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Dragonfall is a zone in Crystal Desert that came out with Living World Season 4, Episode 6: War Eternal on 14 May 2019.


Mist Shard Armor Box Achievements

Skyscales Achievements

Skyscale achievements that came out during this patch can be found here.


Mastery Insight

GW2 LWS4 Episode 6 War Eternal
Guild Wars 2 - 01 The End

Guild Wars 2 - 01 The End

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Guild Wars 2 - 02 Landfall

Guild Wars 2 - 02 Landfall

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Guild Wars 2 - 03 Glory of Dragons (story)

Guild Wars 2 - 03 Glory of Dragons (story)

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Guild Wars 2 - 04 Bleed

Guild Wars 2 - 04 Bleed

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Chasing Waterfalls (9AP)

Look behind 9 waterfalls in Dragonfall.

  1. Verdance Falls, in the heart of Melandru's Chalice.
    NE of Melandru's Chalice vista, right by Verdance Falls PoI.

  2. West of a lost wing.
    West of Crystal Wing, bottom level.

  3. A mystical grotto in the Skein.
    Southern area of The Skein. A bit north from #2.

  4. ​Near the Pact, protected by three pairs of fangs.
    South of Pact Command wp. Drop down to bottom level.

  5. Near Pact and Skein, guarded by the trees.
    Head west from #4.

  6. The Gnarlgrove, where Melandru sleeps.
    Head further west from #5, around the cliffs.

  7. The Mosswood, where Howling is heard on the wind.
    SW area of Mosswood.

  8. A hidden grove in Melandru's Chalice.
    East of Melandru's Lost Domain wp. Same level.

  9. In Melandru's Chalice, an inlet betwixt great roots.
    South from #9. Bottom level.

Chasing Waterfalls map

My Beautiful Infrastructure (9AP)

Participate in 25 bridge defenses or bridge repair events in Dragonfall.

There are 4 bridges in Dragonfall, where this event happens.

If bridge defence event fails, it will turn into bridge repair event.

The bridge events will only happen before "Breaking the Crystal Dragon" event.

My Beautiful Infrastructure
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