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Dragon's End

Dragon's End is a zone in Cantha, located on the shore of the Jade Sea. It was released on 28 February 2022 during the End of Dragons expansion.



Mastery Insight

GW2 End of Dragons
GW2 End of Dragons - Interlude: Forward, Not Ready for Good-Bye achievement

GW2 End of Dragons - Interlude: Forward, Not Ready for Good-Bye achievement

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GW2 End of Dragons - Interlude: Sit with Me a Moment achievement

GW2 End of Dragons - Interlude: Sit with Me a Moment achievement

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GW2 - E0E 5.6.1 What Lies Within - A Plan Emerges

GW2 - E0E 5.6.1 What Lies Within - A Plan Emerges

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GW2 - E0E 5.6.2 What Lies Within - Bottle Your Emotions

GW2 - E0E 5.6.2 What Lies Within - Bottle Your Emotions

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Dead Play (6AP)

Play with all the shrine guardian infants in Dragon's End at least once.

  1. Hint: Around Brotherhood's Watch.
    Crates (branch). South of Jade Quarry wp.
    Brotherhood's Watch PoI, on top of a building.

  2. Hint: Lounging around a tropical stop.
    Crates (branch). East of Jade Quarry wp.
    At the bottom of Green Grotto PoI, next to big crates down, left of the bar.

  3. Hint: Wants to catch a glimpse of a Jade Maw.
    Crates (branch). In Flooded Basin.
    West of Mine Site JS-02 PoI, near the HP, halfway up the rocks.

  4. Hint: Hiding under a ramp.
    Crates (branch). Southeast of Saltspray Roost PoI.
    Under one of the ramps.

  5. Hint: Watch the Chantry of the Crab from a distance.
    Crates (branch). East side of the map.
    Directly south of Chantry of the Crab PoI, halfway up the cliff.

  6. Hint: Hiding in Emerald Bluff.
    Crate (stack). On a wooden platform, south of Emerald Bluff PoI.
    Place the crate on the correct spot.

  7. Hint: Blending in outside a Jade Brotherhood outpost.
    Crate (stack)
    At the beach in Echovald Fringe, next to a Jade Battery.

  8. Hint: Admiring jade blocks.
    Crate (stack)
    Directly south of Rhea's Landing PoI, up a ledge, next to a Security Turret.

  9. Hint: Guardian of an abandoned merchant's cart.
    Crate (stack). Northeast of the map, Archipelagos Rim.
    The cart is on the northern end of the bridge, next to Alua Falls PoI.

  10. Hint: In awe of a massive feat of engineering magitech.
    Crate (stack). South of Jade Quarry wp.
    Northeast of Argo Crawler PoI, on the grey rock formation.

  11. Hint: Below the residential district.
    Rock. Northeast of Jade Quarry wp.
    South of Residential District PoI, down the cliff.

  12. Hint: Has a keen interest in logistics.
    Rock. Northwest of the map.
    West of Logistics District PoI, a level above the PoI.

  13. Hint: Standing watch over the miners' camp.
    Rock. Southeast of Jade Quarry wp.
    On the wall beneath a tower.

  14. Hint: Enjoy the breeze beneath a massive turbine.
    Rock. Below the vista at Kaolai Tower PoI.
    On a rock ledge on the west side.

  15. Hint: Plotting to steal food offerings at the a serpent's shrine.
    Rock. Northeast of the map, Archipelagos Rim.
    East of Shrine of the Serpent PoI, up on a ledge.

  16. Hint: Quietly watching the Shrine to Hanuku.
    Rock. Directly south of Shrine to Hanuku PoI.
    Up a ledge on the cliff, next to a Cliff Bat.

  17. Hint: Watching a silent beach.
    Rock. South of Seafarer's Enclave.
    Behind the Juno Hatchery.

  18. Hint: Watching over the Harvest Temple Observatory from a safe distance.
    Rock. At Jade Promenade.
    On top of a broken off wall piece halfway.

  19. Hint: Spying on the Jade Brotherhood from above.
    Rock. West side of the map.
    On top of the northern roof, north of the Jade Brotherhood Outpost PoI.

  20. Hint: Listening in on the Speakers.
    Rock. Southeast side of the map.
    On top of the gate, north of the Speakers Outpost PoI.

  21. Hint: Standing on a crane platform.
    Checkpoints. East side of Jade Promenade.
    On a crane platform.

Dive Bar (1AP)

Complete a dive near the Green Grotto in Dragon's End.

Located west of Shrine of the Serpent in the Archipelagos Rim. The goggles can be found just below the Roaring Waterfall hero challenge.

Mysteries Deep Within (1AP 1MP)

Defeat the creature at the end of the Trial of the Elders.

  • The trial starts at Sanctuary of Ione PoI at Silent Surf, southeast of the map.

  • Interact with the grate on a pathway to enter a tunnel to a chamber under the PoI.

  • Following the path the player finds a Luxon Monk, an Ancient Teleporter and a Luxon Spirit talks to the player, introducing the Trial of the Elders

  • Jade Bot mastery Energy Efficiency is required to use the Ancient Teleporter that will lead to a series of rooms.

  • Each room will add a stack of Elder's Plight, reducing the player's damage by 5% for each stack, for a total of 8 stacks

Respects Paid (1AP)

Kneel at every shrine in Dragon's End.

Shrine 1 - Shrine of the Serpent
/kneel at the POI. At the Archipelagos Rim area.

Shrine 6 - Speakers Encampment
/kneel at the shrine east from the POI. At the Reaver's. Ridge area. (Look for the large statue and you will see candles and basket and jug.)

Shrine 2 - Shrine to Hanuku
/kneel at the POI. At the Reaver's Ridge area.

Shrine 5 - Shrine to Hanuku
/kneel at the two little shrines south-west of the POI, next to the Historic Plaque.

Shrine 3 - Chantry of the Crab
/kneel at the POI. Just above Seafarer's Enclave.

Shrine 4 - Temple of the Turtle
/kneel at the POI. Near the Jade Promenade area.

Shrine 7 - Guardian's Perch
/kneel at the POI. In the Western Vale area.

Shrine 8 - Emerald Bluff
/kneel west of the POI, up the hill. Right on or by the "Harvest Temple" strike mission marker. In the Southern Bluff area.

Shrine 9 - Jade Wind's Respite
Shrine 9 is safest after a successful meta but it can still be done if you can heal yourself and survive as you run to the shrine! Good luck!

Tower Diver (1AP)

Dive into the mystery location using diving goggles somewhere in Dragon's End.


  • From the top of the Harvest Temple, go east and climb up the floating rocks all the way up to the big floating piece of broken wall almost directly north east of the Harvest Temple.

  • Equip the diving goggles and jump towards the Harvest Temple, almost directly straight down into the big water bucket close to the cliff on the jade sea.

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