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Drizzlewood Coast

Drizzlewood Coast is a zone in Shiverpeaks Mountain that came out with Icebrood Sage, Episode 3: No Quarter on 26 May 2020. The map was expanded and released with Icebrood Saga, Episode 4: Jormag Rising on 28 July 2020.


Locked Achievements



Mastery Insight

GW2 LWS5 Episode 3 No Quarter
GW2 - 01 Pointed Parley

GW2 - 01 Pointed Parley

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GW2 - 02 Shoulder to Shoulder

GW2 - 02 Shoulder to Shoulder

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GW2 - 03 Snapping Steel

GW2 - 03 Snapping Steel

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GW2 - Intel Acquired (Snapping Steel achievement)

GW2 - Intel Acquired (Snapping Steel achievement)

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Mysterious Journal (3AP)

Collect 8 scraps of paper in the Drizzlewood Coast.

  • Umbral Grotto
    - North of Base Camp Waypoint [&BGQMAAA=]
    Under the "m" of Umbral Grotto when you view the map.

  • Vloxen Mine
    - A little southwest of Vloxen Shards PoI [&BGIMAAA=]
    Located near the end of the word "Mine" and to the right of the gate at the entrance of the mine.

  • Petraj Overlook
    - Northwest of Petraj Commons PoI [&BFcMAAA=]
    Under the letters "et" of Petraj Overlook when you view the map.

  • Port Cascadia
    - A little southwest of Port Cascadia (point of interest) (not recognised as a location)
    On the left of the tower, on the rocks below.

  • Wolf's Crossing
    - A little to the southwest of Wolf's Crossing Bridge PoI [&BE0MAAA=]
    To the left of the bridge.

  • Leadfoot Village
    Southeast of Leadfoot Villiage PoI [&BFIMAAA=]
    On a tall rock mound.- 

  • Leadfoot Village
    Far southwest of Leadfoot Village PoI [&BFIMAAA=]
    Travel south on the road past the bridge, and to the left of the road when you are facing north on top of some mountain ridge/rock area.
    You'll have to fly up a bit on this mountain rock to see it on the ridge.- 

  • Fort Defiance
    West of Troop Quarters PoI [&BE8MAAA=]
    A little south of the Fort Defiance map label. It's on top of some mountainous rock.

Mysterious Journal map

Tengu Weapon Etchings (10AP)

Collect 8 scraps of paper in the Drizzlewood Coast.

Pre-requisite: Mysterious Journal

1. Bird Whisperer
Meet the Tengu, Goro Cleverclaws at the camp on the ledges by the waterfall in Breakroot Basin.  

9. Mysterious Pistol Etching
Umbral Grotto. On a ridge by the road going East.

4. Mysterious Focus Etching
Umbral Grotto. Northern area. On top of a high rocky hill.

10. Mysterious Rifle Etching
On the border of Fort Defiance & Breakroot Basin, SE of the vista.

8. Mysterious Mace Etching
Vloxen Mine. Far west on a high horizontal rock.

11. Mysterious Scepter Etching
Fort Defiance. Behind the waterfall on the far west.

13. Mysterious Shortbow Etching
Deadfoot Village. NW area, high on the rocks.

5. Mysterious Greatsword Etching
Deadfoot Village. NE of the marker, on a rock, high above the snow & ice.

2. Mysterious Axe Etching
On the border of Leadfoot Village & Wolf's Crossing. SW of the bridge.

3. Mysterious Dagger Etching
Wolf's Crossing. SE of previous spot.

14. Mysterious Staff Etching
Wolf's Crossing. NE of previous spot, near the vista.

15. Mysterious Sword Etching
Lighthouse Point. On a cliff, NE corner of the map.

7. Mysterious Longbow Etching
Lighthouse Point. Southern area. High on top of a rocky hill. 

17. Mysterious Warhorn Etching
Port Cascadia. Western area, on rocky cliff above the water.

12. Mysterious Shield Etching
Petraj Overlook. On top of a hill, west of the marker.

16. Mysterious Torch Etching
Petraj Overlook. SE area. On the cliffs.

6. Mysterious Hammer Etching
Petraj Overlook. NE area. On top of Griffon's Pillar PoI.

Tengu Weapon Etchings map

Drizzlewood Historian (1AP)

Find all hidden history books around Drizzlewood Coast.

  1. A Brief Reflection on Olaf Olafson

    Under the bridge in Dominion's Breach.

  2. Norn/Human Diplomacy

    On one of the rock pillars in the water, SE of Forward Camp wp [&BHIMAAA=]

  3. The Legacy and Mythos of the Olafson Sword

    At Iron Lookout PoI [&BHUMAAA=] waystation in Drizzlewood Peak.

  4. The Great Drunken Debauchery of Sven Liefson

    In Cavern of Guiding Spirits, far middle west of map, by Thermal Vent PoI [&BG0MAAA=]

  5. The Betrayal of Olaf Olafson

    Under a tent at the Frostvein Watch camp PoI [&BH4MAAA=]

Drizzlewood Historian map.jpg

Ears Wide Open (10AP)

Plant all of the listening devices at strategic locations throughout Northern Drizzlewood Coast.

C Speak with Cato Snapjaw to collect the listening devices.

Cato Snapjaw is far east of Archstone Coast, east of Stone Archways PoI [&BIAMAAA=]

SL 1: Behind a tent in the southern Dominion camp.

​SL 2: Tucked under a charr vehicle in the central Dominion camp.
SL 3: At the foot of a wooden tower behind stacked crates in the northern Dominion camp.

SL 4: Among some rocks below the northernmost comm tower.
SL 5: In bushes just below the northeast exit from the cave system.

SL 6: Near the northern artillery position at Canopy Crag.

​SL 7: Near bushed by the central comm tower.
SL 8: Next to the northern end of the bridge.
SL 9: Behind a tree high on a plateau in the southeast, facing the lighthouse.
SL 10: In some bushes along the main causeway.
SL 11: On an outcrop of rocks northeast of the southern Dominion camp.

Ears Wide Open map.jpg

Fearless Diver (1AP)

Use diving goggles to dive off a cliff next to the highest waterfall.

Diving goggles is on a ledge behind the waterfall, south of Forward Camp wp in Legions' Alcove.

In This Together (3AP)

Jump from the highest slope of Canopy Crag while mounted on a roller beetle.

Ride a roller beetle down the slope by Canopy Overlook PoI [&BHcMAAA=], near the vista.

Shards of Jormag (5AP)

Collect all Shards of Jormag in the Northern Drizzlewood Coast.

Cavern of Guiding Spirits

SoJ 19: North area of Cavern of Guiding Spirits
SoJ 1: Near Sanctum of the Wild PoI in Cavern of Guiding Spirits; Behind a fallen pillar.

Drizzlewood Peak
SoJ 2: Side of a cliff; South of Cavern Entryway PoI; East area of Cavern of Guiding Spirits
SoJ 17: West of Iron Lookout PoI waystation in Drizzlewood Peak; after the 2nd bouncing mushroom

Sentinel Bay
SoJ 8: On a plateau, north area of Sentinel Bay

Canopy Crag
SoJ 15: West of Canopy Overlook PoI, on top of the mountain


Frostvein Watch

SoJ 9: SW area of Frostvein Watch

SoJ 4: On the rocky mountain side, far east of Frostvein Watch


Archstone Coast
SoJ 10: In the boundary line between Frostvein Watch & Archstone Coast

SoJ 14: North of Archstone camp PoI, behind a big tent
SoJ 20: SW area of Archstone Coast, near the Shoreline camp PoI

The Bloodfield
SoJ 11: SW area of The Bloodfield
SoJ 18: On a small rock in the frosty waters, south area of The Bloodfield; near Veins of Jormag PoI
SoJ 13: East area of The Bloodfield, near the frosty waters. West of #16.
SoJ 16: Far east in The Bloodfield

Claw's Roost
SoJ 3: SE area of Claw's Roost
SoJ 6: In the valley just SE of Claw's Roost camp marker on the map
SoJ 5: Top of hill, SW of Claw's Roost
SoJ 12: At the intersection of Claw's Roost, The Bloodfield, Frost Citadel on the map; top of cliffs.
SoJ 7: NW corner of Claw's Roost

Shard of Jormag map.jpg

Spiritual Renewal (5AP 1MP)

Meet Owl Shaman Garon at locations sacred to Owl to revitalize his faith in her renewal.

Pre-requisite: To unlock this collection, find Owl Shaman Garon at the Eye of the North.



  • Speak with Owl Shaman Garon at the Eye of the North.

  • Help Owl Shaman Garon near the Owl Lodge in Snowden Drifts.

  • Help Owl Shaman Garon by the lost shrine to Owl in Lornar's Pass.

  • Help Owl Shaman Garon at the Lost Spirits Hallow in Hoelbrak.

  • Help Owl Shaman Garon at his home in Cragstead.

  • Help Owl Shaman Garon at Elder's Vale in Frostgorge Sound.

  • Help Owl Shaman Garon at the Sanctum of the Wild in North Drizzlewood Coast.

  • Speak with Owl Shaman Garon one last time.

Olaf Olafson's Secret (5AP)

Explore the entirety of Drizzlewood Coast, and find the map pieces to discover Olaf Olafson's treasure key.

  1. The quaestors might have seen this piece.
    Clue 1: From the lightouse, head north.
    Buy a map fragment from any Quaestor NPC.

  2. Found by defeating the Claw of Jormag in Claw's Roost.
    Clue 2: Upon reaching the arch, head west.
    Last part of map Meta event. Loot the last chest!

  3. Enemy cache keepers have taken an interest in this piece.
    Clue 3: Go beyond the crag.
    During the break after taking south Drizzlewood Coast, defeat the bosses around the map to access Enemy Supply Cache.

  4. Possibly inside a norn or charr chest somewhere in the Drizzlewood Coast.
    Clue 4: Stop at the falls.

  5. Enemy tribunes have taken an interest in this piece.
    Clue 5: Look in the center of six guardians.
    After defeating the Dominion Tribunes, loot the chest!

Completing this achievement unlocks the Treasure Sleuth achievement.

Treasure Sleuth (6AP)

Search throughout the Drizzlewood Coast for treasure hunters that have clues that lead to Olaf Olafson's treasure.

Pre-requisite: Olaf Olafson's Secret

1. Bird Whisperer
Meet the Tengu, Goro Cleverclaws at the camp on the ledges by the waterfall in Breakroot Basin.  

  1. Treasure Key Found
    Found by completing Olaf Olafson's Secret achievement.

  2. Treasure hunter at Lighthouse Point.
    East of the vista, by the water.

  3. Treasure hunter at Archstone Coast.
    On the ledge, east of the Archstone Coast map marker.

  4. Treasure hunter at Sentinel Bay.
    On the hill, SE of Forward Camp wp.

  5. Treasure hunter in the Cavern of Guiding Spirits.
    On the ramp area, where The Ox's Yoke adventure is at.

  6. Treasure hunter at Drizzlewood Peak.
    On a rock above the cave entrance.

  7. Treasure hunter at the Bloodfield.
    On the borderline of The Bloodfield & Frostvein Watch. On a ledge by a big tree.


​After completing this achievement, you can open a door north of the Claw's Roost map marker for a surprise!

Treasure Sleuth map.jpg

Shiver at the Peaks (10AP)

Search throughout the Drizzlewood Coast for treasure hunters that have clues that lead to Olaf Olafson's treasure.

Pre-requisite: Learn the /shiver emote from Icebrood Saga Episode 2, Shadow in the Ice. Requires access to previous Living World episodes to complete.

  1. Wayfarer Foothills
    NW of Twinspur Haven waypoint [&BH0BAAA=]

  2. Snowden Drifts
    NW of Torstvedt Homestead waypoint [&BLsAAAA=]

  3. Lornar's Pass
    North of Pinnacle Enclave waypoint [&BJgBAAA=]

  4. Dredgehaunt Cliffs
    North of Granite Citadel waypoint [&BO4EAAA=]

  5. Timberline Falls
    NW of Stromkarl waypoint [&BEYEAAA=]

  6. Frostgorge Sound
    NW of Ridgerock Camp waypoint [&BIMCAAA=]

  7. Bjora Marches
    SE of Still Waters Speaking waypoint [&BDkMAAA=]

  8. Drizzlewood Coast
    NE of Forward Camp waypoint [&BHIMAAA=]. Right at the vista in Drizzlewood Peak.

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