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Ascended Trinkets

Ascended trinkets are trinkets (rings, accessories, and amulets) of Ascended rarity.

  • All ascended rings and accessories come with an infusion slot.

  • Ascended rings can be upgraded in the Mystic Forge to infused or attuned versions. Once upgraded to one of these two versions, you can upgrade them to the other one as well. Each upgrade adds one additional infusion slot to the ring for a maximum of three.

  • Ascended amulets come with an enrichment slot instead of an infusion slot.

With a few exceptions, all ascended trinkets are unique, meaning two identically-named trinkets cannot be equipped at the same time. However, for the purposes of uniqueness, infused and attuned versions of rings count as different items, so if you accidentally buy two identical rings you can upgrade one of them to avoid this limitation.

Season 3 Maps

These ascended trinkets can be purchased from Unbound Magic Collectors in Living World Season 3 

maps. Please note that these trinkets will only have stats that came out in Heart of Thorns and before

ie. Vipers.


Bloodstone Fen (Blood Rubies)

Bitterfrost Frontier (Fresh Winterberries)

Siren's Landing (Orrian Pearls)

Ember Bay

(Petrified Stumps)

Lake Doric

(Jade Shards)

Draconis Mons

(Fire Orchid Blossoms)

Item Name

Blood Ruby Band (Ring)

Blood Ruby Pendant (Amulet)

Blood Ruby Backpack

Black Ice Band (Ring)

Black Ice Earring (Accessory)

Icebrood Horn Backpack

Coral Choker (Amulet)


Sparking Petrified Wood (Accessory)

Lava Skull Backpack

White Mantle Scroll (Backpack)

Jade Pendant (Amulet)

Gilded Orchid Band (Ring)

Fire Orchid Garland (Amulet)


 2000 UM + 100 BR

3000 UM + 125 BR

5000 UM + 200 BR

2000 UM + 200 FW

4000 UM + 300 FW

5000 UM + 400 FW

3000 UM + 125 OP

4000 UM + 150 PS

5000 UM + 200 PS

5000 UM + 200 JS

3000 UM + 125 JS

2000 UM + 100 FOB

3000 UM + 125 FOB

Season 4 Maps

These ascended trinkets can be purchased from Volatile Magic Collectors in Living World Season 4 

maps. Please note that these trinkets will only have stats that came out in Path of Fire and before

ie. Harriers.



2000 UM + 100 DC

4000 UM + 150 DC


Item Name


Difluorite Band (Ring)

Multifaceted Difluorite Earrings 




Domain of Istan

(Kralkatite Ores)

Sandswept Isles

(Difluorite Crystals)

Domain of Kourna

(Inscribed Shards)

How to Attune/Infuse the Trinkets

These achievements need to be completed to obtain items for crafting the Legendary Trinket, Aurora.

Materials for Attunement
Attune/infuse the Rings at a Mystic Forge

  • 1 Ring

  • 1 Agonized Essence (from Miyani)

  • 1 +1 Agony Infusion (from fractals)

  • 1 Philosopher's Stone (from Miyani)

Materials for Infusion

Attune/infuse the Rings at a Mystic Forge

  • 1 Ring

  • 1 Shard of Crystallized Mists Essence

  • 3 Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence

  • 5 Vial of Condensed Mists Essence (from INFUZ-5959)

  • To attune & infuse the ring, you will need to have Fractal Relics.

  • This means you will need to do your Fractal dailies to be able to purchase the mats.

  • Purchase from the Pink Kitty Golem: INFUZ-5959 in the Mistlock Observatory.

  • Doing one step gives you 2 infusion slots. Doing both steps give 3 infusion slots.

  • If you don't have enough Fractal Relics but have Pristine Fractal Relics, you can exchange them at the Yellow Kitty Golem: BUY-2046 PFR.

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