There are a number of ways to obtain cloaks:

  • Quest Cloaks - From doing green quests

  • Haunted Chest - Drops from Auroria mobs

  • Guild Cloaks - From Prestige Shop


Guild Cloaks

Getting an Epherium Cloak

  1. Obtain 150 Prestige by completing Guild Missions.

  2. Buy an Epherium Cloak that suits your class, from the Prestige Shop.

  3. Go to Diamond Shores to farm for Synthesis Shards. You can also go to Auroria and farm the orange mobs eg. Nuimari Stags, Marcala Ants.

  4. Upgrade the cloak as you farm for Synthesis Shards until you get a Divine Epherium Cloak
    You do not need to get it to 100% at Divine.

Upgrading Epherium to Delphinad

  1. Look for a Proven Warrior Workbench. There is one in the Hero Hall in Austera/Marianople. Search for Epherium Cloak Awakening Scroll. Get the materials.
    Honorforged Medals (2000 honor each) + 3 Moonlight Archeum Crystals (from salvaging armor)

  2. Craft the Epherium Cloak Awakening Scroll.

  3. Right click on the Awakening Scroll, then your cloak. There is a chance to fail the awakening. However, every time you fail, you get a 5% added bonus to your next try.

  4. Keep farming for Synthesis Shards until your cloak becomes Epic!

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