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Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps in Elder Scrolls Online lead you to treasure. Often times this loot is buried, and very tough to find. When you open a treasure chest, you will get gold along with various items, typically of Fine or Superior quality, but there is always a tiny chance for even better gear.

How Do You Get Treasure Maps?

Firstly, there are two types of Treasure Maps.

  • Normal Treasure Maps - The normal maps are very rare. They will drop from slain enemies at an extremely low rate and can also appear in various containers, but again at a very low rate.

  • Adventurer Pack Maps - These are maps obtained as perks in the Adventurer Pack. This pack was originally only available as a pre-order bonus, but can now be obtained via the Crown Store from within the game. They function the same way as normal maps.

How to Find the Treasure

Each map will have a picture drawn on it. Using your knowledge of the area, you will then have to find the depicted location. Once you do, look around on the ground for a mound of dirt. It will be able to interact with it, and once you do, a treasure chest will appear. Only players who have read the map can see the chest, so don't think others can swoop in and take it.

These are treasure map location videos and details in Elder Scrolls Online. Click on the top left corner of the player above to see more or click here to see my playlists on YouTube.

Treasure Map Location Details

Search for treasure maps by zone or name below. Click on the play button to see the video.

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