Bloodstone Fen

Bloodstone Fen is a zone that came out with Out of the Shadows of Living World Season 3 on 26 July 2016.

Getting there

Unlike most zones, the Bloodstone Fen is not directly connected to neighbouring areas. In order to reach it, players can use one of the two methods:

  • Use a Bloodstone Fen Portal Scroll.

  • Complete the Out of the Shadows instance, Research in Rata Novus – the second story step of Episode 1 from Living World Season 3.

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Magic Unbound: The Gathering

Collect 10 units of floating unbound magic in 60 seconds.

Mantle Pieces

Defeat bloodstone-crazed White Mantle in Bloodstone Fen.

Dive Master: Just Dropping By

Use the diving goggles near the highest floating island.

Lost Souls

Find and defeat the four ghostly champions wandering Bloodstone Fen.

Grief Counseling

Emote yes to Alari when she reaches her existential crisis.

Jade Carving

Defeat a jade construct.

Reversal of Fortune

Hit the ghostly justiciar with aerial attacks when he portals you into the air.

Map Bosses

Available Guardian

Defeat the Unbound Guardian deep within the Cavern of Unseen Lights.

This Time, Stay Dead

Defeat the Ghostly Justiciar in the Colosseum of the Faithful, located above Bloodstone Fen.

Journal Achievements

Conspiracy of Dunces

Find the journals chronicling the White Mantle’s plans.

Apprentice Kasandra’s Notebook

Find the scattered pages in Bloodstone Fen.

The Memoirs of Justiciar Bauer

Find the scattered pages in Bloodstone Fen.

Grand Savant Valis the Learned’s Research Journal

Find the scattered journal entries in Bloodstone Fen.

Mastery Insight

Bloodstone Fen Insight: Fragmented Wastes

Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bloodstone Fen.

Bloodstone Fen Insight: Temple of Renewal

Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bloodstone Fen.

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