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Dawning of an Endless Night

Dawning of an Endless Night is the first Story Mission in The Secret World. Kingsmouth, a once peaceful town in new England, has been overrun by living dead. Get to the bottom of the infestation. This page contain spoilers.

Click on the tier name for details of the quest. Click the play button to watch the video guide for that particular tier.

Tier       Description                                                                         Vid

Tier 1: Go to Kingsmouth Town

Tier 1

Take the Agartha to Kingsmouth town and talk to Jack Boone. He tells you that the survivors are at the Sheriff’s office.

Tier 2

Tier 2: Head to the Sheriff’s Office

Go to the Sheriff’s office and speak to Helen Bannerman, who will inform you that Kingsmouth was overrun. There are some armed survivors spread throughout town that may be able to help you. Find one who has information.

Head to Norma Creed, off of Poe Cove, who will tell you that the fog came in with the ”Lady Margaret” a fishing boat.

Tier 3: Investigate the Lady Margaret

Tier 3

Go to The Lady Margaret and kill the captain. Read his log to find more information. It leads to Dr. Bannerman in the Sherrif’s office.

Tier 4: Go Talk to Dr. Bannerman

Tier 4

Dr. Bannerman says that The Lady Margaret experience was very traumatic for the sailors. He visited with all of them in his clinic, where his notes are. Go to his clinic to find out more information.

Once inside you will find two objects to interact with. The first is a picture frame that says, “Night Helen and I meter, under the fireworks set to my favorite composer.” Then when you go to access the computer, you will see the hint, “Music of the Seasons”. Vivaldi was a famous, Viennese composer. One of his most famous compositions is the ”Four Seasons”. Type in his name to access the computer.

Tier 5

Tier 5: Find Derrick and Lawrence Creed

Dr. Bannerman’s file led you to the names Derrick and Lawrence Creed, find them for more information about what happened on The Lady Margaret. Follow the map to find the two Lawrence brothers.


After that, you’ll need to find Joe Slater. Walk to his house where you’ll see a trail of slime leading to the sewer. Follow it. Once in the sewer, take a right, kill the draug you find in front of you, then take the path to the left. Follow the sewer, taking a left and then heading past the bend, where you will encounter the Broodsource and two smaller draug. Once defeated, approach Joe Slater for a short cinematic. He talks about what happened with The Lady Margaret.

Tier 6: Use the Siren Song and follow it

Tier 6

If you check your inventory after the cinematic you’ll see an item called the Siren Song. If you use it, it will cause your screen to change color and a stream of musical notes to appear. Follow it to continue this tier. Once you reach the bunker-like area in the tunnel, keep following the Siren Song. In front of you, you will find a laser array, wait for a section to go out on the left then cross it. Do the same once you approach a door with a similar array. A cutscene will play revealing two mysterious characters (including our first big bad, Beaumont and letting you move on to the next tier.

Tier 7: Examine Beaumont’s notes and follow his trail

Tier 7

Beaumont’s notes are on the table, examining shows the following (some expletives are blurred out, you’re not missing anything relevant).

As you can see, Beaumont references the Illuminati Archives as well as the “Heart of the Island”. There is also a promotional cutout for a scenic flight service out of the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.

Head to the airport. There you will find a hangar for the Scenic Flights business. Go inside to find more information. Once there investigate the materials on the table. Investigate the map which will point you to the next area of the Solomon Islands, the Savage Coast.

Tier 8: Go to the marked house

Tier 8

Your last clue pointed to a house in the Savage Coast section of the game, so head there. Once at the house, you’ll find a cellar. Go inside to continue the quest. Once in the basement, pick up the Illuminati relics, as well as the book on the desk near the door.

Tier 9: Defeat the Beast

Tier 9

The door will open and you will find a demonic looking dog. Fight it to continue. After a certain amount of damage has been done, a cutscene will play where one of Jack Boone’s friends will come and save you. He will explain more about what is going on and point you towards an Academy towards the west in to find more information.

Tier 10: Talk to the survivors at Innsmouth Academy

Tier 10

Once you get to the Innsmouth Academy a cutscene will play. Annabel Usher will tell you she knows what Belmont’s plan is, and that she might be able to stop him, but the answer is in the Illuminati’s secret arhives underneath the old block of the academy. Once you go there, you will have to find the Illuminati vault.

Before you go to the actual Illuminati vault, you will first have to pick up the relics that will open the doors. Go to each room on the first and second floor to pick them up. Once you have them all head to the office at the far left of the entrance. Click on the floor and you’ll find some stairs that lead to a door. You should have found a book along the way, wherein you’ll find the hint, “The Order of Great Works:

  1. All things in their place under the ”’Stars”’

  2. The stone ”’Lodges Erected”’

  3. To the Watchful ”’Eye”’

  4. Upon the ”’Bones”’ of the Opposers

  5. And their ”’Symbols”’, buried


In order to open the door, follow this order with the artifacts:

  1. Star of David

  2. Masonic Symbol

  3. The Eye

  4. Skull

  5. Templar Cross

Once open, head forward to see a cutscene with Belmont.

Tier 11: Search the Archives

Tier 11

Beaumont already got what he needed, but it should still be there, so you need to find it.

Take a right immediately, then a left, then take a right down the stairs. Once down the stairs take a right, and the first book on your left will be what you’re looking for. To escape the archives go up the stairs directly behind where the book was. Follow the path then keep going straight. Walk on both of the inside glyphs to unlock the door.

Tier 12: Find someone in the Blue Mountain who can tell you about the mines

Tier 12

While searching the archives, you will find this as a hint for the next part of the story quest.

If you look closely at the card attached to the page, you will see that if mentions a Frank R. Devore. It says something his mansion being sold to an E. Franklin. 

Looking at the map of Blue Mountain, you’ll see that there is a Franklin Mansion. Head there.

Tier 12 Blue Mountain study

Once you’ve gotten to the mansion and spoken to Eleanor Franklin, she’ll mention her husband’s notes. Now you have to find where he hid them. As you search the mansion you’ll come across a painting on the second floor of a knight that is yellow; interacting with it will cause the ghost of Edward Franklin to appear. He’ll say, “And Death stared back. I thought I was ready, I thought it would solve everything.”

If you run back towards the stairs that take you to the first floor you’ll encounter another painting on the left. This one shows a variety of objects, including a skull, which often times personifies death. Interact with the skull on the painting and Franklin will return to tell you, “I believed in angels; I thought they were calling me.”

Now to find some angels. If you go to down the stairs, on your right you will see a painting of a Roman centurion with an angel. Interact with the angel’s wings to receive another clue. This time, Franklin’s ghost will say, “But there was no redemption, there never is.”

Directly behind you is the hallway that leads back to Eleanor Franklin. On the right wall, immediately after you pass Eleanor Franklin, you will see a painting depicting hell. In the top right of the painting is the word “Redemptio” the Latin for redemption. Click on the word, and a door will open to your left.

Once you find Franklin’s hidden study, interact with his strong box.

Once you find Franklin’s hidden study, interact with his strong box.

Opening the lockbox will give you a glimpse at Franklin’s notes (below). The notes will direct you to the Blue Ridge Mine. Turn around and interact with the misplaced book to open the secret panel again and continue on your way.

Tier 12 Strong box in Franklin's hidden study
Tier 12 Franklin's notes in the strongbox

Tier 13: Go to the Blue Ridge Mine

Tier 13

Once you enter the mine, hang a right and avoid the red glyphs on the floor, they root you for a moment and apply a DoT that will take off about 80% of your health. Also, don’t engage the large golems as they have about 100k HP and will one shot you.

Go straight to the elevator and interact with it.  You’ll be taken to the deep shaft.  From here, go forward and take your first right.  Throughout this section you’ll encounter some shades, they’re no big deal though, try to avoid them if you’d like, otherwise just kill as you go.  You’ll come to a chasm, from there jump down and pick up the miner’s hat beside the corpse.  Follow the path until you reach the undulating mass pictured below and then hang a left.

Take your first right, and at about this time your helmet will cut out.  You’ll find some flares in a minute, so do your best to navigate until then.  Keep going straight until you see that you can take a left.  Go down this path until you encounter another corpse that has a flare gun lying beside it.  Now you have an unlimited use flare gun that serves two purposes:

1) lights your way,

2) stuns the shades located in this area.

 Take the path to the left and continue exploring the deep shaft.


From here you’ll encounter a shade.  Kill it then continue along the wall to your left.  At the fork, take the right side.  Continue forward, hugging the left wall.  Kill the shade and walk into the next cavern. To your right you’ll see the outline of a Hound of Corruption, drop a flare on it and kill it, then interact with the roots behind it.

Follow the path you just opened to watch a cinematic with our old friend Beaumont. Turns out we were the key to opening the gate to some awesome power Beaumont wanted. After being overcome by some filth, you’ll be transported to the outskirts of the mine and see another cutscene, this time featuring Ami and her daughter.

Tier 14: Speak with Old Joseph

Tier 14

Apparently the Wabanaki may be able to help, but since Ami is no longer speaking to her grandfather, Old Joseph, you need to smooth things over. Type /reset to die and then resurrect near the trailer park.

Tier 15: Activate the wards in Kingsmouth Town

Tier 15

Old Joseph explains the history of the tribe and the incident at the mine. This caused a rift in the tribe and the wards which protected Solomon Island were weakened. In order to combat whatever Beaumont is scheming, the wards must be restored.

Head to the Kingsmouth Town zone and follow the quest marker to the ward and activate it. You will then have to defend it through a few waves of enemies. Luckily you’ll have some friends to help you out.

Next up is the ward in the Savage Coast, same deal: head to the marker, defend it. Repeat the same process in Blue Mountain to continue to the next tier.

Tier 16

Tier 16: Go to the Wabanaki holy site

After activating all the wards, head to the Wabanaki holy site, atop the nearby mountain. If you’ve been there already you can just type /reset to resurrect there and make things a little bit quicker.

Once inside the Well of Our Forefathers continue down the path for a cinematic. The Wabanaki and their ancestors grant you power in order to fight Beaumont, so head back to the deep shaft in the Blue Mountain Mine.

Tier 17: Go to the deep shaft

Tier 17

Once you’re in the deep shaft, continue forward. You should still have your flare gun, so use it to light the way. Run through the first cavern, and when you reach the second take a right towards the greenish-blue glow. Sometimes jumping down glitches in the game, if this happens either contact a GM or just zone out and zone back in. Keep going straight and you’ll be back at the Gaia Seal and 

Beaumont. As you approach him, you’ll begin glowing. This means your buff is working and you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with Beaumont in a fight. Approach him and begin attacking.


Beaumont has a few tricks up his sleeve, but if you deal with his mechanics, this fight should be a breeze. He’ll begin the fight by attacking you from range and summoning clones of himself. The clones cast an AoE spell that grows in radius with each pulse. They are rather weak, though, so kill them quickly before the cast radius gets too large. After chipping away enough of his HP, Beaumont will summon two Hounds of Corruption. These are a little more robust then the clones, but still need to be burned down.


Meanwhile Beaumont will start peppering the area with random AoE spells; it goes without saying, avoid them. Once the hounds are dead, Beaumont will charge you and attack from melee range and summon more clones. Burn the clones down then turn back to Beaumont who should be summoning two more hounds. You can choose to kill the hounds at this point, or you can just ignore them and finish Beaumont off.


Once he’s dead, you’ll be treated to a cinematic showing you walk up to the sword and be teleported away. The scene will cut back to Beaumont on the floor and crawling towards the sword. His blonde companion from earlier, Cassandra, will show up and give a small speech about how he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, and in the process reveals herself as the next big bad.

Tier 18

Tier 18: Find a way out of the ice caves

You’ll now find yourself in an icy cavern that you have to escape. Before you go, you can interact with the notes scattered about for some interesting lore that reveals you are at the mythical Shambala. Follow the path laid out for you toward the large door, you’ll see apparitions materialize in front of you and be beckoned forward. There’s some key story stuff going on while you walk through the cave, so make sure to pay attention. Once you reach the end you’ll have to make a decision, either accept the gift or jump off the edge. You’ll then be teleported back to Blue Mountain and this quest line will be over.

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