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Episode 2: Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates is a release launched on May 24, 2022 as the second episode of relaunched Living World Season 1.



My Playlist
This is a playlist of the episodes in Season 1 that includes map achievements, story achievements, playthroughs & more! Both 2013 & 2021 versions. Click on the top right corner of the player below to see the whole list or 
click here to see the playlist on YouTube.

2022 Story

Flame & Frost Chapter/Name    

1. Ceremony and Acrimony  

    - Ceremony Survivor

2. Hard Boiled

    - Investigative Study 2

    - Tassi Master

​3. No More Secrets

    - Check, First Mate

4. Aether Investigation

5. The Aetherblade Retreat

    - Asset Recovery

6. Case Closed

    - Unfriendly Skies

    - Questions for Mai

2013 Story

Story Achmts



Caching Out (15AP)

Discover Aetherblade caches across Tyria and the Mists.

Blackout Cache (5AP)

Loot the Aetherblade Cache in Obsidian Sanctum (World vs World).

Cantle Cache (5AP)

Loot the Aetherblade Cache in the Hidden Garden in Mount Maelstrom.

Mad Cache (5AP)

Loot the Aetherblade Cache in Goemm's Lab in Metrica Province.

Troll Cache (5AP)

SLoot the Aetherblade Cache in Sector Zuhl in Timberline Falls.

Shipshape Cache (5AP)

Assist the refugees 15 times.

Vexing Cache (5AP)

Loot the Aetherblade Cache in Vexa's Lab in Fireheart Rise.

Weeping Cache (5AP)

Loot the Aetherblade Cache in the Tears of Itlaocol in Caledon Forest.

Investigative Study 2 (5AP)

During the Sky Pirates storyline, find and read sources of information on the Aetherblade pirates.

Important Note

You have a 2 week window to log in from the time of release of each episode, for that particular episode to be free. If you miss this window, you will have to pay 200 gems to unlock it.

Here are the Return to Living World episodes that came out in 2022. Click on the links below for details!

Investigative Study 2

Investigative Study 2 (1AP)

During the Sky Pirates storyline, find and read sources of information on the Aetherblade pirates.

Aetherblade Retreat map.jpg


1. Help Wanted (The Dead End Bar—Hard Boiled)

2. Letter from the Mesmer Collective (The Dead End Bar - Hard Boiled)

3. Lab Notes (The Aetherblade Retreat)
4. Letter from Ivan (The Aetherblade Retreat)
5. Scribbled Note from Horrik (The Aetherblade Retreat)
6. From E (The Dead End Bar—Case Closed)

Tassi Master

Tassi Master (1AP)

Use the Tassi box to scan 11 potential suspects, primary or otherwise.
Story Instance: Hard Boiled—The Scene of the Crime

All of the scans need to be complete the FIRST time the "Tassi Box" is issued.
Scan the following people at the crime scene:

1. Ceaoloti
2. Saraki
3. Izurri
4. Kirra Timberhone
5. Farley Wallan
6. Magnus the Bloody-Handed
7. Marjory Delaqua
8. Investigator Ellen Kiel
9. The unnamed Citizen (Mai Trin)
10. Sleeping On-Duty Lionguard who is relaxing under an umbrella to the right of the scene
11. Lady Kasmeer Meade who is walking around the Grand Plaza

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