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Dungeons are optional PvE instances designed for a full party of five. There are eight dungeons at release, found every 10 levels starting at level 30. Three of the eight dungeons are designed for max level (80) players.

Storymode and Explorable Mode

Every dungeon has two modes, storymode and explorable mode. The storymode tells the story of each of the iconic characters of the adventuring band known as Destiny’s Edge and focuses on the tragic breakup of the group.

Explorable mode, on the other hand, can be only accessed once you completed the storymode and continues where the story left off in storymode. Unlike storymode, there are multiple different paths within the explorable mode (usually three) and you must choose one at the beginning of the dungeon. Each path have their own unique bosses and challenges.

Every boss in explorable mode also drops a form of currency that can be exchanged for armor unique to that specific dungeon. This, in combination with multiple paths for explorable modes, allows players to run the dungeons in explorable mode several times to obtain a full set of the armor without feeling too repetitive.


Players are awarded tokens by completing dungeon. These token are used to buy weapons and

armor sets that matches the theme of each dungeon, they are not any more powerful than other items that can be gained in-game. Dungeon vendors are located outside each dungeon and in Lion’s Arch.

Dungeon List

Click on the dungeon name for written guides and the play button for video walkthrough.


These are achievements that you can get by doing the dungeon instances.


10 AP

200 AP

15 AP

20 AP

15 AP

15 AP

15 AP

15 AP

15 AP

15 AP

15 AP

Dungeon Achievements

Dungeon Master
Complete 5 explorable dungeons.

Hobby Dungeon Explorer
Complete 8 explorable dungeons

Catacombs Conqueror
Explored Ascalonian Catacombs.

Master of Arah
Explored Ruined City of Arah.

Manor Magnate
Explored Caudecus’s Manor.

Sorrow’s Subjugator
Explored Sorrow’s Embrace.

Twilight’s Idol
Explored Twilight Arbor.

Sanctuary Savior
Explored Honor of the Waves.

Citadel of Flame Foe
Explored the Citadel of Flame.

Eternity’s Epitome
Explored the Crucible of Eternity.

Dungeon Frequenter
Complete eight dungeon paths for a grand reward.

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