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Lake Doric

Lake Doric is a zone, east of Divinity's Reach and was released together with Living World Season 3, Head of the Snake on 8 February 2017.

Getting There

  • After completing Eyes on Lake Doric story step in the Head of the Snake of Living World Season 3, that character can use the portal from the Plaza of Lyssa (in Divinity’s Reach) or Arca Lake (in Harathi Hinterlands, by talking to the Villager).

  • Use a Lake Doric Portal Scroll.

  • Use a Teleport to Friend while having unlocked the area on the account.



Night Time Achievements

Mastery Insights

GW2 Living World Season 3
Guild Wars 2 - Living World Portal Tome

Guild Wars 2 - Living World Portal Tome

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Guild Wars 2 - Out of the Shadows - 01 Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak

Guild Wars 2 - Out of the Shadows - 01 Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak

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Guild Wars 2 - Out of the Shadows - 02 Research in Rata Novus

Guild Wars 2 - Out of the Shadows - 02 Research in Rata Novus

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Guild Wars 2 - Out of the Shadows (achievement) - Was it Blue or Red?

Guild Wars 2 - Out of the Shadows (achievement) - Was it Blue or Red?

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A Fly in the Ointment (2AP 1MP)

Interfere with the White Mantle in Fort Evennia 10 times without fleeing or getting caught.

It’s a Sabotage (3AP)

Sabotage the White Mantle stationed inside fort Evennia.

This can be completed during part 3: Sabotage Fort Evennia or outside the story quest.

Speak to the renown vendor, Examplar Ylan, just south of Fort Evennia to get a disguise. Then walk into Fort Evennia and sabotage the Food Cache, Battle Plans or free Seraph prisoners.

When in disguise, your new skills are as follows:
1 - Threat Assessment
2 - Baneberry Poison
3 - Shadowstep

Chum Chucker (2AP)

Take chum from buckets in New Loamhurst and hurl it at the White Mantle invaders.

Look for Chum Buckets near the waters just outside of New Loamhurst. You can also check Fishing Cages or pick up Rotten Fish! After you grab the chum, just hurl it at any White Mantle invaders! Repeat this 15 times for the achievement.

Gems of the Beach City (1AP)

Bring pearls to the merchant in the Lakeside Bazaar.

Check the Fishing Cages along the beach at New Loamhurst and Saidra's Haven. Collect 10 Lumpy Pearls. Then bring them to the Bagran the Pearl Merchant in Lakeside Bazaar. He is in a house just behind Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint [&BLQJAAA=].


Honorary Crew Member (1AP)

Prevent skritt and Whtie Mantle looters from getting away with any supplies stolen from the SS Pinkeens.

This is a daytime event. It spawns every 15-20 minutes. You need to prevent the skritt or White Mantle from escaping with supplies.

White Mantle: Spawns when Saidra's Haven is under Seraph control.

Skritt: Spawns when Saidra's Haven is under White Mantle control.

Kill enemies with orange cross-swords above their heads ASAP! Prevent them from reaching the portal with supplies. If you kill them & they drop it, pick it up & bring it back to the Supply Pile. Use CC skills & bring lots of friends! The supplies must be at 100% when timer ends!


It’s a Trap (5AP 1MP)

Navigate Noran's secret trap maze and reach the treasure room.

Complete the renown heart in Harvest Cascades. The heart needs to be full for you to access the door in the back room (if the homestead is under White Mantle control) and for you to buy a Key to Noran's Chest.

If the homestead is under Seraph's control, Noran will be on the steps outside the house. Purchase a Key to Noran's Secret Chest for free.

If the homestead is under White Mantle's control, Noran will be inside the house. Go through a door in the back room, turn left and purchase a Key to Noran's Secret Chest for free from Noran.

Navigate the maze. Watch out for spikes on the floor and wall. There is also a crack on the floor with spike traps right after the first doorway. Right after this crack, there is a pendulum log. Move up a bit to avoid this.

Keep right while still dodging floor and wall spikes. Then drop down to a small area with a doorway. Keep right and you will reach a room with a small bridge. The Veteran Cave Spider is at the end of the bridge. Watch out for swinging pendulum logs.

The first chest is found in the room where the Veteran Cave Spider is. Kill the spider to open the gates. Loot the first chest. Inside the first chest, there is Noran's Oil. Click on the oil in your inventory to obtain a Noran's Oiled Chest Key. This key will open the second chest.

Keep left and you will reach a mini jumping puzzle. Hug the right wall as you jump on the rocks and planks. At the end of this mini jumping puzzle is the room with the second chest. Dodge through the falling rocks to get to the chest and exit portal.

Those Giant Hands (3AP 1MP)

Defeat the Harathi High Sage and the massive earth elemental it summons.

The Harathi High Sage is right at the Fallen Watchtower POI. When the red shield is up at the tower, it means he is there. Try to get into a leather farming raid as they will usually get right to where the Harathi High Sage boss spawns.

Tree-Hugger Hugger (2AP)

Keep the tree-bound villager fed.

Collect Live Crawdad or Fresh Seafood from Fishing Cages along the shore line. Then bring it to the villager who is on a tree on top of a hill in Melandru's Refuge. Do this for 4 days.


A Fish, A Fishy (hidden) (3AP)

Bring Ishoonoo a quaggan delicacy.


Gather Jellyfish Remains from the Fishing Cages scattered along the beach. It is a rare item so you may have to wait for respawns and try again. After you get some Jellyfish Remains, bring it to Ishoonoo, underwater near Saidra's Haven.

Cin Business (5AP)

Find goods that might interest Cin - some that he lost, some that he wants to sell.


These items are found throughout Lake Doric. It is recommended that you check the "Show All Usable Object Names" in Options.

  1. Shipping Orders
    Port to Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint. It's on floor 2 of one of the houses.

  2. White Mantle Rations
    Carried by White Mantle forces.
    Random drop from any White Mantle mob.

  3. Warm Animal Belt
    Inside Noran's Homestead in Harvest Cascades. Turn right down the steps.

  4. Tower Shard
    Labelled as Tower Stone
    Far into Watchtower Cliffs, surrounded by Veteran Sharpshooters. Go with a raid!

  5. Cord of Stolen Wood
    Carried by Bandit Spirits in Doric Lumberyard.
    Random drop from any Bandit Spirits during the event.

  6. Quaggan Food
    Found on a raft in the water near Saidra's Haven

  7. Fancy Greatsword
    Found in a tent in Doric's Landing, near Exemplar Caulden

  8. Fishing Supplies
    Found in a hut in New Loamhurst

  9. Lost Locket
    Found in Watcher's Hollow

  10. Magic-Imbued Peach Core
    From #9, climb up the rocks in Watcher's Hollow & talk to Nature's Watcher. Use the item in your bag. This is also a Lake Doric daily quest.

  11. Pearl Shell
    Talk to the child behind bars, under the southern ledge of Doric's Landing.

  12. Bloodstone-Infused Toadstool
    Found in Melandru's Refuge

  13. Pinkeen's Sextant
    Found on Pinkeen's ship in Saidra's Haven.

  14. Mystic Cloth
    Carried by Justiciar Agatha in Saidra's Haven. She comes out from Fort Evennia.

  15. Queenslayer Jade Chunk
    Carried by Cairn the Queenslayer in New Loamhurst. She comes out from East Divinity Reservoir.

  16. Stolen Flank Steak
    Carried by Siegemaster Immelhoof in the Harvest Cascades. He comes out from Watchtower Cliffs.

  17. Bottle of White Mantle Red Wine
    Talk to Exemplar Ylan & get a disguise. Then enter Fort Evennia. Go into one of the buildings at the back. It is on a 2nd floor balcony.

  18. Doric Dam Splinter
    Found near the water, north of Doric's Landing Waypoint.

Letters from E (5AP)

Find the letters scattered around Lake Doric from E.


Remember to check the "Show All Usable Object Names" box in Options!

You will receive E's Correspondece with the first letter that you pick up.

  • E's first letter
    In a small hut in Watchtower Cliffs, the centaur area.

  • E's second letter
    Second floor of a house in Saidra's Haven.

  • E's third letter
    On the ground below the ledge where Thackeray is at, in Doric's Landing.

  • E's fourth letter
    Behind some barrels near Logan Thackeray on Doric's Landing.

  • E's fifth letter
    On the second floor of a house near Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint.

  • E's sixth letter
    In the cave behind the Temple of the Six

  • E's seventh letter
    On a rock by a stream near Eastern Divinity Reservoir.

Moonlighting (1AP)

Stop the bandit spirits from making off with any lumber from the lumber camp.


This is a night time achievement.

During night time, make sure you are ready for the event in Doric Lumberyard. Bring a group with you. Kill bandits with orange cross-swords icon above their heads. They are stealing the lumber! Make sure none of them get away with it! If you have Crowd Control skills, use them to break their bar so they stop moving for a while. You should get the achievement when the event is a success.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (hidden) (5AP)

Solve the long-dead mysteries of the swamp in Melandru’s Refuge.


This event only occurs at night.

Go to New Loamhurst during night time. Pick up one of the sticks scattered around the area & use the blue fire (Ethereal Fire) at the forge to light it. Then go to a tree, just outside of Melandru's Refuge. Wait for the Priestess of Melandru to appear.

When the Priestess of Melandru appears (she appears every few minutes), she will start walking to the east where the Statue of Melandru is. Help her by lighting the way. Look for small lights at the foot of trees and use your torch to light them. If the way is not lit, she will disappear.

Once she gets to the Statue of Melandru, a secret door will open behind it. Go up the steps and get to the tomb for this achievement.

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