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Living World Season 3

Living World Season 3 began on 26 July 2016.

In the aftermath of Mordremoth’s death, the Pact Commander and their allies celebrate their victories—and mourn their losses. But as an old threat emerges into the light, what comes next will cast doubt on everything Tyria’s heroes think they know.

My Playlist
This is a playlist of the episodes in Season 3 that includes map achievements, story achievements, playthroughs & more! Click on the top left corner of the player below to see the whole list or 
click here to see the playlist on YouTube.

Important Note

You have a 2 week window to log in from the time of release of each episode, for that particular episode to be free. If you miss this window, you will have to pay 200 gems to unlock it.

These are the episodes in Season 3 that includes storylines & achievements:

Living World Portal Tome

With the addition of the Living World Portal Tome, alt characters can easily access Season 3 Maps (Bloodstone FenEmber BayBitterfrost FrontierLake DoricDraconis Mons and Siren's Landing) without having to do the story all over again.

You must be level 80 to use the Living World Portal Tome. It cannot be used in Heart of the Mists or raids. It can be shared with alt characters in the shared inventory slots.

How to Obtain and Use the Tome

  • This tome can be obtained from any Unbound Magic Collector in Season 3 maps.

  • It will be empty when you first purchase it for 1000 Unbound Magic + 1 gold.

  • Then go to the Unbound Magic Collectors on each map and purchase a Portal Scroll for 1000 Unbound Magic + 50 silver.

  • Click on the Living World Portal Tome in your inventory and a list of scrolls will appear.

  • Select each scroll to add it to the tome.

You can now use the tome to teleport to each map!

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