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Auric Basin

Auric Basin is the second major zone players enter in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion pack that was released on 23 October 2015.


GW2 Heart of Thorns
★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - The Mastery System simplified

★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - The Mastery System simplified

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Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Act 1 - 01 Prologue: Rally to Maguuma

Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Act 1 - 01 Prologue: Rally to Maguuma

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Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Act 1 - 02 Torn from the Sky

Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Act 1 - 02 Torn from the Sky

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Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Act 1 - 02 Search and Rescue, Weed Whacker

Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Act 1 - 02 Search and Rescue, Weed Whacker

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Ultimate Challenge Winner (4AP)

Place first in all the outpost challenges around Auric Basin.

The map meta event in Auric Basin is split into two main parts, Defending Tarir to restore power to outposts and pylons, and Battle in Tarir to defeat the Octovines and Mordrem besieging the city. Each of the four outposts around the map have different event chains for activating pylons and attacking the Octovine.

A Study in Gold (20AP)

Speak to Sage Laural at Westgate to receive an auric viewer, then scan the tablets in the city for clues to Herta's location.

Pre-requisite: Complete Heart of Thorns Act 2; City of Hope

Mastery: Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore) Exalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore)

Collect the 17 tablets for the achievement.

  1. Westgate: Next to Sage Laural
    Sage Laural is at the south end of the rectangular room south of the Westgate. The first tablet is behind her.

  2. Legacy Pillars: Southwest
    Starting at the Southgate, glide NW and then NE along the pillared structure. The tablet is close to the center of the city (SW of Legacy Pillars).

  3. Legacy Pillars: Southeast
    As above, but head NE and then NW from the Southgate.

  4. Legacy Pillars: Northwest
    Head SW and then SE from the Northgate along the top of the walled structure.

  5. Northgate: Where Water Flows Vertically
    Head east from the Northgate to the bridge crossing in front the waterfall. The tablet is behind the waterfall.

  6. Eastgate: Where the Falls End and Nature Begins
    Drop down into the water below the Eastgate, and then head south from the top of the river.

  7. Eastgate: A Great View of a Mighty Tree
    Start from the Southgate. Head NE and walk to the tablet just east of the ledge with the foliage. Very close to tablet #3.

  8. Southgate: Tucked Away Southwest
    Starting from the Southgate, head down the stairs towards the Westgate, but look for the hidden room on your left halfway there.

  9. Westgate: The Way Has Decayed Unless You Fly
    At the Westgate, head down the northeast ramp. Look towards the center of the city (into the area of the Octovine fight), and glide hugging the right wall. By hugging the right wall you will perform a U-turn which will leave you below the Westgate. It is on a platform just under the arches.

  10. Southgate: Entrance
    Directly in front of the Southgate entrance.

  11. Northgate: Entrance
    Directly in front of the Northgate entrance.

  12. Southgate: You'll Only Be Able to Reach This from Very High Up
    SW of the Westgate entrance, use the bouncing mushrooms to reach the Luminate's Throne, go past the mastery point at the top of the stairs, and glide towards the SW corner of Tarir, this way it requires tier 5 mastery of gliding.
    If you glide hugging the right wall you should be able to find ledge to rest high enough to reach tablet with 2 more glides even without tier 5 mastery. It is on a ledge that is lit up by a torch.

  13. Luminate's Throne: The Jungle Grows Even Up Here
    Similar to above, use the bouncing mushrooms to access the Luminate's Throne, then head left at the staircase that leads to the point of interest marker. Foliage hides a hidden tablet room.

  14. Northgate: Where We Lay Our Masks to Rest
    Only accessible when the city is preparing defenses; requires Exalted Acceptance. Get teleported to the Fallen Masks adventure by talking to the NPC on the ground level between the Westgate and Northgate. The tablet is at the topmost ledge on the north side of the room.

  15. Trial Rooms: Heavy Foliage Hides This One
    After the meta event has been completed, drop down into the area beneath the city and head north (through the normally closed door). The tablet is slightly north off the main path in the foliage.

  16. Trial Rooms: Glint's Words Guide Us
    Drop down into the basement area beneath the city, and then head to the dead end room to the SE.

  17. Inner Chamber: One Day There Will Be Another
    This tablet requires completion of the Exalted Markings mastery.
    In the same room as tablet #16, there is an Exalted Portal to Inner Chamber; once through the portal, interact with the door to gain access to the Inner Chamber. The tablet is on the ground level at the back of the room; if you continue drawing a line from the end of the entry path, it will point exactly to the tablet.

Where Exalted Dare (1AP)

Found Herta in the Vinetooth Den.

Prerequisite: A Study in Gold

Mastery: Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore), Exalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore)

Go to Vinetooth Den; you can get there from Eastwatch Waypoint. Run north and go into a cave that's beside some fungi steps on the side of a hill. Glide down and into a big round room. Look for Herta’s corpse and this will complete the achievement. You may want to use stealth gliding to get past some of the veteran mobs as you glide in.

Herta consumes 250 Bloodstone Dust once per day. It will give you bag that contains some random item; 10 Lumps of Aurillium and 1 Pile of Exalted Dust. Lump of Aurillium is used for the currency in Auric Basin for purchases from the Exalted vendors.

No Mask Left Behind (25AP)

Locate and collect all of the Exalted masks left behind by vinetooths in Auric Basin

Mastery Needed: Everything in Gliding, Bouncing Mushroom (Itzel Lore)

Not affected by vine walls during map events:

5. Chak Hollow: Overlooking a razed Nuhoch village
17. Chak Hollow: Located within a southern alcove with a good view of the entrance of Tangled Depths


20. Southwatch Creep: Look behind the northwestern wall that faces the outpost itself.
21. Southwatch Creep: Look to the east by the top of the Tarir entrance
22. Southwatch Creep: Check the top roots when heading east on your way to the crash site.

16. Mossheart Walk: Within a small cave opposite wyvern’s pylon
19. Balthazar’s Rest: On a rock with a clear view of the temple door
4. Griffonfall: Hidden at the bottom of a secret waterfall.


9. The Falls: Check every south-side tree branch leading down to the falls.
10. The Falls: Somewhere behind the expansion wall of water


7. Bristleback Chasm: Across the falls, stuck on a tree
8. Eastwatch Bluff: Look behind the various waterfalls.
3. Eastwatch Bluff: Overlooking an Eastwatch plyon where an Exalted sage is pulled from his duties.

2. Bristleback Chasm: Somewhere up high in Vinetooth’s Den
25. Arrowhead Vale: Overlooking the northern entrance to Tarir
1. Northwatch Descent: Deep underground below the outpost.

23. Tarnished Treetop: Keep an eye out on the lower canopy near fungi royalty.
12. Tarnished Treetop: Look on the southern-canopy tree branches for this mask.

13. Northwatch Descent: On a southwestern ledge with an amazing view of the outpost.
11. Westwatch Patch: Within the upper walls of the golden ooze cavern
24. Lastgear Standing: On the outskirts of the cave entrance.


Affected by vine walls during map events:
18. Morwood Wilds: In the sky overlooking one of the blighted saplings.
(Vine walls goes down during Escort Exalted Sage Manssir to Morwood Wilds)
6. Morwood Wilds: Behind the vine wall, but be aware that timing is everything!
(Vine walls goes down during Defend Exalted Sage Manssir as he activates the Thornwatch pylon)

14. Maguuma Shallows: On an upper perch near where creatures grow big.
(Vine walls goes down at the end of Protect Burnisher Kengo as she activates the mirrors around the Northwatch outpost)
15. Burnisher Quarry: Within the waters at the top of the waterfall. (Vine walls goes down at the end of Protect Burnisher Kengo as she activates the mirrors around the Northwatch outpost)

Treetop Retriever (10AP)

Locate the 10 lost Priory corpses in the Tarnished Treetop of Auric Basin.

  1. A Female asura researcher was last seen north of Wanderer's Waypoint.
    From Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=] head NW across the bridge, then immediately turn east.

  2. Since he went to an upper ledge to examine the Exalted portal, the asura researcher hasn't been heard from.
    Head south of the camp to the bouncing mushroom, take it up to the portal level. The body of the Fallen Priory Researcher is on the far side of the ledge.

  3. Someone overheard the Zintl boasting about finding the remains of a Fallen Priory Explorer, a female charr.
    Head SE from Capitzel Grounds [&BNIHAAA=] across the bridge under a bush.

  4. Echoes of a male charr explorer fighting a large colony of vampire beasts filled the canopy the other night.
    Glide down from the Exalted Portals South-East of Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=]


  5. A human explorer bailed from the airship too early. She was lost near Capitzel Grounds.
    On the edge of the Itzel platform east of the Capitzel Grounds [&BNIHAAA=]

  6. Heading east, the explorer was cornered by a jaguar. The human never made it down from the canopy.
    Follow the path east from Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=] and then directly south of the Ramp Down past the blue bulb plants.

  7. An injured norn historian held off the bonebreaker so others could escape. Her sacrifice won't be forgotten.
    Glide down from the Exalted Portals SE of Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=] or glide down from location #2 for the corpse of the Fallen Priory Historian.

  8. A lower ledge broke his fall, but then the norn explorer was surrounded by Tengu scouts.
    Head west from the body of #7 and glide down to the ledge below after passing the bridge. You can also start at Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=] head south until you pass a bouncing mushroom on your left, and go forward until you are on the bridge. Look off the east side of the bridge and it is on the ledge below that you can glide to.

  9. A sylvari historian got trapped along the northern cliffside of Tarnished Treetop. She had little chance to survive.
    Take the road west from Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=]. When the road turns to the southeast, turn northeast instead and glide across.

  10. An explorer tried to find his way south and down from the canopy. The sylvari only found a Coztic ambush.
    Above Nuhoch Wallows, NE of New Skrittington. Glide down from Wanderer's Waypoint [&BNYHAAA=]

Forgotten City Arches (3AP 1MP)

Glide through 3 arches below the waterfall on the eastern side of Tarir.


Port to the Eastwatch waypoint [&BGwIAAA=] and then glide west towards inner Tarir. You need to glide below each of the three arches. If you did not get all three arches on the first try, you can just do the arch you missed next time.

Hidden Amphibian (5AP)

Defeat the irritable Itzel who's hiding out and whittling in his favourite spot.


Veteran Witzel can be found at end of the A Fungus Among Us adventure. After the cave, take a right and find Veteran Witzel hiding on a ledge. Kill it to get the achievement.

Invisible King (1AP 1MP)

Find and hit 1 mushroom king hiding in the lower Tarnished Treetop.


Port to Wanderer's waypoint [&BNYHAAA=] in Tarnished Treetop. Go east and drop down to the jungle floor. The Mushroom King Tyranus is invisible without Nuhoch Stealth Detection. Simply attack him once to get the achievement.

Tarnished Traitor (1AP)

Summon and defeat 1 tarnished traitor.

Mastery needed: Exalted Purification (Exalted Lore)

Exalted Purification (Exalted Lore) is needed to summon the Tarnished Traitor, located just below Tarir. Usually done after the Octovine event. You need at least 2 players to defeat it. You may need the mastery if you do not get the achievement after defeating him.

Vinetooth Hunter (1AP 1MP)

Find and defeat Vinetooth Prime in its lair.


Ruins of Eastwatch

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