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Amnytas is a zone in the Horn of Maguuma region introduced with the Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure expansion. It was released on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

GW2 Secrets of the Obscure
GW2 Secrets of the Obscure - Prologue: Uncertain Times

GW2 Secrets of the Obscure - Prologue: Uncertain Times

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GW2 - 1. Beta Tester achievement

GW2 - 1. Beta Tester achievement

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GW2 Secrets of the Obscure - 1. Commander Without a Cause

GW2 Secrets of the Obscure - 1. Commander Without a Cause

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GW2 1. A Shadow in the Night achievement

GW2 1. A Shadow in the Night achievement

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Fantastic Flying Foxes (10AP 1MP)

Play with all shrine guardian infants in Amnytas at least once.

  1. Defensive Operations Camp
    Destroy. Defensive Operations Camp [&BEkOAAA=]

  2. The Underways
    Destroy. Concocter's Lab [&BDcOAAA=]
    From Bastion of the Natural Waypoint [&BDQOAAA=] go south and down.


  3. Grand Library of Amnytas
    Destroy. Grand Library of Amnytas [&BAIOAAA=]
    NE corner of the library.


  4. Relic Repository
    Destroy. On top of one of the crates, slightly northeast of Relic Repository [&BD4OAAA=]

  5. Lyhr's Tower
    Destroy. Lyhr's Tower [&BAsOAAA=]
    In the northwest corner of the highest level of the building.


  6. Botanical Skygarden
    Box. Botanical Skygarden [&BPQNAAA=]
    Pick up box and move to other side of fountain to drop it.


  7. Spireshadow Lagoon
    Box. Spireshadow Lagoon [&BEAOAAA=]
    Pick up box and put it in the center (3x3 boxes matrix).


  8. Creature Corral
    Box. Pick up box and complete the row of crates (4 crates, 1 free space, 3 crates, 2 free space, 2 crates).
    On the same level as the Waypoint. North of the Creature Corral [&BEwOAAA=]

  9. Vass Memorial Medical Plaza
    Box. Vass Memorial Medical Plaza [&BP4NAAA=]
    Move box from one pile to another


  10. Astral Ward Training Grounds
    Box. On ground level, SW of the Astral Ward Training Grounds [&BBoOAAA=]
    Pick up box from the left stack and place it on top of the middle stack.

  11. Bastion of the Celestial
    Shoot targets. Empyreal Observation Ring [&BLQNAAA=]
    Interact with the ground target to gain the rifle bundle, then turn SE. Shoot the 3 targets in order from left to right.


  12. Bastion of the Natural
    Shoot targets. Creature Corral [&BEwOAAA=]
    Shoot the 6 targets.


  13. Bastion of Strength
    Shoot targets. Kryptis Front Line [&BMkNAAA=]
    On top of the tower, next to the vista.
    There is a ley-line east of the waypoint that can carry you next to it.

  14. The Sea of Clouds
    Shoot targets. The Sea of Clouds [&BE0OAAA=]

  15. Isgarren's Tower
    Shoot targets. Isgarren's Tower [&BPENAAA=]
    On top of the building, SW of the tower (between Isgarren's Tower and Cellar of Arcana).


  16. Bastionmere
    Rock. Bastionmere [&BBAOAAA=]
    At the base of a large tree, on a higher plateau slightly SW of the location on the large map.

  17. Bastion of Strength
    Rock. Up on top of large rock formation right of Crystalpool [&BMYNAAA=]

  18. Bastion of Balance
    Rock. South of the Bastion of Balance Waypoint [&BD0OAAA=]

  19. Bastion of the Obscure
    Rock. Grassy area above above Spiritual Center [&BAMOAAA=]

  20. Cellar of Arcana
    Rock. Cellar of Arcana [&BCcOAAA=] Grassy area on upper level.

  21. Bastion of the Celestial
    Checkpoints. Celestial Control Ring [&BAYOAAA=]
    On top of the pillars. Step in the swirl and go anti-clockwise to the next pillar.

  22. Nature's Shore Meditation Circle
    Checkpoints. Nature's Shore Meditation Circle [&BC0OAAA=]
    Step in the swirl to begin.

  23. Thaumaturgy Park
    Checkpoints. From Bastion of the Celestial Waypoint [&BAoOAAA=], head east and down to the bottom island.

  24. Akeem's Tower
    Checkpoints. From Bastion of the Obscure Waypoint [&BEcOAAA=], head south to the 3 floating round platforms.

  25. Bastion of Strength
    Checkpoints. Kryptis Front Line [&BMkNAAA=]
    There is a ley-line east of the waypoint that can carry you to the starting point.


For a Rainy Day (2AP)

Find all the hidden Wizard Caches throughout Amnytas.

  1. Nature's riches
    Flower. From the Mastery Insight west of Bastion of the Natural waypoint [&BDQOAAA=], head south.

  2. Some seek knowledge; others seek treasure
    Misplaced Books. Inside the rightmost of the rune jars on the ground floor of the Museum of Curiosities: Main Gallery.

  3. Only the strong may uncover certain fortunes
    Tree. On a lower patch of grass just north of the balcony which is northeast of  Bastion of Strength Waypoint [&BNMNAAA=]

  4. True balance is worth more than gold
    Ore. On a small ledge close to the top of the cliffs. Between Bastion of Balance Waypoint [&BD0OAAA=] and Bastion of the Celestial Waypoint [&BAoOAAA=]

  5. Not everything is as it seems...
    ! A small wooden box in the northeast section of the Relic Repository [&BD4OAAA=]

  6. Shining like a star
    Strange Orb. From Bastion of the Celestial Waypoint [&BAoOAAA=], head south, through the World Spire. Resting inside one of the holes within the pillar of the World Spire near an abandoned skyscale nest.

The Waylit Lantern (hidden) (6AP)

Help Lyhr reclaim a lost relic.

  1. Speak to Lyhr in the Wizard's Tower.
    Lyhr is found at the Forge of Timelessness [&BA8OAAA=]

  2. Retrieve Lyhr's Relic by defeating the Avatars of Rage and Regret in the Bastion of Balance.
    Complete [Group Event] Engage the avatars and free the Bastion of Balance

  3. Return to Lyhr in the Wizard's Tower.
    Lyhr is found at the Forge of Timelessness [&BA8OAAA=]

    Skywatch Archipelago

  4. Gain favor with Elrik by defeating the possessed dwarf at Droknar's Forge.
    Complete [Group Event] Defeat the dwarf before they're fully posessed

  5. Speak with Elrik.
    Forgemaster Elrik returns to Droknar's Forge [&BLcNAAA=] after completing the Event in Step 4.

    Lornar's Pass

  6. Get a history lesson from a dwarf at the Durmand Priory Headquarters.
    Lornar's Pass. Enter The Durmand Priory instance. Speak to Ogden Stonehealer in the head office.

  7. Find Novice Taeya in Lornar's Pass near Guutra's Homestead.
    Novice Taeya is located at Guutra's Secret [&BE4GAAA=].

  8. Speak to Timin Blastburl near Dwarves' Gloaming.
    Timin Blastburl is located east of Dwarves' Gloaming [&BEwGAAA=] near the lake's edge.

  9. Help collect dwarven artifacts.
    Complete [Event] Collect dwarven artifacts from False Lake for Innkeeper Klement.

  10. Return to Timin.
    Timin Blastburl gives out the Dwarven Trinket used for step 12.

    Snowden Drifts

  11. Speak to Von Delverunner inside King Jalis's Refuge.
    Complete King Jalis's Refuge jumping puzzle, north of  Drakentelt [&BI4AAAA=]. Von Delverunner is located on the a balcony area south of the treasure room.

    Dredgehaunt Cliffs

  12. Seek out dwarves investigating the Forsaken Halls in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.
    Starting with the Event Chain in at Travelen's Waypoint [&BGQCAAA=] enter the Forsaken Halls. In the second chamber of the Forsaken Halls, go to the opposite side of the room & up the stairs. Pick up the Dwarven Journal and use it in your inventory.

  13. Find Riley Waylit in Nakrojos Pass.
    Talk to Riley Waylit south of Seven Pines Waypoint [&BFkCAAA=]. Select the fourth dialogue option.

  14. Return to Lyhr.
    Return to Lyhr at the Wizard's Tower.

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