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Jormag Rising

Jormag Rising is the fourth episode of Icebrood Saga that was released on 28 July 2020. It came out with the expanded zone, Drizzlewood Coast in Woodland Cascades. Non-story achievements are found here

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The following are storylines and story achievements released in this episode.

Click on the name to see achievements & the play button to see story video.

Story Video

Behind Enemy Lines

Chapter 1: Behind Enemy Lines

Wrench in the Works

Achievement: Beach Cleanup

Description:   Eliminate all hostile Dominion forces from the beach area.

Rewards:       3 AP

Achievement: Genuine Imposter

Description:   Talk your way out of trouble with Dominion forces on the beach 10 times.

Rewards:       3 AP

Achievement: The Ghost

Description:   Plant the charges without being spotted by Dominion forces.

Rewards:       5 AP

Chapter 2: Wrench in the Works

A Simple Negotiation

Chapter 3: A Simple Negotiation

One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion

Chapter 4: One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion

Pantheon of the Wild

Chapter 5: Pantheon of the Wild

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