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Guild Missions

Guild missions are a type of mission exclusive to guilds. The missions reward guild merits, a form of currency, except for the Guild Bounty Training which rewards influence points instead.

Guild Missions must be unlocked in a given order, shown in the table below together with the research costs in influence and merits, the time to complete and the tech level prerequisite. Guild Bounty Training becomes available automatically after Art of War level 3 is unlocked.

Types of Guild Mission

The following are types of Guild Missions and video guides.

Guild Bounty (Tier 1)

Track down & kill various outlaws for the Orders.

Guild Rush

Survive difficult conditions running as a group.

Guild Challenge

A guild-focused extension to the existing event system.

Guild Puzzle

Similar to jumping puzzles but requiring a coordinated effort.

Guild Trek

Find locations for the Tyrian Explorers Society.

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