Special Events

special event is an in-game festival of an in-game holiday, although some of them tend to closely follow some real world celebration. They are usually introduced as major features of releases. Since Living World Season 1, these special events have become an annual festival with slight variations and additions.

The following are special events in Guild Wars 2.

Event Name

Super Adventure Box
Super Adventure Box: Back to School
Super Adventure Festival

Shadow of the Mad King
Blood and Madness

Lunar New Year

The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx
A Very Merry Wintersday‎

Dragon Bash

Queen’s Jubilee


April Fool’s Day


Lunar New Year



Event & Achievement Videos

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7 Aug 2020

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5 Aug 2020

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29 July 2020



1 Aug 2020

ArcheAge/Hiram Ring

8 Feb 2020


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