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Bitterfrost Frontier

Bitterfrost Frontier is a zone in Shiverpeak Mountains that came out with Living World Season 3 on 21 November 2016.

Getting there

  • Complete the A Crack in the Ice story step Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier from Living World Season 3. After completing this step of the story once, you can use the portal from Drakkar Spurs (northwest area of Frostgorge Sound) with any character.

  • Using a Bitterfrost Frontier Portal Scroll; sold by Slooshoo in Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary, Bitterfrost Frontier for 1000 Unbound Magic + 50 silver.

  • Using a Bitterfrost Vantage Point gizmo; obtained from Black Lion Chest.

Cold Resistance Buff

To stay alive in The Bitter Cold (northeast area of the map), you will need the Cold Resistance buff. Cold Resistance is an effect applied to players after they prepare a Thaw Elixir. It lasts until the daily reset and prevents the application of Bitter Cold. The Thaw Elixir is brewed at Blister Cauldron using:

  • 12 Fresh Winterberries

  • 3 Cold Resistant Eggshells

  • 8 Clumps of Frostbitten Suet

  • 1 Grawl Firestone – Grawl Firestone can be purchased from the grawl heart vendor after completing the heart.

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Mastery Insights

Codex: Kodan (3AP)

Acquire the Koda's Flame skills and speak with a Flamebearer to learn their history.

  • Koda’s Flame mastery is required for this achievement.

  • Go to a Flamebearer near one of the Kodan Braziers.

  • Purchase and learn all 5 skills (Requires 250, 500, 750, and 1000 Unbound Magic for the last 4 skills. Total = 2500 Unbound Magic).

  • Talk to the Flamebearer again and go through all the dialogue options for the achievement.

Delicious Desserts (1AP)

Give a little quaggan sweets to annoy its parents.

  • Purchase a Winterberry Sorbet from the Renown Vendor in Hot Springs. You can also purchase the recipe to craft it yourself.

  • Go underwater below Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary and find Koollan the Little Builder in one of the pods in the middle.

  • Talk to him and give him the Winterberry Sorbet.


Dive Master: Cold Feet (1AP)

Find and use a diving location in the Bitter Cold

  • Remember to get the Cold Resistance buff before you go to The Bitter Cold area.

  • Not sure if it's a bug when the diving hole was closed and covered with ice, you will die when you crack the ice. However, if you come back fast and the diving hole is still open, quickly dive in and you will get the diving achievement. The chest inside is also needed for the Thorough Sampling achievement.

  • Bring a friend with you; to either jump in first and crack the ice; or to rez you if you die or just bring a Revive Orb with you.


Gift of Aurene (5AP)

Collect the 8 parts to create an Aurene miniature.

Step 1:
Complete Living World Season 3, A Crack in the Ice, Precocious Aurene & obtain these 2 items; Token of Affection & Dragon Hatchling Doll.

Step 2:
Obtain recipes for the mini's parts from a vendor at Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary:

They cost 5 gold + 1000 Unbound Magic each (Total: 25 gold + 5000 Unbound Magic). The recipes are account bound on acquire and you can only craft once per day for each recipe). You can also buy the crafted items from the auction house.
Double click on any one of the materials to make a Dragon Hatchling Doll.

Step 3:
Use the Exalted Portal Stone to go to an instance with Aurene. When you talk to Aurene and give her the item to her, you will get the achievement and the mini.


Koda's Blessing (5AP)

Earn Koda's Favor by giving burnt offerings.

This achievement requires you to stand inside the river of quicksand for a total of There are 19 Offerings to Koda required. Purchase or obtain the following:

  1. 19 Offering Baskets
    Slooshoo (Unbound Magic Exchange vendor) at Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary in Bitterfrost Frontier. They costs 500 Unbound Magic and 1 gold each (Total: 9500 Unbound Magic + 19 gold).

  2. 950 Globs of Ectoplasm
    Obtain from salvaging rare and exotics equipment. Also contained in some higher level loot bags.

  3. 475 Elder Wood Logs
    Gather in higher level zones.

  4. 190 Icy Runestones
    Purchase from Rojan the Penitent in Frostwalk Tundra, Frostgorge Sound when the event isn't active. Icy Runestone costs 1 gold each.

  5. 95 Fresh Winterberries
    Gather in Bitterfrost Frontier. You can only gather once per day from each node but you can change instance or character to gather more.

After obtaining all the materials, double click on the Offering Baskets to create the Offerings of Koda. Bring the Offerings to Koda to these 19 location & use them:


  1. Offering for Steadfast Refugees
    Port to Rustbowl Waypoint in Fireheart Rise and run north to the POI, Haymal Gore [&BA8CAAA=] in Highland Thaw. Use the Offerings of Koda there.

  2. Offering for Jungle Restoration
    Dragon’s Stand. Use the Offerings of Koda at Mordremoth's Vantage in Dragon's Domain. You can only access this area in the last part of the META event.

  3. Offering for Elemental Restoration
    Mount Maelstrom. You have to access the beginning part of the jumping puzzle, Hidden Garden. Use the Offerings of Koda near Dierdre at the base of the big tree, Dierdre's Steps.

  4. Offering for Elemental Peace
    Go south from Darkwound Waypoint in Kessex Hills. Use the Offerings of Koda at the Garenhoff POI [&BBkAAAA=].

  5. Offering for Quaggan Survival
    Go to Okarinoo Waypoint [&BEYCAAA=] in Timberline Falls towards the jumping puzzle, Coddler's Cove. Use the Offerings of Koda at the entrance of the jumping puzzle.

  6. Offering for Peace
    Go to Summit Waypoint in Fields of Ruin. Use the Offerings of Koda at the Summit Peak POI [&BM4AAAA=].

  7. Offering for Draconic Redemption
    Auric Basin [&BNcHAAA=]. This is in Inner Tarir where you find the adventure, Sanctum Scramble.

  8. Offering to Restore Nature’s Majesty
    Go to Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint [&BA4IAAA=] in Tangled Depths. You will have to glide and use a series of updrafts to reach the top of The Great Tree where you see some Tropical Birds. Go further in towards the area where there are a lot of Flax. Use the Offerings of Koda here.

  9. Offering for Overcoming Corruption
    Go to Upper Commons Waypoint in The Grove. Take The Omphalos Chamber pod up to The Soul of the Pale Tree POI [&BH8EAAA=]. Use the Offerings of Koda here.

  10. Offering for Kodan Sanctuary
    Go to Blue Ice Shining Waypoint [&BIUCAAA=] in Frostgorge Sound. Go up, turn left & use the Offerings of Koda near the little stairs with the torches.

  11. Offering for Exiled Emissaries
    Go to Exile Waypoint [&BLwAAAA=] in Snowden Drifts. Use the Offering of Koda when you load in at the waypoint.

  12. Offering for Racial Cooperation
    Use anywhere in Lion's Arch.

  13. Offering for Cooperative Strength
    Go to Tunnels Waypoint [&BF4AAAA=] in Brisban Wildlands. Head north to the Skritt King's room and use the Offerings of Koda here.

  14. Offering for Reunion with Nature
    Go to Faren's Flyer Waypoint in Verdant Brink. Head east towards the Shooting Gallery at Bongo's Bungalow POI [&BB0IAAA=]. You can only use the Offerings of Koda here, after the event 'Defend the Pact encampment against hylek attacks' and Faren have spawned.

  15. Offering for Dimensional Stability
    Port to Godslost Waypoint [&BPwAAAA=] in Queensdale. Use the Offerings of Koda when you load in at the waypoint.

  16. Offering for Elemental Stability
    Port to Gladefall Waypoint in Iron Marches. Head to The Blasted Hearth POI [&BNwBAAA=]. If this event is up; Defeat the fire shaman and his minions, you have to complete it first before you can use the Offering of Koda here.

  17. Offering for Elemental Recovery
    You have to wait for The Frozen Maw META event for this one. It begins at Krennak's Homestead Waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills and the events are as follows:
    - Protect Tor the Tall's supplies from the grawl
    - Protect Scholar Brogun as he investigates the grawl tribe
    - Destroy the dragon totem
    - Defeat the shaman's elite guard
    - Defeat the Svanir shamans spreading the dragon's corruption
    - Destroy the corrupted portals summoning creatures from the mists
    - [Group Event] Kill the Svanir shaman chief to break his control over the ice elemental
    You don't have to be present for all the events, just make sure you tag the last boss at the Heart of Corruption POI [&BJsGAAA=]. Use the Offerings of Koda after he is dead.

  18. Offering for Life’s Balance
    Port to Thunderhead Waypoint [&BPACAAA=] in Straits of Devastation and head towards Lightfoot Passage. Use the Offerings of Koda when you are inside the cave.

  19. Offering to Restore Magic Balance
    Port to Ground Zero Waypoint in Bloodstone Fen. Glide/drop down to Cavern of Unseen Lights & use the Offerings of Koda near Temple of Renewal [&BEUJAAA=].


Thorough Sampling (7AP)

Find each of the special chests hidden around Bitterfrost Frontier.

There are 19 special chests altogether.

Svanir area
1. Svanir Supplies

Griffon Old Growth (Woomulla's area)
7. Frozen Falls Stockpile
5. Eagle Flight’s Gear
4. Woomulla’s Cache

6. Woomulla’s Supplies


Brakbrak Ice Snarl (Grawl Cave)
8. Grawl Supplies
9. Firestone Reserves


Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary
10. Kodan Nest Egg
11. Bedside Dresser (underwater)
14. Mushroom Trio Stash


Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs
2. Hot Spring Depths
13. Steam Crate
12. Dangerous Bridge Stock
3. Hurler’s Hoard

The Bitter Cold (Cold Resistance buff required)
19. Frozen Peak Chest
15. Unstable Remains
18. Frozen Bridge Case
17. Frozen Ledge Package
16. Diving Trunk

Cultural Attaché (5AP)

Bring Aurene souvenirs from around Tyria to teach her about the cultures of the world.

Pre-requisite: Living World Season 3: A Crack in the Ice; Precocious Aurene

Obtain the following 7 souvenirs from Tyria. When you have all 7 items, use the Exalted Portal Stone to teleport back to Tarir, in Aurene's instance and give her all the items to complete the achievement.


  1. Watchknight Statue
    Sovereign Weapon Vendor. Crown Pavilion Waypoint [&BCwDAAA=] Divinity's Reach - 1G

  2. Small Charr Car
    Quell (Weaponsmith) Hero's Waypoint [&BKsDAAA=] Black Citadel - 1G

  3. Souvenir Eir Statue
    Uktur (Karma vendor) Eastern Watchpost Waypoint [&BI0DAAA=] Hoelbrak - 7000 karma

  4. Model Asura Gates
    Squik. Magustan Court Waypoint [&BBQEAAA=] Rata Sum - 1G

  5. Sylvari Potted Plant
    Leanna (Karma vendor) Reckoner's Waypoint [&BLsEAAA=] The Grove - 7000 karma

  6. Caged Orrian Chicken
    Agent Livilla. Doric's Waypoint [&BKcCAAA=] Malchor’s Leap. Tag the event chain east of Doric's Waypoint to access the vendor, Agent Livilla.
    Beginning event: Destroy the chicken coops and the undead eggs inside
    Successful ending event: [Group Event] Fight the Inquest Ornithologist
    Purchase from Agent Livilla.
    Event chain respawn every 15 mins - 1G

  7. Model Zephyr Sanctum
    Dusk (Tier 01 Merchant) Dry Top Entry Waypoint [&BIAHAAA=] Drytop
    The map must be at Tier 1. If not, check back on the hour. Purchase from Dusk (Tier 01 Merchant) - 10 Geode


Quirky Quaggan Quest (5AP 1MP)

Find all seven stanzas of the quaggan epic poem.


  • Found the first stanza

  • Found the second stanza

  • Found the third stanza

  • Found the fourth stanza

  • Found the fifth stanza

  • Found the sixth stanza

  • Delivered all lost stanzas to Neekoolaa and obtained the seventh stanza


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