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Titles, Achievements & Icons

  • To get titles & icons, you will need to complete achievements (V).

  • Completing achievements will give you Title XP that will increase your Title Level.

  • Every Title Level unlocks icons. The level that you need for the icon is stated on the top right of the tooltip when you mouse-over an icon as Stage X.

  • Some icon requires Achievement Completion + Title Level.

  • Some titles provide special effects.

  • You can mix & match titles and effects.

Categories Include:

Other ways of obtaining titles:




Title: Duel Seeker
Win 1 Duel


Title: Needs a Family
Obtain a Farmer's Workstation

Ancestral Lv1-55

Title: Master of the Maelstrom
Defeat Charybdis x1

An Honorable Duel-ty.jpg
Farmer's Best Friend.jpg
Master of the Maelstrom.jpg



Title: Abyssal Adept
Orchidna's Journal Collector (10)
Complete All "Abyssal Adept" Achievements

Title: Dragonmaster
Complete All Dragon Rider Achievements
- Title: Red Dragon Rider
Obtain a Red Dragon
- Title: Green Dragon Rider
Obtain a Green Dragon
- Title: Black Dragon Rider
Obtain a Black Dragon

Title: Gallant Horse-Herder

  • Gallant Brown Lilyut Horse

  • Gallant Gray Lilyut Horse

  • Gallant Buckskin Lilyut Horse

Title: Gallant Snowlion-Herder

  • Gallant Snowmane Snowlion

  • Gallant Coalmane Snowlion

  • Gallant Sandmane Snowlion

Title: Gallant Elk-Herder

  • Gallant Green Elk

  • Gallant Violet Elk

  • Gallant White Elk

Title: Gallant Leomorph-Herder

  • Gallant Whitetail Leomorph

  • Gallant Blacktail Leomorph

  • Gallant Browntail Leomorph

Abyssal Adept.jpg
Gallant Horse-Herder.jpg
Gallant Snowlion-Herder.jpg
Gallant Elk-Herder.jpg
Gallant Leomorph-Herder.jpg



Title: Invisible Hand
Cargo Master
Complete All Cargo Achievements


Title: Peacemaker

Complete All Safety First Achievements
- 1000 Captain's Protections

Title: Solemn Scout
Owl Protector

Complete All "Owl Protector" Achievements
Heal 500 Hiram Mountain Owls

Title: Most Mysterious Miner

Mysterious Mineral Collector

Complete All "Mysterious Mineral Collector" Achievements
Mine Mysterious Minerals 500 times

Title: Bobbleheaded


10 Different Bobbleheaded

Invisible Hand.jpg
Solemn Scout.jpg
Most Mysterious Miner.jpg



Complete BSB quests from Community Center NPC in these zones.

45 bsb quest = 1 Gilda Star + Token


Golden Ruins Hunter

Halcyona Hunter
Hellswamp Hunter

Cinderstone Hunter

Sanddeep Hunter
Karkasse Hunter

Hasla Hunter

Perinoor Hunter
Windscour Hunter

Ynystere Hunter
Rookborne Hunter


Title: Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

Complete All "Internet Explorer" Achievements
Exploration 230k

Title: Vagabond

Complete All "Exile" Achievements
- Title: Exile of Haranya
Successfully join the Nuia Alliance
- Title: Exile of Nuia
Successfully join the Haranya Alliance
- Title
Exile of the Pirates
Successfully join the Pirates

TitleHeir of Hiram

Masterful Scholar of the Hiram Guardians
Complete All "Scholar of the Hiram Guardians" Achievements
Complete the quest related to Hiram Guardian Equipment 600 times


TitleAbyssal Who? 

Masterful Disciple of the Hiram Guardians
Complete All "Disciple of the Hiram Guardians" Achievements
Complete the quest related to Hiram Guardian Equipment 1200 times

Injustice Fueled
Complete All "See My Rage" Achievements

- 10 Normal Difficulty Dochul Kills

- 10 Normal Difficulty Sojung Kills

- 10 Normal Difficulty Aria Kills

TitleGuardian of Nuia

Guardian of Nuia
Complete All Nuian Protection Quests
- Hero of Halcyona
- Guardian of the Hellswamp
- Sentinel of Sanddeep
- Keeper of the Karkasse


TitleGuardian of Haranya

Guardian of Haranya
Complete All Protection Quests in Haranya
- Warden of Rookborne
- Defender of Windscour
- Watcher of the Ruins
- Guardian of Hasla

TitleSeasoned Seaknight
Becoming a Seaknight

Complete All Ocean Protection Quests
- Keeper of the Arcadian Sea
- Captain of Castaways Strait
- Headsman of Halcyona Gulf


TitleHiram Guardian

Hiram Mountain Guardian
Complete All Hiram Mountain Story Quests

Ipnya's Blessing
Complete "Strength, Patience, and Wisdom of the Ancient" Achievements

TitleStrength of the Ancient
Complete Quest "A Test of Strength"

TitlePatience of the Ancient
Complete Quest "A Test of Patience"

TitleWisdom of the Ancient
Complete Quest "A Test of Wisdom"


TitleSerpent Slayer
No Step On Snek
Complete All "No Step On Snek" Achievements
Kill 500 Snakes

TitleRobotic Revenge
Robotic Revenge

Kill Taris 1x


TitleProtector of Ayanad
Noryette Challenge

Complete All "Noryette Challenge" Achievements

TitleDeadly Despicable
10 Hard Difficulty Dochul Kills

TitleEver-Charming Exterminator
10 Hard Difficulty Sojung Kills

10 Hard Difficulty Aria Kills

Halcyona Hunter.jpg
Internet Explorer.jpg
Heir of Hiram.jpg
Abyssal Who.jpg
See My Rage.jpg
Guardian of Nuia.jpg
Guardian of Haranya.jpg
Seasoned Seaknight.jpg
Hiram Mountain.jpg
Ipnya's Blessing.jpg
Serpent Slayer.jpg
Robotic Revenge.jpg
Protector of Ayanad.jpg



Title: Snowball Fight Master

Do you want to have a Snowball Fight?

  • Participate in the Snowball Arena and win once

  • Participate in the Snowball Arena and win 7 times

  • Participate in the Snowball Arena and win 15 times

  • Participate in the Snowball Arena and lose once

  • Participate in the Snowball Arena and lose 7 times

  • Participate in the Snowball Arena and lose 15 times

Snowball Fight Master.jpg


Special Events

Title: I <3 Mom

A Perfect Gift
Complete the quest "Lewia's Rose Bouquet" ten times.

Title: Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer
Kill Elite Goblin Pillagers x50

Title: Liberator

"Flight of Freedom" x10

I love Mom.jpg
Goblin Slayer.jpg



Title: Skywarden
Andelph Drakora (mount)

Pale Pal.jpg

Click here to see the video for this achievement & title!

Hereafter Herald.jpg

Title: Hereafter Herald
50 Gilda Stars
Collect the following mounts:

  • Flaming Soulscar

  • Soulmule

  • Stormrose

Winter Wildlife.jpg

Title: Winter Wildlife
Radiant Achievement Coin (1250 Credits)
Collect the following mounts:

  • Freezing Soulscar

  • Brown Reindeer

  • Moonfeather Griffin

Shadowy Sidekick.jpg

Title: Shadowy Sidekick
250 Gilda Stars
Collect the following mounts:

  • Moonlight Kitsu

  • Stormwraith Kirin

  • Stormwing Pegasus

Celestial Creature.jpg

Title: Celestial Creature
50 Manastorm Crystal
Collect the following mounts:

  • Celestial Pegasus

  • Typhoon Drake

  • Frost Dragon

Stormy Soul.jpg

Title: Stormy Soul
2 Guild Pledge (200 Prestige & Guild XP)
Collect the following mounts:

  • Thunder Dash

  • Steel Lightning

  • Cloudstrike Panther

Fiery Familiar.jpg

Title: Fiery Familiar
10,000 Honor Points
Collect the following mounts:

  • Vanhi

  • Hellwing Pegasus

  • Crimson Lightning

Best Buddy.jpg

Title: Best Buddy
Radiant Achievement Coin (1250 Credits)
Collect the following mounts:

  • Gweonid Vine Giant

  • Carrot Dash

  • Mirage Bjorne

  • Siegeram Taurus

Cute Companion.jpg

Title: Cute Companion
10,000 Vocation Badges
Collect the following mounts:

  • Candy-fueled Bestcargot

  • Coral

  • Celestial Kitsu

Collection/Sky Emperor

Sky Emperor.jpg

Title: Sky Emperor
Sky Emperor (Magithopter)

Airshow Expert.jpg

Click here to see the video for this achievement & title!

Elegant Butterfly.jpg
Little Friend.jpg
Hot and Strong.jpg
Walking on Clouds.jpg
Blue Radiance.jpg
Smol Wings.jpg



Title: Shapeshifter
Ellam (Powerstone Pet)

Pretty Darn Adorable.jpg

Click here to see the video for this achievement & title!

Hellish Blood.jpg
Forest Stalker.jpg
Night Seeker.jpg
Kissed By Evil.jpg
Soaring High.jpg
Star Guardian.jpg
Unapologetically Unique.jpg



Title: Strada
Scroll: Strade (Vehicle)

Gone Fishing.jpg
Master of the Sea.jpg
Siege Captain.jpg
Urban Chameleon.jpg
Speed Devil.jpg
Erenor Dasher.jpg



Title: Master Tamer
Tuskora (elephant mount)

Terrestrial Conqueror.jpg
Oddly Cute.jpg
Champion of the Sea.jpg
Winged Warrior.jpg
Vocation Shop

Vocation Shop

Title: Lord of the Dance
50000 VB

Constellation Jar

Title: Bow, Boat Horn, Bugle, Unicorn, Blind Eye, Chariot, Wand, Trident, Crown, Leopard, Brier, Hut
Adds one of the Twelve Constellation titles.

2000 VB

Lord of the Dance.jpg
Constellation Jar.jpg
Arena Shop

Arena Shop

To access the Arena Shop, press Shift ;

Click on Arena Shop on the bottom left of the window.

Title: 5th Rank Soldier
Stat: +4 to all stats (the 5 basic stats, Str, Int, Sta, Agi, Spirit)

Cost: 20 Kyrios Badge

Title: 4th Rank Soldier
Stat: +6 to all stats

Cost: 30 Kyrios Badge

Title: 3rd Rank Soldier
Stat: +8 to all stats

Cost: 50 Kyrios Badge

Title: 2nd Rank Soldier
Stat: +10 to all stats

Cost: 80 Kyrios Badge

Title: 1st Rank Soldier
Stat: +12 to all stats

Cost: 120 Kyrios Badge

Title: 3rd Rank Knight
Stat: +14 to all stats

Cost: 270 Kyrios Badge

Title: 2nd Rank Knight
Stat: +16 to all stats

Cost: 450 Kyrios Badge

Title: 1st Rank Knight
Stat: +18 to all stats

Cost: 660 Kyrios Badge

Title: Grand Master
Stat: +20 to all stats

Cost: 900 Kyrios Badge

Title: General
Stat: +25 to all stats

Cost: 1440 Kyrios Badge

Title: Commander
Stat: +25 to all stats,
        Increases all Crit rates +1%,
        Increases Resilience +100

Cost: 2040 Kyrios Badge

Title: Warlord
Stat: +25 to all stats,

        Increases all Crit rates +2%,

        Increases Resilience +200

Cost: 2700 Kyrios Badge

Title: Immortal
Stat: +25 to all stats,

        Increases all Crit rates +3%,

        Increases Resilience +300

Cost: 3420 Kyrios Badge



Title: Vampire Slayer
Dungeon: Hadir's Farm

Map: Ynystere

Quest: Complete "The Soul's Continuing Scream". 

Questgiver: Examiner Leonard at Waveroar Ruins

Title: Castle Crasher
Dungeon: Burnt Castle Armory

Map: Cinderstone Moor

Quest: Complete "A Desperate Soul".

Questgiver: Privateer Lieutenant Virginia, near Cinderstone Moor Community Center

Title: Dungeon Delver
Dungeon: Howling Abyss

Map: Hellswamp

Quest: Complete "Musperosa's Return".

Questgiver: Recruiter Katon in Anarchi, near Hellswamp Community Center



Title: Can Count to Tree
Proficiency: 50k Logging

Stat: +10 stamina, +1000 Logging proficiency

Quest: Complete "Can Count to Tree". ​(East / West)

Title: Compulsive Tanner
Proficiency: 50k Leatherwork

Stat: +10 spirit, +1000 Leatherwork proficiency

Quest: Complete "Compulsive Tanner". ​(East / West)

Title: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Proficiency: 50k Alchemy 

Stat: +10 spirit, +1000 Alchemy proficiency

Quest: Complete "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble". 

​(East / West)

Title: Fashions Fade; Style is Forever
Proficiency: 50k Tailoring

Stat: +10 spirit, +1000 Tailoring proficiency

Quest: Complete "Fashions Fade; Style is Forever". ​(East / West)

Title: Fishing for a Compliment
Proficiency: 50k Fishing

Stat: +10 stamina, +1000 Fishing proficiency

Quest: Complete "Fishing for a Compliment".

Title: Foremost Forager
Proficiency: 50k Gathering

Stat: +10 agility, +1000 Gathering proficiency

Quest: Complete "Foremost Forager". ​(East / West)

Title: Foxy and Crafty

Proficiency: 50k Handicraft

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Handicraft proficiency

Quest: Complete "Foxy and CraftyFoxy and Crafty". 

​(East / West)

Title: Gathers No Moss
Proficiency: 50k Masonry

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Masonry proficiency

Quest: Complete "Gathers No Moss". ​(East / West)

Title: Hammertime 
Proficiency: 50k Carpentry

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Carpentry proficiency

Quest: Complete "Hammertime ". ​(East / West)

Title: Ink Is In My Blood
Proficiency: 50k Printing

Stat: +10 agility, +1000 Printing proficiency

Quest: Complete "Ink Is In My Blood". ​(East / West)

Title: Iron Chef
Proficiency: 50k Cooking

Stat: +10 intelligence, +1000 Cooking proficiency

Quest: Complete "Iron Chef". 

Title: Keep Calm and Farm On
Proficiency: 50k Farming

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Farming proficiency

Quest: Complete "Keep Calm and Farm On". ​(East / West)

Title: Not Today
Proficiency: 50k Weaponry

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Weaponry proficiency

Quest: Complete "Not Today".

Title: Pickaxe Percussionist
Proficiency: 50k Mining

Stat: +10 stamina, +1000 Mining proficiency

Quest: Complete "Pickaxe Percussionist". ​(East / West)

Title: Quantum Mechanic
Proficiency: 50k Machining

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Machining proficiency

Quest: Complete "Quantum Mechanic". ​(East / West)

Title: Squats with Spurs On

Proficiency: 50k Husbandry

Stat: +10 strength, +1000 Husbandry proficiency

Quest: Complete "Squats with Spurs On".

Title: Supreme Silvertongue
Proficiency: 50k Commerce

Stat: +10 intelligence, +1000 Commerce proficiency

Quest: Complete "Supreme Silvertongue". ​(East / West)

Title: Takes, but Does Not Earn
Proficiency: 50k Larceny

Stat: +10 agility, +1000 Larceny proficiency

Quest: Complete "Takes, but Does Not Earn". ​(Freedich Isle)

Proficiency: 50k Metalwork

Stat: +10 stamina, +1000 Metalwork proficiency

Quest: Complete "THAT'S SO METAL". ​(East / West)



Title: Bobbleheaded
Map: Sanddeep


  • Collect all Bobbleheads (16 different ones), you can find them in the houses on Mirage Isle or buy them from the Auction House.

  • When you have all different Bobbleheads in ur Inventory go to Golden Fable Harbor in Sanddeep and talk to Lady Viola.

  • She will give you a quest that gives the title.

Title: ArcheMaster
Stat: combat skills consume 3% less mana


  • Get to Level 50.

  • Get this quest from Cristo in Marianople or an NPC in Ynystere.

  • Level ALL skill trees to level 50.

Title: Autumn's Petal
Requirement: Haranya only


  • Look for an Evenbard & buy the book, Hero of Austera. They spawn in almost every major city between 20:00 and 8:00 server.

    • For the West:

      • Samion spawns in Marianople,

      • Samunin in Golden Fable Harbor, Sanddeep, and

      • Samiel in Crescent Throne, Solzreed Peninsula.

    • For the East:

      • Aragi in Caernord, Ynystere,

      • Nirha in Lutesong Harbor, Villanelle,and

      • Yariz in City of Towers, Mahadevi.

    • They can have up to 3 spawn locations per city and may not even spawn in the city each night. I suggest doing /target {insertname} to find them.

  • Go to City of Towers in Mahadevi & talk to Librarian Tirina in the library. The book, Hero of Austera must be in your bag. Keep going with the next few quests until "Truths Revealed".

Aria's Concert

Event: Aria's Concert

Title: Dancing Queen

Event: Aria's Concert in Ahnimar


  • Every 3 hours, a Hero can request for a concert at the ‘Invite to Aria's Pocket Dimension’. Upon request, the concert will begin in 5 minutes. After 30 minutes with no Hero request, anyone can ask for a concert.

  • 5 minutes before the concert...

    • Get Concert Bracelet from Bracelet Usher & pick up the "Scream Everyone" quest.

    • Put on the Concert Bracelet & find a spot near centre stage so you can see Aria clearly!

    • Avoid standing too close to the stage or on the stage itself. You will get tossed off when the concert starts!

  • During the concert...

    • Make sure you have Aria targeted.

    • Pay attention to the symbols above her head.

    • Match the symbols with the buttons in the bottom area of your screen. The symbols will flash faster and faster.

    • Matching 90 symbols correctly will give you the Dancing Queen title & Musical Note icon at the end of the concert!

Title: Die-Hard Fan
Event: Aria's Concert in Ahnimar

Details: Complete the quest "Shout Everyone!" 10 times.


Title: Fluent in Body Language
Event: Aria's Concert in Ahnimar

Details: Complete the quest "Synchronization" 3 times.

Title: Concert Goer
Event: Aria's Concert in Ahnimar

Details: Complete the quest "Best Day Ever!" 10 times.

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