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Thunderhead Peaks

Thunderhead Peaks is a zone in Shiverpeak Mountains that came out with Living World Season 4, Episode 5: All or Nothing on 8 January 2019.


Dwarven Room

Only accessible after completing Thunderhead Keep & The Oil Floes meta events.

Chasing Tales Achievement




Mastery Insight

GW2 LWS4 Episode 5 All or Nothing
Guild Wars 2 - 01 Scion & Champion

Guild Wars 2 - 01 Scion & Champion

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Guild Wars 2 - 01 Lord of the Ley Dance (Scion & Champion achievement)

Guild Wars 2 - 01 Lord of the Ley Dance (Scion & Champion achievement)

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Guild Wars 2 - 01 Branded-on-a-Stick (Scion & Champion achievement)

Guild Wars 2 - 01 Branded-on-a-Stick (Scion & Champion achievement)

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Guild Wars 2 - 01 Power Player (Scion & Champion achievement)

Guild Wars 2 - 01 Power Player (Scion & Champion achievement)

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A Different Kind of Shatterer (4AP)

Break 10 soldiers out of Brand crystals in the Deldrimor ruins.

Event: Defend the Deldrimor Ruins from the mist rift attack.

SW of History's End waypoint [&BLsLAAA=]. Event spawns every hour on the hour. Break 10 Brand Crystals during the first stage.

Expert Archaeologist (12AP)

Categorize 20 artifacts for Olaf anf Elof in Deldrimor Ruins.

South of History's End waypoint in Deldrimor Ruins [&BLsLAAA=]. Simply stand in the white citcle and catch the items thrown by the skritt and organize them into the correct crates nearby. Do this 20 times.

Honored Ritual (1AP)

Remind Niles about the honored ritual of the Zephyrites.

Port to Revolution's Heart waypoint [&BKYLAAA=] & head SE to the MP where Niles is. Interact with him & play the notes: 325 324

Hydra Rodeo (1AP)

Rope and wrangle a hydra on the ice floe.

This event happens after The Oil Floes meta event. Get as close as you can to the running Hydra and a special ability key will appear. Press it to rope the Hydra! Apparently, just lassoing is not enough. You may need several people to lasso the hydra till it is down.

Odds and Ends (3 AP)

Correctly predict tournament outcomes in the barracks.

Talk to the charr Tournament Organizer at Barracks PoI [&BMQLAAA=], east of The Forge. All you have to do is bet on the Team Furball contender or Team No Fun At Parties contender. Correctly predict the winner 5 times for the achievement.

Star Fishing (1AP)

Use dredge fishing techniques to land a fish in a basket.


The fishing hole is a bit west of Revolution's Heart waypoint [&BKYLAAA=]. Use the tuna bait near bubbly water and a basket. Hopefully the fish will jump out of the water and straight into the bucket without you having to pick it up!


Surprise Supplies (3 AP)

Retrieve all Zephyrite supplies, both lost and found, while escorting Pepperseed.

Part 1 - Pepperseed appears east of Revolution's Heart waypoint [&BKYLAAA=] and traveled up to the camp at Moorage waypoint.

Part 2 - Pepperseed and Sunflower the Dolyak start to head up to Deldrimor Ruins. They stop twice to pick up supplies. Make sure you pick up 5 supplies at the first stop & turn them in to Sunflower. Then 3 supplies at the second stop.

The Fugitive (1AP)

Defeat Hessper Sasso without being caught in the Branded imprisonment. Must participate from the start of the event; eligibility is lost upon leaving.

Talk to Exalted Wasmaa. She is right by Melody’s Rest PoI [&BK0LAAA=], south of Moorage wp [&BLoLAAA=]. This will spawn Hessper Sasso.

The Master of Music (3AP)

Practice the resonating crystal ritual with six Zephyrites.

Port to Moorage wp [&BLoLAAA=] & pick up a Practice Crystal. Then talk to each of the following Zephyrites.

  1. Zephyrite Harmonizer Clover     134 2124

  2. Zephyrite Harmonizer Journey    424 5253

  3. Zephyrite Harmonizer Breeze     341 2452

  4. Zephyrite Harmonizer Saffron    325 4324

  5. Zephyrite Harmonizer Daybreak 241 5141

  6. Zephyrite Harmonizer Yukisna    513 2452

Thunderhead Peaks Treasure (11AP)

Open 24 dwarven chests within Thunderhead Peaks.

Observation Deck waypoint [&BLkLAAA=] (Need Bond of Faith)
23. Corridor SW in The Forge
1. SW of Deldrimor Cellars PoI, east of The Forge.

3. East of the MP in The Grotto. High up near the ceiling.
2. Near 3, above Barracks PoI.
24. South of Grand Lyceum PoI, east of The Grotto.

History's End waypoint [&BLsLAAA=]
10. Top of the round room where Frodak is, in Dwarven Catacombs. (Need Bond of Faith)
11/19. From previous chest, follow the tunnels into Dwarven Catacombs. Keep going towards Brechnar's Gauntlet Mastery Insight. 
15. West of Deldrimor Ruins, side of cliffs
21. Side of the cliff by Stonebridge PoI
13. On the airship above Moorage wp

Moorage waypoint [&BLoLAAA=]
14. On the airship south of Moorage wp in Symphony's Haven
18. Side of cliff, SE of Moorage wp, by The Scorchrazor III PoI
17. Ground level, under the airship south of Moorage wp in Symphony's Haven
8. North of Hundar Pike, in a small alcove (Need Bond of Faith)
5. Opposite Sorrow's Cave MP in The Weeping Crest
7. Opposite Hundar Pike vista (Need Bond of Faith)
12. South of The Weeping Sisters PoI, west of Hundar's Pike vista

Revolution's Heart waypoint [&BKYLAAA=]
22. Underwater, near Labyrinthine Mountains & Ice Floe Magnet Run adventure
16. At Silent Falls PoI (SE of map)
6. West of Silent Falls PoI (SE of map)
9. Small alcove NE of Ice Floe

4. Inside the Dwarven Rooms
To obtain this chest, you must first complete the 2 META events on this map. Then you will need to go through 3 Dwarven Rooms in The Hammer's Hoard. The Dwarven Chest is in the last room. Check Dwarven Room Raider.
20. Under Thunderhead Keep vista, in a tunnel. 

Thunderhead Peaks Treasure map

Dwarven Room Raider (5AP)

Gather dwarven plates from all the rooms in the Dwarven Catacombs.

Gather dwarven plates from all the rooms in the Dwarven Catacombs. Need to do more than once. Last room does not count.


To access the Dwarven Rooms, you must complete the Thunderhead Keep and The Oil Floes meta events and obtain the following items:

  • Light of the Deldrimor Plate Top Half (Thunderhead Keep)

  • Light of the Deldrimor Plate Bottom Half (The Oil Floes)

Items available from the META events only once per day.

Double click on them to form the complete plate. Then talk to Frodak in the Dwarven Catacombs. He will give you a coloured plate. Go into the corresponding Dwarven Room using the plate. You will need to find another plate in the room to get to the next room. You have to go through 3 rooms before you will get to the last room.

  1. Dwarven Sauna - Blue plate - Get past the obstacles.

  2. Dwarven Library - Red plate - Search for the plate in the library.

  3. Gauntlet Room - Orange plate - Avoid the traps!

  4. Tomb of Marhan - Pink plate - Defeat the Veteran Graveling Ghost Eater & pick up the plate. May have to do a few times.

  5. Crystal Room - Yellow plate - Aim the Reactivated Dredge Turret at the crystallized Dwarven Teleporter.

No One Was Using It Anyway (5 AP)

Use the Light of Deldrimor to locate hidden dwarven treasure.

Grand Prize (3 AP)

Uncover hidden treasures in the resplendent dwarven treasure cache.


The Ironhammer Throne (hidden) (1 AP)

Sit on King Jalis's throne.


It's Getting Hot in Here (1 AP)

I mean, it's technically a sauna. Might as well get comfortable.

It's Getting Hot in Here (1 AP)

I mean, it's technically a sauna. Might as well get comfortable.

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