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Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom.
In the game, the player takes the role of a Hunter, tasked to hunt down and either kill or trap monsters that roam in one of several environmental spaces.

The game's core loop has the player crafting appropriate gear to be able to hunt down more difficult monsters, which in turn provide parts that lead to more powerful gear. Players may hunt alone, or can hunt in cooperative groups of up to four players via the game's online services.

Gameplay Playlist

This playlist contains gameplay of the PC version in 2018. Click on the top left corner of the player above to see more or click here to see my playlists on YouTube.

Assigned Quests

Gameplay Prologue

1. Jagras of the Ancient Forest

2. A Kestodon Kerfuffle

3. The Great Jagras Hunt

4. Introduction to Expeditions & Bird-Brained Bandit

5. Urgent: Pukei-Pukei Hunt

6. The Best Kind of Hunt

7. Sinister Shadows in the Swamp

8. Flying Spark: Tobi-Kadachi

9. The Encroaching Anjanath

10. One for the History Books

11. The Great Ravine

12. Expedition: Coral Highlands

13. Ballooning Problems

14. Expedition: Rotten Vale & Radobaan Roadblock

15. Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance

16. Into the Bowels of the Vale

17. Expedition: Wyverian Hunting

      A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest

      A Horned Tyrant Below the Sands

18. A Colossal Task

19. Invader in the Waste

20. Tickled Pink

21. Old World Monster in the New World

22. Expedition: Elder's Recess

23. A Wound and a Thirst

24. Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel

25. Teostra the Infernal

26. Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak

27. Land of Convergence






Great Jagras







Zorah Magdaros










Pink Rathian


Kushala Daora


Vaal Hazak


How to invite and play with friends

How to invite & play with friends?

Online Session

  • Be in an Online Session

  • Share Session ID with friends so that they can join you.

  • To get the Session ID, Esc > Communication > Copy Session ID.

Assigned Quests
Assigned Quests are the story quests with all the cutscenes. For these quests, you cannot group with others BEFORE the cutscenes.
This means that you have to:

  • Go to the board/handler, 

  • post the assigned quest and 

  • depart on your own first. 


When you find the monster, there will be a cutscene to introduce the monster. Then the game says that "You can now use the SOS flare."

To use the SOS Flare, make sure you're at a safe spot first. Then press Esc / Quest/ Fire SOS Flare.
Other players can go to the quest board, join a quest and Respond to SOS, regardless of whether there is a password for your Online Session or whether they are in your Online Session at all.

Other Quests

  • Simply make sure your friends are in your Online Session.

  • Then post a new quest on the board for them to join.

Prologue Weapon Options

Prologue Weapon Options

Weapon Options

  1. Great Sword

  2. Long Sword

  3. Sword & Shield

  4. Dual Blades

  5. Hammer

  6. Hunting Horn

  7. Lance

  8. Gunlance

  9. Switch Axe

  10. Charge Blade

  11. Insect Glaive

  12. Light Bowgun

  13. Heavy Bowgun

  14. Bow

How to Capture a Monster

How to Capture a Monster

  1. Get a "Capture" Investigation quest.

  2. Check Supply Box for Shock Traps and Tranq Bombs.
    You can also craft Shock Traps & Tranq Bombs & keep them in your Item Box in case you need them on the field.
    - Shock Trap = 2 Thunderbug + 1 Trap Tool (from Provision Stockpile)
    - Tranq Bomb = 2 Parashroom + 1 Sleep Herb (from Gathering)
    For PC Gamers, you can change Radial Menu Type to "Keyboard". Then Customize Radial Menu so that you can just press F3 & 1 to put down a Shock Trap and F3 & 2 to use a Tranq Bomb.

  3. Search for the monster!

    Track its footprints & skidmarks.
4. Beat the monster till it is weak and limping.
    To tell when it is weak, look at the monster icon on the bottom left. If the heartbeat is almost flatlined, it is weak.
    Sometimes the monster icon on the map has a skull on top of it.
    Take this time to use the whetstone on your weapon and heal up. The monster has run off to its resting place to recuperate.

5. Shock Trap & Tranq Bombs

    Go up to the monster and place the Shock Trap down. Then quickly use 2 Tranq Bombs near it.

How to Recruit Other Creatures

Grimakynes & How to Recruit Other Creatures

To begin...

  1. Collect Doodles on trees & rocks as you explore the Ancient Forest. Keep doing it until the discovery bar is full.

  2. Enter Ancient Forest in Expedition mode.

  3. Open your map & Look for the Grimalkynes icon. Press 'C' to track them. For Ancient Forest, they are in the northeast area, high up in the trees in area 17.

  4. Follow the scoutflies! You will soon see a Grimalkyne running away. Chase it!


Following the trail will take you to a new campsite. Shortly after that you will discover the Bugtrapper Grimalkynes Tribe!


Upon finding the region's Grimalkynes and/or completing their associated quests, you will then unlock the following benefits for your Palico:

  • A new Palico Gadget

  • The ability to recruit small creatures to help in battle


If you approach the Grimalkynes, your Palico will converse and recruit one for the remainder of the session, giving you a second Palico, assisting in battle and able to collect additional items.

Please note:

  • Later regions don't require you to find Doodles first, but are simply encountered in set areas.

  • Each 'quest' has a different requirement - some are hunts, others are capturing or handing over items.

  • Though not confirmed, it appears that you may have to do these Grimalkyne quests in order (so Ancient Forest, then Wildspire Waste, then Coral Highlands, and finally Rotten Vale).

  • Even with the above in mind, it might be the case that Grimalkynes might not spawn at all. Try an expedition later to see if you have any luck.








Ancient Forest

Wildspire Waste

Coral Highland

Rotten Vale

Elder's Recess

Grimalkyne Name






Palico Gadget

Flashfly Cage


Coral Orchestra



Ancient Forest

  • After the northeast campsite is discovered, your Palico will find a Grimalkyne running away. Give chase until you get to a vine after the campsite. You will need to swing over. Do not jump! Sprint right to the end of the branch and then jump for a leaping and swinging animation to take over!

  • Once you find the Grimalkyne camp, there are no side quests to undertake. You will simply unlock the Flashfly Cage Palico Gadget and the ability to recruit Jagras in battle!

  • The Flashfly Cage is a useful item to use when you want to stun a monster often. It’s a great item for your Palico to have!

Wildspire Waste

  1. Collect Doodles on trees & rocks as you explore.

  2. Enter Wildspire Waste in Expedition mode.

    For Wildspire Waste, the Grimalkynes are in the northern desert area, underground. Jump down the hole when you find it. Keep following the scoutflies to more doodles!

  3. Open your map & Look for the Grimalkynes icon. Press 'C' to track them.

  4. Follow the scoutflies!

The Grimalkyn will give you a quest

- Cultural Exchange: Wildspire Waste

Protector Grimalkyne Tribe in Wildspire Waste
  • The Protector Grimalkynes are in 3 different spots. Look for them on your map & press 'C' to track them.

  • Once you get close to a Protector, you will see the green circle nearby to mark their location. Get your Capture Net ready.

  • Equip theCapture Net. Then press 'C' to get the reticle. When it turns orange, press 'Ctrl' to capture the Grimalkyne.

  • Look for the next Protector on the map & repeat! Head back to the Protector Grimalkyne camp after capturing all 3 Protectors.

  • Shieldspire is a Palico Gadget. A massive Protector shield used to defend against attacks. It can also be used to provoke monsters, drawing their attention.

Trooper Grimalkyne Tribe in Coral Highland

Coral Highlands

  1. Head towards area 10 & keep an eye out for Grimalkynes. You will see green circles if you are close enough. Go towards them.

  2. Defeat the Shamos that the Grimalkynes are on.

    The Grimalkynes are riding on Shamos. They will attack you. Defeat the Shamos first.

  3. Follow the Scoutflies.
    The Grimalkynes will then try to escape but your scoutflies will lead you to the Grimalkyne campsite.

The Grimalkyn will give you a quest

- Troubled Troupers

  • The Grimalkyne will give you an Optional Quest. Now, you must Post a New Quest. Select Optional > Level 4 > Troubled Troupers.

  • Slay 2 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku within 50 mins.

  • Cutscene appears right after you claim your rewards.

  • Coral Orchestra is a Palico Gadget that allows Palico to play music to buff the hunter in various ways.

Plunderer Grimalkyne Tribe in Rotten Vale

Rotten Vale

  1. You must complete the Assigned Quest "Into the Bowels of the Vale". This will give you access to Central Camp (11) as well as the bottom level of Rotten Vale. Also, remember to bring Raw Meat!

  2. Mark a bonepile in area 13 so that your scoutflies can show you the way there. You might have to wait a few minutes for the Grimalkyne to appear in area 13.

  3. Follow the Scoutflies.
    They will lead you to area 15.

  4. Put down some raw meat & hide.
    The Grimalkynes will soon come down to eat.

  5. Equip Plunderblade (optional).
    Go into the tent at your camp site & select Change Palico Equipment.

  • There are no special quests to get the special Grimalkyne item.

  • Plunderblade is a Palico Gadget that allows your Palico to 'steal' bonus parts from monsters as you are fighting them.

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