Leap. Talk to Aaminah underwater.

  9. Help Aaminah deal with the Risen.
    Complete the event, "Drive the Risen krait out of Kahloipoi".

  10. Get information from Aaminah.
    Return to Aaminah nearby.

  11. Search for Sibaha around krait-infested waters in Mt Maelstrom.
    Port to Irwin Isle wp [&BNICAAA=] & head north to Restless Deeps PoI.
    Sibaha is in a locked cage on the wooden structure.

  12. Obtain a cage key from Sibaha's krait captors or from the nearby champion.
    Kill the champion SE of the PoI, top of the wooden structure.

  13. Free Sibaha from her cage.
    Return to Sibaha with the key.

  14. Meet Sibaha back in Lion's Arch.
    Port to Guild Bluff wp [&BA0EAAA=] & head south.

  15. Earn silver placement or better on Sibaha's Advanced Skimmer Course.
    Complete the adventure with Silver or Gold! Good luck!

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