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Grothmar Valley

Grothmar Valley was released together with Icebrood Saga, Prologue: Bound By Blood on 17 September 2019.


Concert Event

Collection achievements

Khan-Ur's Gauntlet


Mastery Insight

GW2 Prologue: Bound By Blood
Guild Wars 2 - Bound By Blood - 01 Coming Home

Guild Wars 2 - Bound By Blood - 01 Coming Home

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GW2 - 01 Model Diplomat achievement

GW2 - 01 Model Diplomat achievement

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Guild Wars 2 - Bound By Blood - 02 Revels & Rivals

Guild Wars 2 - Bound By Blood - 02 Revels & Rivals

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Guild Wars 2 - 02 Chaperone achievement

Guild Wars 2 - 02 Chaperone achievement

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A Carved Path (3AP)

Uncover the secrets of Ash camp.

From Dalada Forest wp, head southwest to Ash Legion Camp PoI.
Remember the four signs carved on to the table, behind Malice inside the tent. These signs change and may not be the same for everyone.

Head south to The Wardowns area. There are 4 trees here with the same signs carved on them. Touch the trees that have the signs on them, in the correct order.

This will bring you to the PoI in Shattered Steppes.

A Carved Path signs
A Carved Path trees

Master Seeker (3AP)

Win a game of hide-and-seek within 60 seconds.

Renowned Seeker (3AP)

Win 20 games of hide-and-seek with cubs in the Lower Blood Keep.

From Return to Bound By Blood

Practiced Seeker

Play a game of hide-and-seek with the charr cub in the Blood Keep...and win.

practised seeker map

Stealing the Limelight (hidden) (1AP)

Try to steal the show.

When the band starts to play, get up on stage and play a musical instrument!

Heads Up! (hidden) (1AP)

Get hit by falling props during the concert.

During the 3rd song at the Metal Legion concert, jump into the water under the stage and wait at the area where there is a ruined vehicle underwater. Wait for the stage prop to fall on top of you. You will die but you will also get the achievement!

Brand Stomped (10AP)

Repair all 10 broken Brand Stompers around Grothmar Valley.

- Speak to Vetia Foerazer in the Blood Keep to learn more.

  • Brand Stomper 8
    Just west of the vista at Iron Legion Camp.

  • Brand Stomper 9
    South of Iron Legion Camp, west of The Wardowns.

  • Brand Stomper 5
    Just north of Wardowns wp.

  • Brand Stomper 6
    West of The Ooze Pit

  • Brand Stomper 10
    East of Dalada Forest wp.

  • Brand Stomper 4
    North of Longeye's Landslide

  • Brand Stomper 1
    Northwest of Burning Effigy.

  • Brand Stomper 2
    North of Ash Legion Camp PoI, in Devourer's Ridge. Need to interrupt the branded.

  • Brand Stomper 3
    North of Dalada Forest wp

  • Brand Stomper 10
    Just outside the Strike Mission portal.

Brand Stomped map.webp

Grothmar Valley Historian (10AP)

Find all the ancient coins scattered across Grothmar Valley.

  • Coin 28 - 2nd floor of Keep Kitchen, west of Blood Keep wp.

  • Coin 29 - Inside Great Hall, Blood Keep

  • Coin 30 - On a bed, inside Blood Legion Fahrar, Blood Keep

  • Coin 22 - South end of Upper Blood Keep, near some chairs and table.

  • Coin 27 - Behind a rock, near cub Calix, south of of Blood Keep wp.

  • Coin 24 - Near a small stream, north of Training Grounds.

  • Coin 23 - In a small pool with a waterfall, south of Training Grounds.

  • Coin 1 - Under the bridge, southeast of Training Grounds.

  • Coin 4 - Between 2 structures under vista at Iron Legion Camp.

  • Coin 3 - Behind some crates, under a tent in Festival Promenade.

  • Coin 21 - Under the bridge, north of Blood Keep wp.

  • Coin 26 - Top floor of the tower in The Brig.

  • Coin 19 - Side of a small cliff, NW of The Brig, near some Earth Elementals.

  • Coin 18 - Right by Blood Dam PoI, north of Longeye's Landslide.

  • Coin 20 - At the tip of a ruined structure in Longeye's Landslide.

  • Coin 17 - At Soul's Hearth PoI, west of Rusty Meadow.

  • Coin 16 - Under a ledge, north area of Rusty Meadow.

  • Coin 15 - On a ledge in Burning Effigy.

  • Coin 14 - Behind some trees near a wall, northwest of Dalada Forest wp.

  • Coin 13 - Hole in the ground at the beginning of Cavern of the Khan-Ur.

  • Coin 25 - In an archway near the water, in Khan-Ur's Gauntlet.

  • Coin 12 - Near Cathedral of Flames Gate in Doomlore Ruins.

  • Coin 11 - Under the waterfall in Doomlore Ruins, east of the vista.

  • Coin 10 - Under the waterfall in Dalada Forest, east of Dalada Forest wp.

  • Coin 9 - Under the waterfall in The Overlook, northeast of the Skyscale Roost.

  • Coin 8 - Close by Aurene's Grace PoI in Kralkatorrik's Emergence Zone.

  • Coin 7 - Underwater, in Blood Lagoon, east of Wardowns wp.

  • Coin 6 - Inside a tent in Band's Bivouac in Sacnoth Stream.

  • Coin 2 - By a rock and a tall tree in The Wardowns.

  • Coin 5 - Inside Shattered Steppes. Complete A Carved Path to enter this area.

Grothmar Valley Historian map

Eyes for Ears (10AP)

Find all the listening devices hidden throughout Grothmar.

Meet with your initial contact to start the collection.

- If you are a Blood Legion charr, talk to Ferox Vivache at Blood Legion Keep.

- Otherwise, talk to Iovis Nearspecter in Shattered Steppes. You must do A Carved Path to enter this area.

​8. "Something for my ARCH-rival. Heh."

- The ceiling of the arch where Ferox Vivache stands.

1. "Listen in where he keeps watch."

- Blood Keep rooftop. Right outside Imperator Ruinbringer's Office's window.


10. "Drinks and secrets are often spilled together."

- Roof area above the bar of Rank 'n' File Pub, south of Blood Keep wp.

9. "Maybe I can catch some cooking tips?"

- 2nd floor of the Keep Kitchen PoI, behind some crates & barrels.

13. "Recruited a spy we don't need to pay or feed."

- Great Hall PoI, Lower Blood Keep. Behind a charr statue at the end of the hall.

7. "I'd hate to have to climb all those steps just to sleep."

- Lower Blood Keep. High in the corner of the room beside Great Hall.

12. "Right on target."

- Sniper's Square PoI at Training Grounds. Under the platform where the farthest cub stands.

11. "I'll cross this one when I have to."

- Under the bridge, east of Training Grounds, where Kasmeer trains the cubs.

3. "Sometimes it's okay to have things confiscated..."

- Warden's Office PoI, The Brig. Under one of the shelves.

6. "He seems nice, but can we really trust him?"

- Flame Legion Camp. Under the rock platform where Efram stands.

4. "Keep surveillance of her under the table."

- Rally Pavilion PoI. Under the table near Crecia.

15. "Remember: establish plausible deniability."

- Ash Legion Camp PoI. Behind the tent where Malice stands.

2. "Tune in for a tune up."

- Iron Legion Camp. On a hanging object inside the dune roller area.

5. "I'll never miss a song again."

- Blood Stand Stage PoI, The Crag. Under the bleachers.

14. Recruited a spy we don't need to pay or feed."

- The Overlook. Under the skyscale roost.

Eyes for Ears map

Gauntlet of the Khan-Ur (3AP)

Reach the end of the Gauntlet of the Khan-Ur.

This is a jumping puzzle.

Khan-Ur's Right Hand (3AP)

Reach the end of the Khan-Ur's Gauntlet within the time limit.


Secrets of the Khan-Ur (5AP)

Open a long-hidden vault and loot what's inside.


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