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Leveling in ArcheAge Unchained

With the release of ArcheAge Unchained, these are some of the things that I learned as I leveled my character to 55.

1. Do all your Green Quests.

You can get to Level 30 quickly by doing only Green Quests + mount and glider quests at low level.

Green Quests will also give you:

  • Unidentified Enhancers that levels up mission equipment.

  • Equipment Awakening Scroll that increases the max grade your equipment can be.

Doing daily raids like CR/GR will give you Improved Infusion Supply Kit. Gives Mysterious Hiram Infusion or Mysterious Abyssal Enhancer (for dungeon gear).

I kept these so that I can use them on my Hiram gear after level 50.

2. Do not throw away mission equipment! (Green Quests)

Green Quests at starter areas give you your first set of weapons and armour. DO NOT throw them away! They can be enhanced & awakened into Hiram gear later on.

How to enhance:
  • Press I to open your inventory.

  • Click on Gear Upgrade (bottom left)

  • Place your gear piece in Base Costume box.

  • You can manually put in the enhancers or click on Auto-List.

  • Click Synthesis.

  • This process will cost money and labor.

How to reroll stats:

  • Press I to open your inventory.

  • Click on Gear Upgrade (bottom left)

  • Click on "Replace Effects".

  • Select Stat.

  • Check how many "Change Attempts" you have.

  • Click Replace.

How to awaken:
  • Press I to open your inventory.

  • Right click on Equipment Awakening Scroll in your inventory.

  • Place the gear piece that you want to awaken in the Equipment Item box.

  • Click Awakening.

3. When awakening a piece of gear, remember to check!

Make sure that you check your level before you awaken your items, so that you will not be left with no gear!

  • Awakening Stage 1 will put your gear at Level 28. 

  • Awakening Stage 2 puts your gear at Level 40.

If you have accidentally awakened a gear piece, you can dismantle and remake it but this will cost you. Read all of the following before you do anything!

Dismantling & remaking a gear piece:

  • Get a Beginner Catalyst Stone at the General Merchant for 5s.

  • Right click on it in your bag and click on the gear piece that you have mistakenly awakened.

  • You will receive the awakening scroll + infusions used on that gear piece. You will lose the gear piece itself.

  • Purchase the appropriate Armor Crate from the Armor/Weapon Merchant for 10s. This will give you the base gear piece.

  • Use the awakening scroll + infusion on the new gear piece.

4. Do the Blue Salt Brotherhood Quests.

This begins at Level 30 in Solisa, Halcyona on the Nuia Continent.

Look for Bellas, the NPC with a big green leaf icon over his head.

Just follow that questline and you will get an 8x8 scarecrow farm.

The quest after this gives you a donkey.

The 16x16 scarecrow farm quest is only available at Level 50.

5. Activate your ArchePass!

At level 30, you can get the basic ArchePass. Just click on the daily button, bottom right of your screen. Click on Register/Change. Select 'Basic Pass' & click Register.

You can upgrade your basic pass to receive Premium Rewards by purchasing the Premium Upgrade Ticket in the Marketplace for 10g.

You can choose to get Vocation, Equipment and/or Combat Passes as well at 5g each. To receive Premium Rewards for these passes, you must buy the Premium ArchePass in the Marketplace.

Diligence Coins

This is how you obtain Diligence Coins. You can spend these Diligence Coins in the marketplace.

It seems that you can also craft Diligence Coins with Masonry. The material is Manastone Crystals that can only be obtained from Locked Gold Crate. To unlock the crate, you need a Gold Key, crafted by someone with 70000 Exploration levels.

After Level 55, you will start getting Ancestral Levels.

Learn more about Hiram Gear here!

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