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Current Events

Current Events is an achievement category for achievements occurring in the present time of Tyria.

The following was released on 9th January 2018. These achievements are hidden until you encounter the first red X in one of the maps.

At x:30 (30mins past the hour), portals will open in 3 of the following 6 zones in Tyria:

  • Metrica Province

  • Caledon Forest

  • Queensdale

  • Gendarran Fields

  • Plains of Ashford

  • Wayfarer Foothills

If you have a Phasic Distortion Device from completing the Portal Peacemaker achievement, you can use it to figure out which 3 maps they will appear in.

Achievement: Awakening Threat
Description:   Help fight off Awakened attacking near major cities.
Rewards:       5 AP + Items + Palawan Phylactery

If you see a red X on the map, go there & defeat the invaders. Completing ONE red X event will give you the Awakening Threat achievement.

Achievement: Portal Breaker
Description:   Make an Awakened invasion force retreat from an area
Rewards:       30 AP + Items + Palawan Phylactery

Staying on the same map until ALL the invaders are repelled or until all the events are over, will give you the Portal Breaker achievement. This is a repeatable achievement that gives you 3 AP each time.

Achievement: Zone Defense
Description:   Successfully fend off the Awakened in each area they invade
Rewards:       10 AP + Items + 3 Kegs of Liquid Karma

Completing all the events in all 6 zones listed above will give you the Zone Defense achievement.

Portal Peacemaker

Achievement: Portal Peacemaker
Description:   Help Ninn construct a device to detect the Awakened portal invasions.
Rewards:       5 AP + Items + 1 Flask of Liquid Karma

After completing one of the invasions, you will receive a mail from Mechanist Ninn asking to meet you in your Home instance (any of them will do, even if it's not your race's). He'll ask you to retrieve:

  • 50 Mithril Ingots

  • 3 Charged Quartz Crystals

  • Resonance Tuner - From Ulta Metamagicals waypoint [&BGUAAAA=], Brisban Wildlands, head north to the PoI.

  • Etheric Tank - From Valance Tutory waypoint [&BEwCAAA=] in Timberline Falls, go into the lab & look for Danka. Buy the item for 2g.

  • Gate Alchemeter - From Fallen Angels Garrison waypoint [&BFEBAAA=] in Stronghold of Ebonhawke (Field of Ruin), head north into the skritt cave & look for the chest under a tent.


After gathering these 5 items, return to Mechanist Ninn in your home instance and complete the chat dialogues. He will ask for a day to build the device for you.

Note: Engineers and possibly all Asuras have the opportunity to help him build the device, in which case you receive it immediately.

Once finished, Ninn will give you the Phasic Distortion Device. Double-clicking this item (in the first 30 minutes of the hour) will let you know where the current portal invasions are located.

Current Events Archive

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